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Did You Write the Book of Love?

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Amanda begins her mission to bring down Rose by making her look like a whore to the public. She learns into to Rose, Vanessa, and Duncan's converstation for a start. Reviews are good!!!

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Did You Write the Book of Love?:

I, Amanda Bryant, have been given the mission to see if Pete Wentz and Rose James in fact in a relationship. Personally, I have waited for this moment a long time! This is a nice chance to crush everyone's little darling! I'll be at the top again after this! Oh yeah! I have been waiting for this moment for two years now! Rose won't know what hit her!

My cubicle is near Rose, Vanessa, and Duncan's. This comes in very handy for me. I can listen in closely to what they are plotting whenever I want. Today, would be a good idea to do so. I listened closely into their conversation today. This is what I heard:

Vanessa: So Rosie, did you get any certain calls today?

Rose: What are you talking about?

Vanessa: Oh come on, Rosie! You know who I'm talking about!

Rose: No, I don't.

Vanessa: Aww!!! Come on, do you get a call from... whispers you know who?

Rose: Ohhhh!!! Petey?

Vanessa: Yes!

Rose: Titters

Vanessa: Well, did he?

Rose: Yes!

Vanessa: Oooo!!! What did he say?

Rose: You'll have to ask Duncan.

Vanessa: Aw, Rosie! You're so mean!

Rose: Sorry! That's how it goes! I always tell Duncan my good news first.

Duncan: It's true.

Vanessa: Okay, what did Pete say to Rose today?

Duncan: He asked her to hang out with him when she got off of work.

Vanessa: Oooo! Is it a date?

Duncan: Yep!

Rose: No.

Vanessa: Which one is it?

Duncan and Rose: No! (Rose) Yes! (Duncan)

Rose: Well, sort of. (I smirked to myself wickedly at what I heard so far. Bingo! This is the dirt I wanted to hear! This night could be the start of my comeback. Ha-ha, Rose! You won't know what hit you! I listened in closely for more!)

Vanessa: I'm not following...

Rose: Deep breath He said for me to pick the place this time.

Vanessa: Oh! Not afraid to let the woman call the shots, eh?

Duncan: Apparently not!

Rose: But that's the thing. I don't know where to go tonight.

Vanessa: Ohhh! And you need our help right? (Rose must have nodded at this point because I didn't hear her say anything at that question.)

Vanessa: Great!

Duncan: So where do you feel like going tonight?

Rose: I don't know. Someone quiet, I guess.

Vanessa: Hmm... Somewhere quiet... Duncan, it's time to go to Mr. Google!

Duncan: Right! (I waited for a few moments while I had keys typing and clicking. My heart was racing hard. C'mon! C'mon! Get me a good location so I can break the story to Ms. Delany! Come on, Google!)

Duncan: Here's a good one!

Vanessa: Oh, yes! That's perfect!

Rose: I'm not so sure...

Vanessa: Oh come on, the Red Bar is a nice quiet place next to a Starbucks and Wendy's. You two can get some to eat and drink if you like the bar. Plus, the Red Bar is new and hidden. So the evil paparazzi can't harass you and Panda!

Rose: Are you sure?

Duncan and Vanessa: Yes!

Rose: Hm.... All right. But if this night turns out to be a bust, you'll pay for it with your heads!

Duncan: You have our words!

Vanessa: Right!

And that was it. I had written down the information after I looked up the Red Bar for myself. I smiled to myself in pride. Oh yeah! I had a winning shot this time! I can almost feel the spotlight on my skin. Rose won't know what hit her at all! Look out Rosie, your days of being the favorite of Beach Radio Magazine are numbered!

Don't Think Cause Understand, I Care
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