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Chapter Three: February - Valentines Day? Is that in February?

by padfoot_001 10 Reviews

February: What goes down must come up, Valentines Day sucks and what's the deal with Frank Iero?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2008/07/17 - Updated: 2008/07/17 - 7150 words - Complete


  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) -GuessWho- 2008-07-17 08:20:35 AM

    This is really good,i like it
    Keep writing!

    Author's response

    Okay, I give up ... who is it?

    Jokes, love the name - thanks for review.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) edoras1582 2008-07-17 09:20:10 AM

    This is great! and I think Frerard is the way to go, you cant lead us all on like that!

    Author's response

    Yes I can!

    Lol! :)
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) lilrainforest 2008-07-17 11:49:12 AM

    Ahahaha this is pretty good.
    The chapter lengths are like... super effing long which is nice.
    And agreed with above. Frerard, for sure.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) XxlovefrankieroxX 2008-07-17 12:09:55 PM

    woow, I just read the first 3 chapters and oh my god! This is just so damn awesome and hilarious and effing wow! Never read the bridget jones books but ive seen the film which is close enough right?...
    Yeah, anyway, to your frerard question. Err...YES! Was that a trick question? hell yes! Frerard must live on, course people like it =3 Like I love this story.
    Cant wait for the next update.
    I will shut up now :]
    Rayray xox

    Author's response

    Meh? Books are better, but the films are funny.

    I'm sort of just using them as a guide, it's really nothing like them, LOL.

    And no, don't shut up! Never silence yourself.

    Next chapter you will like for Frank and Gerard, April. I promise. And maybe it was a trick question, maybe it wasn't.

    Muhahahahaha ... im done.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) littlepunkrocker13 2008-07-18 02:03:48 AM

    this is a pretty good story
    it;s a great idea
    haha I also agree with the above
    update soon!
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-07-18 08:23:11 AM

    Ahhhh, i'm so happy you updated this! :)

    Seriously, it was even better than the last chapter..if that's even possible.

    So imagine I copied and pasted my last review and this next bit is just the extra praising.

    I love the long-ness of your chapters for one. It makes it more interesting and wholesome...if that's the right word? ha. Annnnnd, i love Bert and Quinn in this story! They make me laugh.

    To the Ferard question, yeah it would be nice to see more of it. I mean, c'mon, it's Gerard and Frank! But i kinda like the 'Berard' pairing...and the Querard....and Quert...

    Okay, i'm just getting carried away now. Just do what you wanna do and keep writing. 'Cause It's freakin' awesome!

    -Emily xox.

    Author's response

    Your energy astounds me.

    But seriously, it like leaps out of your review, lol.

    So many ships, so little time. And sometimes it's good to be carried away ... wait? Where was I?

    I thought I'd make erm - Quert as you put it - the clowns in this story, rather then the typical villians.

    Glad your still reading. I'm honoured.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) Toxoplasma 2008-07-20 08:11:44 PM

    i love this story. and we americans say micky d's.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) pan-z 2008-07-28 02:57:55 AM

    Dont be so riddiculous!
    Everyone with any brains loves Frerard.
    I do love this story, its been making me smile quite a bit (:

    Author's response

    That is so true.

  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) warwornlipstick 2008-08-20 12:12:03 PM

    This just keeps on getting better!
    I just love it,dude:]
    end of story.

  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) Sassy 2008-08-31 03:10:19 PM

    I just found this story and read 4 chapters straight! I love it! I love your style of writing, it's just really conversational and very easy to read, but at the same time, so natural.

    I have a lot of catching up to do, but will enjoy every moment, I'm sure!!

    Sas x

    Author's response

    Welcome aboard. I'm sorry to hear that you found this fic. You're going to have saw eyes by the time you're finished.

    LOL! And I'm updating quick again so you wont have time to rest.

    Thanks for reviewing and I really do hope you continue to enjoy it. xx

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