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Way's to Party

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This was probaly one of my favorite chapters to write so far. So I hope you guys like it just as much. RATE AND REVIEW!!!!

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Chapter Twelve
Way’s to Party

“Calliiiiiiii”, he cried.

“I’m coming,” I yelled to Frank as I slipped on my heel running out the door.

“You better, were already late. Come to think of it were always late, and usually because of you” he exclaimed.

“Let’s go,” I yelled rushing into the kitchen, grabbing my purse and dragging him out the door.

Frank grabbed my hand as we walked in union; we smiled at each other giving a knowing look. We walked in silence for a while until Frank slowed down and turned his attention towards me.

“Cali I know you don’t want to talk about it, and I won’t say anything but I know this is the first time in awhile that you’ve been out.” He sighed and looks down. “And I know it’s hard for you but try not to think about him. Have a little fun, I promise it won’t kill you”.

I hated how Frank knew me. Knew that as much as I acted like it didn’t hurt me or affect me in anyway, it did. That even though he broke my heart, I still love him.

I blinked back tears and smiled at Frank, “I’ll try”.

We began to walk again, until he stopped yet again and turned towards me with a smiled, wiping a stray tear from my eyes. HE then tucked a strand of hair behind my ears and pulled me into his arms. “ I love you so much Cali”. He whispered against my ear as held my head.

“I love you too,” I said into his chest.

We let go and he looked down at his shirt, “Aw Cal, look what you did”.

I laughed as he grabbed my hand and silence once again fogged upon on us, as we descended upon our walk.

We eventually got to the party. The house was packed. It was in Jersey so we took a train to get to the house right out side the city about a couple blocks from the station. The music was loud, people were already passed out on the floor and it wasn’t even close to midnight.

When we finally got in Derek headed right into the kitchen, stopping every so often to say hello to a friend. We were grabbing a couple beers when I felt to hands clap over my eyes.

I froze in panic, until I heard the man whisper “Boo”.

“Mikey” I screeched at him, “didn’t your mom ever teach you not to sneak up on girls like that. Especially at these kinds of parties” I huffed.

He looked down at his shoes “Sorry Cali”.

I couldn’t stay mad, not even frustrated with Mikey. He just looked so darn sad starring down at his shoes.

“Awww shucks Mikey I forgive you,” I said crushing him into a hug.

“Oh man looks like Mikey get some action tonight,” howled Ray.

I blushed into Mikey’s chest.

“Lay off guys” Frank said while taking a swig of beer.

Eventually Bob joined us, and before I knew it we were all drinking and laughing. I was having fun for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten how many drinks I had or even what was really going on.

“Okay on your mark. Get set. GO” Somebody said and I grabbed shot after, shot, after shot. Before I knew I was going to blow chunks

“Where’s Frank” I slurred.

“He’s out on the porch” said someone whom seemed to look like Bob, but I wasn’t quite sure.

I stumbled my way out of the kitchen, and into what looked like a living room. It took me for what seemed like forever before I landed on the floor of the porch.

“Hey, are you okay” A guy asked.

I looked up and saw those hazel eyes look at me with concern.

“Your Frank’s friend, aren’t you” He asked.

I nodded in giggles, “have you seen him” I asked.

The guy bent down to help me up. “Here why don’t we go find a place for you to sit and I’ll get you a glass of water”.

I smiled to his answered and just kept looking at his eyes; his hazel eyes which now seemed to have some green in them and some yellow. Actually as I think about, they’re more like a rainbow. A rainbow of dark, beautiful, colors. They seemed to be so familiar. I stopped when I realized I appeared to be embarrassing him.
He helped me up off the floor and stood me up. I tried making my way to door only to find that I couldn’t. I made to my way towards the door before he caught me into his arms.

“Maybe you should hold on to me,” he said.

I wrapped me arms around his neck, while he held on to my waist. We tried to walk but I was still tripping over my feet. He laughed.

“So this isn’t going to work either, I see” he said finally stopping.

“Nope” I said with a big goofy smile, as my eyes glazed over and rolled shut.

I leaned my head into the crook of his neck and laughed. I heard his laughter and smiled, as I felt his arms wrap around my legs and carry me bridal style.

“Geerraaaarrrrdd’ I heard someone slur.

“Hey have you seen Frank”.

“Nnnooo” he slurred again, “I think he’s somewhere around here. Maybe not though” the man continued “Maybe he went to Switzerland on a double 07 mission”.

“Thanks Dan” he chuckled, and he began to walk again.

My stomach began to feel tense. I grunted.

“Hey are you okay he,” he asked.

After I didn’t reply he asked again.

“No” I grunted.

His body tensed up, “Alright well just hold on a few minutes”.

I felt his body move threw people and the music grow distant. He opened a door and closed it. Then I felt his body move down a set stairs and another door be opened and closed. The music seemed to be gone now and only the bass could be heard faintly from the ceiling. I opened my eyes slightly and laughed. The room had a wide dresser with some shelves and mirror on one side and a desk on the other side and big bed in-between both with a night on each side. I felt him lay me on the bed. I rolled on to my back and looked up, just smiling.

“I’m going to get a bucket. Do you think your going to be okay’, he asked.

“Pssh. Of course” I replied not moving.

I turned my head towards the desk and saw a bunch of drawings on the wall, and as I looked closer one seemed familiar. I racked my brains out trying to remember. Then I heard him laugh, then footsteps on the stairs and door a close.

I sat there for a few moments just thinking about everything. I wondered where Frank was, and why that monkey looked so familiar and ho he looked like that laundry soap commercial bear. What was his name? I thought for a while about it, until I heard footsteps on the stairs.

I leaned up on my forearms to see who it was, “Snuggles” I slurred.

“No, Im pretty sure that its Gerard” the guy laughed.
I smiled at him, “Well I’m Cali, Snuggles”.

He laughed again. “You are really trashed is what you are”

I got defensive and crossed my arms, “Not ah”.

“Yes you are” he smirked.

And just as I was about to disagree again my stomach betrayed me. Gerard reached the bucket to me just in time. I emptied out at least half of whatever I had drink into the bucket. Gerard held my hair back.

“You okay” he asked, seeming genuinely concerned.

“For now, I think” I replied falling back into the pillows.

“Here”, he said and propped up the pillows so I could lie down comfortably on. I felt his hand graze my back up and down in a comforting way. It was soothing. I soon felt my eyes drift and just before they were about to close.

“Snuggles,” I said.

“Hmm”, he mumbled.

“You have the most beautiful eyes,” I said rolling over to see them open.

He smiled, “Well thank you Cali”.

“I’m serious. There-there like all theses different shades of brown with a hint of yellow and-and if you look close enough” I said my hand reaching up closer to his face, “there’s a touch of yellow hidden in between”. I finished taping the tip of his nose lightly and going into a fit of giggles.

He laughed to, “Well thank you Cali”.

I smiled lazily and blushed, “Anytime Snug’s”.

“And Snuggles”


“I think we’ve met before”

We just starred at each other for a moment, not saying a word as silence grazed over us and just as I closed my eyes I heard him say, “I think so too”.
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