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" Was stolen like a rope, But shined like a Knife "

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Our master of deception wonderful Gerard Way!

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[*The concert ended in success and like every other concert Gerard ended it with standing towards the drums and saluting bob then hurringly walking off the stage followed by the others the light's in the arena went dark and the crowd cheered and crazingly hollered " was'nt that amazing?! " high said pulling linden who was smiling and feeling so hyper " yes! " she responded hugging her the 2 had left from the arena now and stood outside the entering gate buying food high and linden drunk soda from the same cup talking and conversing with how awesome the concert was " does he always kiss that pretty italian guy like that? " linden asked " yeah but he does'nt do it because he's gay or anything he wants to teach his fans that there's nothing wrong with being gay and he figures that if we see it enough we won't be so shocked by it i think it's beautiful " high said sipping more pop linden nodded " well that's nice " linden replied touching her now blowing hair. They did'nt see the band behind them as frank and ray was signing autograph's and taking pictures mikey was showing a group of girl's how to strum a guitar and bob was playing a kick ass solo beat on one of the fans portable drums but again gerard was nowhere to be seen he was talking to one of his bodyguards about the 2 girl's who stood mere feet away from him " see that girl over there? " he said pointing to high " go up and tell her that ray wants to talk to her and when she is over there talking with him bring that girl to me " he finished pointing to linden " yes sir " the body guard said carrying out his plan. While linden was busy finishing up the pop and had her back turned to high the bodyguard came up and told high that ray wanted to speak with her she was so excited that she did'nt think to tell linden where she was going and she followed him off linden noticed how quiet it had grown so she turned around seeing no high there " um buddy " linden said " where'd you go? " she looked around frantically but did'nt see her ray and high had only went backstage so ray could find a paper to sign the outside was empty now and all the fans had been told to go home everyone but linden she was scared now and had been too frightened to go off and attempt to find her maybe if she stayed here high would come back but no such luck the only person who came to her was a pale man the pretty man that had sounded like an angel on stage. From out of the darkness shot pale pretty hands that wrapped around linden's warm face and mouth they pulled her back against a hard body and dragged her tiny feet amongst the floor as they pulled her away and up the steps of a black and red tour bus the bus was huge and spacious and at the time very empty and silent linden had had her back turned to whoever it was that had kidnapped her so she could'nt see who it was but the person smelled of ciggarettes and coffee. She was pulled down the hall of the bus into the sleeping compartment where she was pushed through curtains and onto a bed for awhile she stayed down looking at the white sheets with the black blankets on it then her head was suddenly yanked up but hands were instantly covered around her face leaving a black and rather thick blindfold over her eyes and a gag in her mouth she could'nt speak or make any sounds as she was pushed into the corner of the bunk bed and was told to stay there the voice told her that it was'nt usually a violent person and did'nt wish to hurt her but if she made any kinds of noise or did anything to make anyone notice her she would die the voice said that it only wanted her for one thing and that was sex and once she put out it would let her go back to her meaningless family and worthless little friend but the voice told her that there was no set time for her to return home that if she simply obeyed it the voice would let her free but ultimately the person behind this voice would decide when, where, and how it also told her that her body was no longer hers that it simply belonged to it and that if she wished to live she would obey it little linden did nothing but nodded and agreed but she was never this docile EVER. At home she was quite knot headed liking to do what it is that she wanted when she wanted and how she wanted too no one never really could tell her anything and the more they did the more she would act out but for now she would obey she would do this until whoever this bastard was would let her free then she would run regardless of where she was or where she was at she'd do anything to escape even starving, becoming lost, and dying in the process. For awhile the sound of a pencil hitting a pad was heard with occassional sounds of an eraser skidding over something paper was being torn and chucked somewhere linden sat motionless with her back against the wall attempting to hear more the person was so quiet dare she thought focused as well was they sketching a picture of her death? what they wanted to do to her once she was dead? her arms had been tied behind her back now and she was steadingly growing hungry and that's when she heard it the other footsteps that pounded onto the bus alongside voices that sounded rushed and filled with excitement and the weight of the bed had lifted when she heard someone stand up and the curtains was pulled closed slightly dimming out sound linden was alone now in some strangers bunk and she heard somebody say " where have you guys been? " and someone replied " mikey went in search of candy while bob, and frank went to get iced coffee and i well i was talking to some little black girl she said you sent her over there because i wanted to talk to her i so did'nt " the voice said obviousily being ray the kick ass guitar player " why cause she black? " asked mikey giggling " no that's not it she was ok just so young and innocent looking hard to believe she was such a die hard fan she could talk for hour's!!! " he finished laughing. Little Linden knew they were talking about High she could talk for hour's literally about everything rock linden had endured through that many of times ray had went on to say that the little girl had went looking for one of her friends she seemed very worried and scared and was so out of it that when ray asked her to describe the little girl she could'nt so freaked out ray left joining the others on the bus and said that she would find her friend soon if she gave it time. The bus beganned to take off now and linden sat in the bunk trying to cry but could'nt the blindfold would'nt let her it soaked up all of her tears what would her mother think now? high would be in so much trouble given the fact that linden was her responsibility who was these people but a better question was who was her kidnapper who promised her mind blowing sex and death?.

Harrow here buddies hi i think i should show you a picture of High she's a main character too anyway this story will both include violence, sex, and um i can't tell you everything what kind of author would i be if i give it all away but um can you review for me read this too it has Gerard in it what could be better than that? and whenever he has sex with her just imagine um that it's you and he must does this with you alot because there's alot of sex in this story so anyway here's a picture of High:

Cute! by the way did you look at Linden and Gerard's picture in the first chapter of this story cute huh? the both of them till next time bye!
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