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Operation: Pest

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Vanessa writes a late night blog about the Amanda and Sakura encounter. And she is PISSED!!!

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Operation: Pest


Blog Title: We've Got Another Problem

As if Tart Simpson and that Waste of Space Tony aren't enough on my coat tails! Now I have to deal with Mandy's jealous ass! Sakura just called me while I was trying to sleep and told me everything. The story goes like this:

Rosie and Panda are currently on their date in the Red Bar tonight. (Duncan and I helped her pick out the place. ;) ) Anyway, everything was going great until Mandy showed up and tried to write down the story about them. (She claims it is because Katherine asked her to confirm if it's true or not.) Rosie looked pretty rightfully panicked by her presence and doing. Sakura came along and saved the day. She grabbed that snob and dragged her out of the bar. My Japanese friend took Mandy into a local music store and confronted her about what she was doing there. The snob tried to lie and say that she was there for the music at first. But good ol' Sakura caught her in the lie. She busted Mandy and the snob came clean. Turns out, Mandy was on another one of her mission to try and bring Rosie to ruin so that she could be on the top again.

Sigh How typical! She has been doing this for two years now! The first few times were just petty. Now, it's just plain annoying. And the sad thing is, Mandy just won't quit! She is just determined to be back at the top again. Somebody needs to tell that her time is up. Mandy just needs to sit down and let Rosie have her chance to shine. (Such a pain!)

But anyway, I am going to set up a meeting with the back-up squad to deal with Mandy, Tart Simpson, and Waste of Space Tony. We can't really goof off this time! This mission requires all of our strength this time. I get the feeling that this won't be a pretty or easy fight. We need of our skills and strengths to fight this battle to the very end.

Speaking of strength, I need some shut-eye now. I wasn't tired for a while after Sakura called and gave me the report. After typing this post, I really need to sleep. I can barely keep my eyes open as it is. So, I'm going to split now.


Aunt Nessa

P.S.: Mandy is so dead in the morning! Now to find a place to hide the body afterwards. Oh well, can't focus on that now. Must sleep now. Sleepy-sleepy. Zzzzz...

Crawl on Me, Spin Spin Sugar
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