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Pillow Talk

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Brendon and Grace make some choices...and it's a filler...sorry

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‘So Brendon bought all of these magazines?’ Holly asked as they sat at the kitchen table while the boys, Addy, and various dogs helped to untangle Christmas lights.


‘What is he trying to tell you?’

‘That it’s time to start planning the wedding.’

‘Well you know he’s right, if you guys want to get married in May you’d better hurry it up. It’s almost six months to the day of when you want to get married. You don’t have a lot of time.’

‘I know I’ve just been putting it off. There is so much to do. Brendon and I haven’t even talked about where we want to get married, or what we want for the wedding, or anything like that. We just keep putting it off and not doing anything about it.’

‘Well look, talk about it with him tonight as your pillow talk and then we can get started tomorrow. Sound like a plan?’

‘Sounds like a great plan.’ Grace said as she heard Addy giggling while Brendon complained. Grace and Holly got up and walked into the living room to see Brendon completely wrapped head to toe in flashing Christmas lights while Ryan was tied to the chair in them. ‘Babe, I thought you were going to decorate with the Christmas lights, not wear them.’ Grace laughed.

‘Your little punk of a daughter did this to us Holly. Untie me!’ he demanded.

‘Brendon…we try not to teach Addy to talk like that. What’s the magic word?’ Holly teased. Brendon glared before looking over at Grace with those eyes. Oh those eyes, they would be the death of her. She couldn’t say no to those sad, beautiful, big, brown eyes. She walked over and untied the strings from around him.

‘Come on, it’s time to eat.’ She mumbled as she stood up helping Brendon up in the process.

‘Momma, daddy and Untle Beary are untanging the lights.’ Addy said.

‘Well cupcake, daddy is probably hungry.’

‘And Uncle Beary is probably wasting away to nothing. It’s been two hours since he had something to eat.’ Grace teased. Brendon glared and pulled her back down onto the floor pinning her arms above her head.

‘Uncle Beary is going to rough up Aunt Gracie if she doesn’t start being a little nicer.’ he laid down on top of her kissing her roughly and he started to run his hand up her shirt.

‘Hey! Hey! Hey! There are innocent eyes in the room, save it for the bedroom kids.’ Ryan said kicking Brendon off of Grace.

‘Momma, why does Untle Beary touch Aunt Gracie like that? He’s not poseta do dat. Aunt Gracie is a dirl.’

‘Because they are young puppies in love cupcake.’

‘They aren’t tuppies.’

‘Come on let’s eat guys.’ Holly said taking her husband and child into the kitchen to eat dinner. Brendon stood up holding out his hand for Grace.

‘So I hear you are going to help us start our wedding planning.’ Brendon said as he sat down next to Grace across from Addy who stuck her tongue out at him.

‘Yeah, tomorrow, after you guys talk and make some decisions tonight.’

‘Okay, great. My mom will be really excited.’

‘Does that mean that there is going to be a baby Urie soon?’ Holly gushed.

‘Oh no! Not yet, we’re not ready for a baby. I’m still raising a baby.’ Grace laughed as she looked over at Brendon who was making Addy laugh with a carrot up his nose. ‘I rest my case.’

‘I guess you’re right but you two would be so cute with a baby and the baby would be absolutely beautiful.’

‘One of these days we’ll have our little baby and everything will be great.’ Grace smiled as she let her hand rest dangerously high on Brendon’s thigh.

‘So babe, what do you want for our wedding?’ Grace asked as she turned down the sheets on their bed. Brendon stood in the door way with his tooth brush as he watched her from afar. He loved how she wore his clothes to bed. She looked much better in his button ups than he did and they were short which was perfect to show off her body even more. It was a wonder they ever got to sleep at night and stayed clothed.

‘What do you mean?’ Brendon asked as he stripped off his skin-tight jeans and t-shirt before he crawled into his side of the bed.

‘Like colors, themes, where do you want to have it…that sort of stuff.’

‘I don’t really care what we have, as long as you and I are getting married. I’m more concerned about where we are honeymooning.’

‘You would be.’ She chuckled, ‘What about Tiffany’s blue, white, and silver?’

‘Is that what you want?’

‘Yeah, I’ve always wanted those colors for my wedding. The girls and I used to talk about it all the time.’

‘You and the girls talked about your weddings?’

‘No not really, just little things about the wedding; I’ve always wanted Tiffany’s blue and to get married on the beach.’

‘Really?’ Brendon asked looking down at her as she snuggled into his skinny chest.


‘Then we’ll get married on the beach with Tiffany’s blue.’

‘I can’t wait to get married. I’m so excited I can hardly contain my excitement.’

‘Well you know if you needed to you could take that excitement out on me. I wouldn’t mind a little lovin’ from my woman right about now.’

Grace chuckled and looked up at him, ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too baby.’

‘I never thought that this was how my life would turn out; with out my best friends, engaged to a rock star, so in love…I love it.’

‘I always knew you and I would get married; even when I was a little horny teenager.’

‘Brendon…how is that different than now?’

‘I’m not a teenager anymore, come on Grace.’ Brendon scoffed playfully.

‘You are so retarded.’ She laughed. Brendon glared and threw the blankets over their head as he attacked her. Grace giggled before Brendon attacked her lips and began loving his soon to be wife. Every day that the wedding got closer, the couple got more excited.
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