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Operation: Cupid

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Vanessa gives her Prose fans another update and more insight on her missions! Reviews would be nice. (Hint-hint!)

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Operation: Cupid


Blog Title: Recovery is Going Smoothly

Rosie's sex life can now use both of its arms and one leg. It is even beginning to remember its own name. There is still a long way to go however. The left leg needs some work and the memory is not fully back. But, never fear! We will still keep working with the sex life so that it can leave the hospital and be re-introduced back into the general society.

Operation Prose is going all according to plan. Over the weekend, Prose screwed in deep bliss. Saturday night, Panda made Rosie... (brace yourself for this one!)... orgasm! That's right! Panda actually made Rosie come! Now, she's completely crazy about him. Then last night, Panda screwed her like a horny dog. And now, Rosie wants him even more than ever. Tries not to cry in happiness It makes me fill all warm inside! Squeals happily I knew that I didn't need to interact much in this operation. These types of missions are better if they work themselves out. All I have to do is to push them back into the right direction if either one strays off the path to each other's hearts.

However, there is still a little problem... Two actually. Can you guess what they are? Shakes her head child-likeWhy yes, children! You guessed it, Tart Simpson and Unless Bastard Tony. And there is the question again: What the hell am I going to do about them? Good question! I don't really know yet! I'm still working those parts of the plan. I'm open for suggestions. So come on, help Aunt Nessa out here! I could help use some help here. So please help me let the love of Prose grow and blossom.

Speaking of loves, the two most annoying women really do need some men right now. Mandy and Boss Lady really do need some dates pretty soon. Otherwise, we'll all go crackers here! Boss Lady is easier than Mandy, that's for sure! Boss Lady is much more tolerable than Mandy is! Duncan has a huge crush on her. I don't see why! But then again, he always had a thing for cougars. So, I don't know. But I wouldn't dare send Duncan to seduce Boss Lady. That would just be cruel. Nobody deserves that! Nothing against Boss Lady, but it would just be too weird to have Duncan dating Boss Lady. Shutters as she gets that imagine out of head

It is harder for me to find a date for Mandy. I wouldn't wish a date with her on my worst enemy! So I am stick with playing cupid with those guys. Sighs You know, maybe I'm working myself too hard. Maybe, I need to scale back some. Yeah, that's it! I am now going to focus my energy on Prose. That's going to be easy. Except for the tart and waste of space. Damn! I really am stuck here! So, if anyone wants to help out Aunt Nessa with her plot to bring Prose together, please post your ideas in your comments. We are desperate for a break!

G2G now! Lunch has been past over and my Gary Glitter article is coming me. (I'm too old for him btw! Hint-hint!) But anyway, seeya!


Love, Aunt Nessa

To the Left, To the Left

You heard the woman! Post your ideas in reviews along with some steamy-romantic Prose ideas! Please help me, you're killing me here!
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