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Cali wakes up with a hangover, and Gerard takes her to a diner where they talk.

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This chapter is dedicated to disturbedangel6 for reviewing as much as she has, it always great to feedback and i appreciated it so this chapter is dedicated to her and all the others who have reviewed my story.


Chapter Thirteen

My mind was like a broken ignition. My body felt as if weights were holding me down, and my stomach was in knots.
I couldn’t remember a thing. And as I turned my head with all the force in my body I noticed a pile of black hair on the pillow next to mine, and an arm draping over the edge of my shoulder.
“Oh god” I thought, “What did I do”. But before I could think about it anymore my stomach decided to answer and sent me rolling over the bed and thankfully into a bucket.
I felt two hands pull my hair back, as I emptied whatever was left of my stomach. When I finished the man turned and handed me a bottle of water.

“Here” he said, ‘take theses. They should calm your hangover”.

“It’s Pedilite, a guarantee hangover reliever. I use them for my own. So I figure they’ll help you”. He continues.

I smile and take the pills, “thanks”.

He smiles back.

I sat there for a moment not knowing what to say. I mean I was so embarrassed. What happened last night? How did I get here? Did I sleep with this stranger? Oh god he’s one Franks friends.

“I hate to ask this” I said beginning blush madly, “but…did…we…”

“No” he blurted out catching on to what I was insinuating. “No, we didn’t.... well, you know”.

I smiled and looked down at the sheets in fascination. We sat there not know what to say to the other.

“So what did happen” I said as I looked up at him.

It took him a moment to reply, “Well when I found you were stumbling out on to the porch yelling for Frank. I went to help you, but you couldn’t even walk. So I carried you down to here where you proceeded to puke. I went to get Frank, to help you get home, but I couldn’t find him myself so I told Mikey to let him know you were with me”.

“Oh my god” I said so embarrassed, “ I am so sorry”.

“Aw. Don’t worry about you were actually quite entertaining”, he chuckled.

“Oh god what did I do?”

“No it wasn’t anything to bad. You just kept calling me Snuggles”.

We both began to laugh. The medicine hadn’t kicked in just yet and I felt my stomach grumble.

“Look why don’t we go get some breakfast. I bet it will make you feel a little less shitty’.

I smiled. “That would be awesome”.

While we headed to the restaurant we listened to The Misfits, which I had never heard of but Gerard seemed to think I just had to listen to them. ‘It was just one of those things that you had to give a try and really listen”, he said

I smiled as I sat back and listened.

We finally stopped at little dinner at the New York, Jersey borderline. It was a little beaten, but Jared assured me they carried the best flapjacks ever.

“I dunno my mom makes a pretty mean stack,” I said getting out of the car.

“My ma too, but these are the best hands down” he replied as we walked in.

The bell on the door rang and we sat down in a corner. He pulled out a pack of Marlboro.

“Smoke” he asked out stretch his pack to me.

“No thanks” I said.

“It’s a bad habit”.

He smiled looking into her eyes in deep thought; he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Finally their food came and they ate and continued talking. Her stomach calmed down and they continued their conversation. They talked about everything. From music to living in New Jersey, to work and even the band. He couldn’t believe how amazing this girl seemed to be. She was shy, but at the same time very opinionated. When she listened she made it seem like the whole world had stopped and she was only listening to him; as if she was absorbing every word and thought and idea he had told her. When she talked she put so much enthusiasm and passion to whatever she was saying. Her laugh was quite, but felt very forced as if she was scared. She seemed sad, but never tried to play it off, as if she wasn’t. She was so many things, yet he had no clue. Like she was this big mystery and suddenly Gerard wanted to solve it.

“Excuse me folks, but were going to be closing” a waitress piped in.

We glanced outside and it was dark. We both looked at each other and laughed at how late it was, how we forgot about everything.

“Well I better get you home” I said as we got up and paid for our meals.

“Yah Fank’s probably freaking out right now” she laughed.

I smiled. I knew Frank, and I knew my phone was probably blowing up with calls from him. The thought made me laugh.

We left the restaurant and I drove her home. The car ride was silent, but comforting. When we finally got to her apartment building I walked her up to room.

“Well thanks for the strange experience,” she said fiddling with her hands.

“Yah I have to say this was a first” I replied scratching my head.

“What? You mean you’ve never spent the whole day at the diner talking” she smiled.

I laughed, “Nope I have to say that was a first”.

We smiled at each other.

“Well I guess I’ll talk to you later” she said getting her keys out of her bag.

I dug my hands into my pocket “see ya” I said and walked away.
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