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Chapter 6: Surprise in a Cubicle

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Courtney finds a bunch of surprises specially for her in her cubicle...

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*FF to 6 months later…
“Gerard and the other guys should be back soon.” Courtney thought to herself as she sat in the conference room.
The other work colleagues had stopped showering her with questions over the past 6 months, and there were no more attempts to profile her by her colleagues. She and her cohorts sat down around each other analyzing another murder case.
While downstairs…a few blocks away from the F.B.I offices, there parked a long black tour bus, on that bus right now…Ray, Frank, Mikey and Bob are relaxing down and doing stupid guys’ stuff. While Gerard is sort of multi-tasking, talking into his mobile at the same time as signing a cheque to pay a generous tip to the two patient flower delivery guys who are waiting for him. He finally hung up from his mobile, he tucked it away securely. He gave the cheque to the two men.
“Here’s the cheque and the tip for both of you. Do you remember my clear instruction?” Gerard asked.
They nodded.
“Yes…Mr. Way.”
“You are to deliver them up to my baby---Special Agent Courtney Highmore in the Behavior Analysis Unit. OK?” Gerard stated, repeating his instruction.
The two men nodded once again.
“Thank you.”
The two men went away and drove their delivery van and pulled up front of the F.B.I offices, and to deliver Gerard’s gift to his beloved girl.
“When can we go up there?” Mikey asked.
“I cannot wait to meet J.J” Mikey added.
“Chill…baby brother…What about me? I can’t wait to see my baby. I haven’t seen her in 6 months!” Gerard stated.
“But when can we go up there?” Mikey asked.
“Soon…soon enough…my baby will be back in my arms again.” Gerard replied.
“We have to take care. We don’t want people crowding there when we stepped off the bus.” Ray said.
While up in the conference room, after the analyzing ended, when Courtney and her cohorts got up from their chairs, Hotchner’s wife---Haley came into the room with a wide grin on her face.
“What’s up, dear?” Hotchner asked.
Haley smiled at Courtney and everyone else stared at her. She looked up from her notepad.
“What’s going on?” Courtney questioned.
“Oh…Courtney…you have the sweetest boyfriend ever!” Haley exclaimed.
“What are you talking about?” Courtney asked, confused.
“Come and see for yourself.” Haley replied, smiling.
She walked out of the conference room onto the half-landing followed by her colleagues, she looked down to her cubicle, and she gasped. In her cubicle right there and now, there are thousands and thousands of roses, and a giant teddy bear with a heart saying ‘I LOVE YOU!!!’ on it, sitting in her office chair. Her colleagues all gasped their surprise behind her as well.
“What on earth? There must be thousands of roses down there.” Garcia stated.
“Haley, when did they come?” Courtney asked.
“A few moments ago, two flower delivery guys came up and said that they are for you.” Haley replied.
She walked down the few steps and walked to her cubicle, she looked at the bunches and bunches of red roses, she then noticed a card attached. She picked it up and read:
Dear honey,
I’m back! I love you so much! I can’t wait to have you back in my arms again!
Love you,
Love from,
Your other half…
Your Hercules.

She definitely recognize Gerard’s handwriting, she smiled to herself.
“Who is it from?” Morgan asked.
“My ever-so-sweet boyfriend.” Courtney replied, smiles all around.
The colleagues crowded around her, making a big fuss.
While downstairs at the security entrance, five guys stood waiting to be checked to be allowed to go upstairs, while outside the front doors, it is already crowded with crazy, dedicated fans and paparazzi. The security guards at the front entrance recognized them.
“Oh my god…you guys are My Chemical Romance!” the first guard stated.
The MCR quintet with sunglasses on smiled and nodded.
“Please kind sir…if you will let us pass. We are here to see Special Agent Highmore.” Gerard stated.
“Yes…of course…Mr. Way, please will all of you sign on the visitors form.” the first guard stated.
“Oh…yes…you are here to see Courtney Highmore. She’s one smart and so beautiful girl. Whoever’s her guy is very lucky.” the second guard---Jeffrey said.
“Oh…yeah…she’s a total hot fox.” the third guard said.
Gerard smirked and smiled a smug smile on his face.
“Well, I’m sure my girlfriend would absolutely love to hear these comments being said about her.” Gerard stated.
The security guards all turned wide eyes at him, while his band members just smirked.
“& F.Y.I…she’s absolutely awesome and amazing in bed.” Gerard stated.
They’ve all finished signing on the visitors’ form, and Jeffrey led the quintet to the elevator to go up to the B.A.U. Once in the lift…
“Gosh! Bro…do you really have to freak everybody out like that?” Mikey asked.
Gerard just laughed.
“I love doing that…sorry. But I wasn’t joking when I said that she’s absolutely amazing in bed. She really is amazing in bed.” Gerard replied.
The other band members laughed out loud.
While the MCR quintet were on their way up to see Courtney, Courtney and her colleagues are still crowding around her surprise gift from Gerard, until the B.A.U’s receptionist---Tisha came up to them.
“Excuse me…sirs…but there’s a slight problem with you guys going out for lunch.” Tisha stated.
“Why? What’s the problem?” Hotchner asked.
“There are loads of people and paparazzi crowding downstairs at the main front entrance. It’s a total mess.” Tisha replied.
“What’s going on?” Gideon asked.
“Mr. Gideon…sir…I was told that there are a few very important people in this building right now, which caused all the commotion downstairs.” Tisha replied.
“VIPs? Wow! Who are they?” Garcia asked, her eyes sparkled and excitement in her voice.
“No idea…”
Just then, the security guard---Jeffrey came up to them.
“What is it, Jeff?” Hotchner asked.
“I have a notice for Special Agent Highmore.” Jeffrey replied.
“There are a few very important people here to see Special Agent Courtney Highmore.” Jeffrey added.
“Where are they now?” Hotchner asked.
“Outside waiting…”
“Bring them in through, Jeff…” Hotchner stated.
With that, Jeffrey went off to bring in the few guests in.
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