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Roses are red, Violets are blue

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So cute.

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‘So what did you guys decide you want to do?’ Holly asked as they walked into the office the next morning.

‘Tiffany’s blue, white, and silver and we’re getting married on the beach. That’s it.’

‘Alright, I guess I can work with that.’ Holly said, ‘So who is designing your dress?’

‘Well you know my best friend’s wife is this awesome designer she has her own line and everything. I’m thinking about asking her but I’m not sure if she wants to or not.’

‘This person doesn’t happen to be named Holly does she because if she does she may tackle you to the ground in excitement.’ Holly gushed.

‘Then no her name is not Holly, its Molly.’

‘That’s weird. I thought your best friend was a guy named Ryan Ross which would make his wife a girl named Holly Ross which would make that person me.’

‘You’re right; I just don’t want you to tackle me.’

‘SWEET!’ Holly said excitedly. ‘So we’ve got to start planning this now. Call your mom and tell her to fly in, she can be your wedding planner, then call Brendon’s mom and tell her we’re meeting for lunch tomorrow to delegate planning and go over details. I’ll work on a sketch for your dress.’

‘Whoa there, chill out, we have plenty of time.’

‘No we don’t, we don’t have plenty of time, we have a lot of stuff to do in a short amount of time.’

‘Hey mom.’ Grace said as Holly sketched a rough copy of Grace’s dress. Grace stood on a pedestal so Holly could decide what kind of dress she wanted to design.

‘Hi sweetheart, what’s up?’

‘Do you have plans for the rest of the week?’

‘Not that I know of why?’

‘Well my best friend has this crazy wife that has gone off the deep end on planning the wedding. So I was thinking you could come visit and help us start everything.’

‘That sounds like a great idea. When do you want me to come?’

‘As soon as possible would be great so I don’t have to listen to Holly complaining about how you’re not here.’

‘Alright I’ll see what I can do about getting on a flight later this afternoon, I’ll let you know.’

‘Great! You can bring Bridgette with you if you want; I know she’ll want to be involved as well.’

‘How does Brendon feel about all of this?’

‘He does care; he’s too preoccupied with finding the perfect place to honeymoon and not telling me.’

‘That’s right because we all know what is on Brendon’s mind.’

‘Alright well I’ll see you soon then mom, let me know when your flight comes in.’

‘Alright honey, I will. Give Brendon my love. Love you.’

‘Love you too mom.’ Grace hung up the phone and looked at Holly who was now flirting aimlessly with Ryan over the phone. Grace rolled her eyes and stepped down before walking out of the room and going back to her office to go over financials.

‘Delivery for a Grace Brady.’ A man said as he walked into her office fifteen minutes later with a bouquet of pink and white roses. Grace looked up and her heart melted.

‘I’m Grace Brady.’ She said standing up.

‘Sign here please.’ Grace signed her name before taking the flowers and setting them on her desk.

‘Oh, what an embarrassing display of a booty call.’ Holly said walking into the office.

‘Shut up.’ Grace laughed as she took the card out of the holder.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And I love you.
--Your Beary.

‘They are from Brendon.’

‘Of course they are. Who else did you think they were from?’

‘You know Ryan and I are having an affair.’

‘Oh right I forgot. How’s that going for you two?’

‘The sex last night was pretty good but he kept calling me Holly so I had to teach him a lesson about that.’ Grace laughed.

‘Anyway, when is your mom coming in?’

‘She’ll be in at 9:20 tonight. I’m sending Brendon over to your house when he starts whining about my mom staying with us for a week.’

‘Whatever, he’ll be fine. You guys shouldn’t be having sex before your married anyway, you’ll end up pregnant. Trust me.’ Holly said referring to the fact that at the end of the first tour Grace had been on, she found out she was two months pregnant, with Ryan’s first baby Adelyn Ryan, just as they got home.

‘Right and you are the poster child for that kind of stuff.’

‘I resent that thank you very much.’


‘Alright, I’m leaving; Addy has a dentist appointment this afternoon. I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Holly said getting up and walking out of the office. Grace shook her head going back to her computer.

‘So I see you got my flowers.’ Brendon said from the door way.

‘I did, they are beautiful babe.’ She said as Brendon walked over placing his hands on the arm rests on either side of her before he leaned down and gave her a sweet, soft, innocent open mouthed kiss. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Well it’s six thirty and you weren’t home yet. I figured I could come up here and get you and we could go have a romantic dinner together.’

‘Oh, I love the sound of that.’ She smiled as Brendon sat down on her lap leaning back to kiss her again. Grace smiled into the last kiss. She was so happy and things were just beginning for her and Brendon.
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