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Chapter 5: Guy On Tour

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Gerard and co. are due to head off on tour soon...

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A few days had gone by…Gerard and co. are set to kick off the tour today, a world tour…for which they will be gone for six months. In the morning in bed, Courtney lay awake looking at the sleeping Gerard; she ran her fingertips softly along his jaw line.
“Good morning…baby.” Gerard greeted and opened his eyes.
“Hey…good morning…sweetie.” Courtney greeted back softly.
“I’m going to miss you hell of a lot, honey…” Courtney added, nuzzled his neck.
He held her close.
“I’m going to miss you loads too, so much! I love you sugar. Do you think you will make it to the show tonight?” Gerard asked.
“I don’t know…to be honest. I will try my best, honey. I’m sorry.” Courtney replied sadly.
“OK…don’t worry, babe. I’m not disappointed with you.” Gerard stated, kissing her sweetly on the lips.
Courtney later went off to work, while Gerard stayed at home to pack up his things getting ready for the tour.
“Where shall we go for dinner before the show?” Elle asked, after they finished work.
“I don’t know…anywhere near the arena centre.” Reid replied.
“How about that Chinese restaurant on the same avenue? I heard that’s a great place to eat.” Morgan suggested.
“OK…sure…we will go there.” Gideon agreed.
Everyone else got ready, got their coats on, and ready to leave.
“Oh yeah…you guys are going to see that My Chem show, aren’t you?” Courtney asked, realizing all her colleagues will be there.
“Yes…why won’t you come?” Prentiss asked.
“You will be missing a really great show.” Haley, Hotchner’s wife stated.
“I know…I’m sorry, guys. But I’ve got my friends to look to tonight. I will see you guys tomorrow.” Courtney replied.
They said their good-byes, and Courtney left first before them. She then smiled to herself; she’s on her way to the local New York arena right now to catch her boyfriend’s night gig performance. When she arrived, she parked her car, she took her VIP backstage pass with her, and passed through security, and just as well the security guys recognized her as the vocalist’s long-term girlfriend. After she walked through the backstage door into the room, she finds it all a mess.
“Hey…you are here. That’s great! So great!” Big Worm stated.
“Hey…Big…where are the guys?” Courtney asked.
“They are outside in the back playing kickball. I’m going to tell them that you are here. Gerard would be so happy, he thought you’d never come.” Big Worm replied.
“Why wouldn’t I come? Of course I’m here. No…it’s okay…you don’t have to tell them, let them have their fun.”
He laughed.
“Sure…” Big Worm said, and went back out to the back to join the others in the game.
She is now left by herself alone in the room, she looked around her, drink cans, coffee cups and snacks’ packets strewed everywhere, a total mess.
“Boys will be boys.” Courtney thought to herself and chuckled a little.
She randomly picked up a magazine and began flipping through the pages, with her back to the doorway…about 10 to 15 minutes later, she finds herself wrapped by a pair of strong arms in a reverse hug, kisses trailed across the back of her neck, earning the guy several moans from her.
“You’ve just made my day, sugar.”
She smiled, she chucked the magazine aside, and she turned round to face him…who has a wide happy smile on his face.
“Well, I’m glad I can be of service, dear.” Courtney stated, and hugged him back.
Now both wrapped up in each other’s embrace, they kissed each other passionately and lovingly.
“You came…”
“Of course I did…I will never ever miss the chance to see my darling boy performing.” Courtney stated.
He moaned.
“Aww…you are so sweet, baby.” Gerard stated.
They kissed each other again…for a very long time that they didn’t realize the back door was opened again and the other band members came back in. They each slapped him on the back, and start catcalling.
“Woohoo…Gee…you and the fox…” Ray commented.
“Yep…Courtney is my fox.” Gerard stated adoringly and nuzzled her neck.
While Gerard buried his head in the crook of her neck, kissing her and teasing her. Frank looked excitedly at Courtney like a nine years old kid.
“What’s up, Frank?” Courtney questioned.
“Have you got your badge with you now?”
“Flash it!”
She rolled her eyes.
“But…Frankie…you’ve seen it before.”
“Please…flash it.” Frank begged.
She chuckled and flashed her F.B.I badge. Frank yelped like a dog, and jumped up and down excitedly. She laughed.
“Gee…dude…your girlfriend makes everyone happy.” Frank said.
Gerard leaned his forehead against hers, looking at her with all the love and his hands caressing her cheeks.
“I know…especially me.”
They kissed each other again.
“You smell so good, sugar.” Gerard complimented.
“Wow…thank you very much for the compliment, honey.”
He dragged one hand down her back to her butts and squeezed it playfully.
“Have you had dinner yet?” Courtney asked.
“How long have you got till you need to get on stage?” Courtney asked.
“Half an hour.” Gerard replied as he looked at his watch.
“Do you want to have a quick go before the show?” Courtney asked, whispering into his ears.
His face lit up.
“Hell yeah…have you got Trojan or Durex with you?”
“I’ve got Trojan.”
“Smart girl, my baby.”
He quickly tugged her into an empty storage cupboard through the back door. He locked themselves up.
“Alone at last…” Gerard stated.
Without another word, he pushed her against the wall, lifting her legs to wrap round his waist. His hands quickly and skillfully undid both their clothes, and had a quick fiery love-making in the cupboard. After that they both came back out laughing like maniacs and with clothes completely disheveled, and messed up hair. The cohorts saw them and their eyes grew wide.
“Jeez…you two…” Bob started and then trailed off.
Gerard had a goofy grin on his face now.
“Me and my baby had a quick romp just now.” Gerard stated proudly.
The cohorts shook their heads, and start getting ready to be on stage.
“So babe…are you mixing in with the crowd, or are you standing by the side?” Gerard asked, as he did up the buttons of her shirt.
“Probably…most likely standing by the side…all my work colleagues are here to see you guys live tonight.”
“Well…that’s really nice of them.”
Then their manager---Brian came in to call them up.
“I love you.” Gerard said, before going onstage.
“I love you too.” Courtney said back.
They kissed, and he went onstage to perform, while she stood by the side, enjoying herself and watching. The concert went great and brilliant all along, until it got even better until the end, when he decided to sing “Demolition Lovers”.
“This song is called ‘Demolition Lovers’, and this song is dedicated to the love of my life. She knows that it’s her I’m talking about. I love you, my baby!!!” Gerard yelled.
Throughout the song performance, he would constantly look over to her, and to find her smiling at him wide and happily, and this made him really happy. When the gig finally came to a close with “Helena”, after the band said their thanks and good-byes, he practically ran offstage and swept her up in his arms, they kissed each other lovingly as he walked back into the backstage room while holding her.
“How was the gig…my love?” Gerard asked.
“Absolutely perfect and brilliant! 10 out of 10!!! Thanks so much for the dedication, honey!! You are my Hercules!” Courtney replied.
He laughed, and loving the new nickname she had given him.
“So am I now your Hercules too?”
“Hell yes!!!”
Soon after more talking, hugging and kissing, he picked up his stuff, and she walked him and his cohorts to their tour bus.
“I love you, baby.” Gerard said.
“I love you too, honey.”
“Are you alright with getting home?”
“Yes…of course…Don’t worry about me.” Courtney replied.
“I’ll miss you a lot…so much! When you get home, read the note I wrote for you…I left it on the fridge…okay?”
“OK…I will…I’m missing you already!” Courtney stated.
“Kiss me…Give me a long, loving good-bye kiss.”
They kissed each other a very long good-bye. She watched her boyfriend and his cohorts being driven away in the tour bus. She sighed, then she smiled, and she can’t wait till the 6 months to pass. She drove back home, when she got to the apartment, she locked the door, chucked her keys onto the counter, her stuff aside onto the couch. She went to the kitchen, opened a bottle of red wine, and poured herself a glass. She took the note from Gerard off the fridge and read it:
Dear Sugar,
Well, I’m off on tour now with the boys.
How am I going to survive without you for six months? Six months of an excess amount of testosterone! Man…lol…
I love you, baby! Remember that! I will call you whenever I can, you will call me too, okay? That’s our deal! When I’m away, please take good care of yourself, be safe and sound!
I’m missing you already! I cannot wait for the 6 months to quickly pass.
Well, I’ve got to go now!
Love you!
Love from,
Your other half
P.S: Please remember to stock up Trojan and Durex while I’m away, be ready for when I’m back. I will definitely be asking for a year’s worth!!!
Courtney laughed, after she read the note, she then went off to put Trojan and Durex down onto her shopping list.
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