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She flew like an angel, Dropped like a Bullet...

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Linden-Ellie an artist, a worshipper, the remains of a daughter.

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Harrow here hello this is my next story it's sort of in brain storming mode but i know what i want to do with it this sort of takes after my experiences with the band my chemical romance so far but ofcourse everything thought up by me is usually perverted anyway so right now it might not be dangerous but it will oh it will and when it is i hope you'll all be ready enjoy!.

I can't remeber the last time that i seen her so happy sometimes i think she fakes it then other times i just don't know but my daughter she has this potential to be a serious pessimist always suspecting the worst out of everyting we did'nt raise her like that but that's how she is and i love her for it why? because when we prove her wrong she gets so happy what is'nt important to other kids is way important to her. My daughters name is Linden-Ellie that's her first whole name by the way she's mixed with black, white, and chinese the 3 most prettiest races in the world if i say so myself she has the prettiest and most long pitch black straight hair that ended at her waist with the prettiest almond shaped eyes with light blue icy pupils she was pale of course but it was pretty pale and she had long thin legs she could talk chinese very well and was quite bouncy having the face of an angel. i talk about her in past tense because she's no longer with me and that's my fault i let her keep tickets one night to a group called my chemical romance she had told me that she loved them and even began to dress the part of being one of their fans she started wearing the black shirts that was tight and the long and skinny ripped black jeans she even donned some black and white stripped gloves up her arms with the black eyeliner on little linden was only 13 by the way and i planned to let her go to the concert with a friend of hers from school named High i wonder does the lead singer rape all his fans like that. I wonder what it is about innocence that brings out the freak in people especially when they see a pretty girl she was'nt bothering anyone why did'nt he kidnap high she's sort of pretty too i remember how the police told it to me i hate reliving that night today is her anniversary i knew i should'nt have let her go at times i wish high was my daughter then he could've had her ugly ass but anyways here goes my daughters story:

[*The little girl had hurringly got out of bed today was going to be the greatest day of her life her friend high had been the daughter of one of the famous concert throwers in new jersey and had gotten one of the limited edition floor seats at a upcoming my chemical romance concert her special tickets would allow the 2 to stand so close to the stage that gerard and frank could sweat on them high had originally loved them to death she had all of their posters, cd's, and clothes she even had a guitar signed by them and 10 guitar picks personally signed by frank only the greatest guitar player in the world next to ray. High had even had guitars signed by the boy's from avenged sevenfold and clothes from atreyu and incubus she was truly a rock nerd and had worked so hard to introduce little linden into the." my chemness " craze but linden told her she could'nt because she had never been to any of their concerts but today that would all change. The 2 girl's spent the day talking about their coming experiences at the long awaited concert high had told her that crowd surfing was a must and that you had to jump up and down and put up the rock symbol because the reason for loving rock was the urge to be free linden liked this because at her house this did not exist. Linden liked high because she was'nt your everyday girl she was african american for one and loved rock more than anyone she was somewhat artisic and could draw anything but linden could sing her voice was like an angel and she was so charismatic people all around loved her the 2 girl's anticipated this night and the concert was scheduled at 6 so it was finally here. High and little Linden did'nt have to wait until the door's opened because high's father had went ahead and let them in high led linden back stage where they met mikey and ray soon after this they met the shy but cute bob and then finally frank but gerard was nowhere to be seen and when the concert started they had to take their seats linden had gotten her my chem. shirt signed and white skull cap that she had and the gloves that frank usually wore he now gave her but still there was no sign of gerard the opening band was a local and unknown one but the same their music rocked linden looked around at how everyone acted jumping up and down and people going past her crowd surfing and holding up their rock fingers linden stood still but bopped her head up and down and just as she was about to get into it my chemical romance's helena song kicked in and the light's around the stage flickered on and off as smoke filled the stage floor and fire and sparks boomed in the back fog fell from the ceilings and the girl's screamed and hollered throwing their hands up in a silly attempt to reach out and touch him as usual gerard was beautiful looking extremly pale and having his dark hair fall around his face and onto those lovely shoulders he sung with beauty and grace like always and moved his leg and hands in those famillar patterns High screamed and yelled the lyrics next to a stunned linden who just stared in awe she had heard this song on mtv's TRL and had loved the dancing of the dead girl and gerard's sob filled meaningful glances at the camera he was so pretty linden thought and she shyly beganned to sing along. " What's the worst that i could say things are better if i stay so long and goodnight so long and goodnight and if you carry on this way things are better if i stay so long and goodnight so long and goodnight! " linden and high sung together as the crowd swayed in movement but to gerard he could only hear that pretty voice he looked around everywhere for it because there was so many people here the voice was light on air and had a love like tune to it the voice itself exuded pureness and innocence this was the voice of a child he continued to look until he heard it ring out down below infront of him it was a girl she was thin for one and quite on the small and delicate side she had pretty almond shaped eyes outlined with black eyeliner and frost blue mascara her lips had been small and pink and her skin milky white she had these pretty long legs and her hair fell around her in black and straight glory. Gerard came to the front of the stage and began to sing " Demolition Lovers " he for some reason could'nt take his eyes off of her she had that kind of waist that was small but curved and her chest had just been maturing he could tell she was young and for a minute he felt wrong that's until he looked into her eyes. From behind those long and thick pretty black lashes stared eyes of maturity, curiousness, and idolization those eyes told him it was okay that it was okay to look, to want, to touch that she was old enough to know what he wanted and that she was experienced to give it although her body said otherwise and her spirit yelled of little girl innocence he would have her he thought tonight he would he already had the plan he would wait until the show was over and when it was he would tell his body guards to find her and the little girl next to her and give them backstage passes he would sign anything she offered after finding a way to seperate high from linden he would tie her up and put her in his bunk on the tour bus and tell everyone not to go in there the bandmates respected his privacy enough not to do it besides he would just gag her for the time being and whenever they were alone he would release her he would'nt treat her mean unless she asked for it. Gerard would never willingly hit anyone but she was little it would'nt take much to overpower her but he would have to find a way to make her stay until the concert was completely over than kidnap her so the others would'nt have anything to go back for. Now that her eyes were on him he had to find a way to make them stay so he inched his free hand lower down his stomach to the buckle of his pants and shyly dipped them inside right onto his member that was not constricted by underwear he then exaggerated on how good it felt roughly rubbing his hand against it and pumping his hand in time linden stared wide eyed now she had never seen this before because where she lived she was sheltered from things like this high giggled beside her and all the girl's stared hypnotized by him as his eyes lowered and closed he imagined that this was linden timidly putting her hand in his pants and snaking it around his lenght he tilted his head back falling to his knee's inches from the end of the stage and only breath's away from her he moaned sinking his bottom lip under the top and inhaling deeply frank and ray kept strumming away at their guitars and mikey was in his own world bob was beating wildly at the drums not looking at anyone so gerard completely without inhibitions focused on himself. Little Linden was captivated by the pretty pale hands inside those beautiful black pants she looked at his face that was dripping with beads of sweat and his hair that was cascadingly lovely he had the prettiest small white teeth and beautiful girlish black lashes his cheeks masked his face as an innocent baby and his lips was curved, light pink and kissable he resembled to her a vampyre. Linden had only read about those and seen pictures they were usually pale and had black hair but his beauty exceeded those Gerard had been simply breathtakingly amazing!. The cheers and screams only made Gerard go faster and the appending rush of cumming made gerard open up his eyes locking dead straight on to little linden's icy blue ones and he stared never blinking as he came fast and hard into his own hand losing feeling in both legs and knee's and for awhile he could'nt breathe he had to have her doing this was'nt enough he could tell that she was a virgin and he ever so deeply wished to be buried deep inside of her....

Harrow here buddies hi this like i said is my new story and i know i told you that i did'nt know where this was going at first but writing this now i do i have another story named Lovers succumbing to a kick in the throat maybe some of you read it maybe you did'nt but i'll be taking a break on that to focus on this and yes um review on this story please you guys inspire me to write on and don't worry this story will have so much sex in it you'll never stop being wet LOL i know right! but anyway i'll try to give you a picture on how she looks little linden here is the link:
And how gerard appears in this story:
Beautiful huh? breathtakingly amazing review my darlings and you'll see more of this.
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