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You Don't Know A Thing About My Sins!

by AstroZombiee

Hickeys, Absinthe, Ice cream cake and a Cheat.

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I had been to few parties in my life. When I was young I vaguely remember eating an ice cream cake at the home of a girl with blonde pigtails. Sometimes, mom and dad had friends over to drink and play pool, but not often. So to be honest, I was a little bit excited when I was told that we were having a party. At first, I just assumed it meant more "guests" and therefore carpet-scrubbing, but Bob said we weren't having anyone else over, just a party for the 6 of us. I didn't really understand, they were just gonna be drinking and stuff, which they did every night. I eventually found out it was Frankie's birthday. I was now the only 17 year old left, having just reached the age a week before they arrived. I put myself in charge of decorations and cake making. Ray and Bob laughed and said it was childish, but this was the ice cream cake and balloons party I never had as a kid. I smiled to myself as I put my pretty cake in the fridge to set. Nothing was wrong at the moment. I had pushed everything bad to the far corner of my mind, and as far as I was concerned, everything was fine. I walked up to my room and sat on my bed, fingering the ribbon on the present I had given Gee the money for out of a small lock box under my bed. I sighed and pulled the box out, to look within and count the notes and coins saved from years of birthday, Christmas, Easter, pocket and reward money. I never really had anything to spend it on. I was up to $700 when Mikey walked in. For reasons still unfathomable, he still shared my room with me. He sat on his little fold out and said "What'd you get him?" We still talked casually, but a thick fog of awkward hung in the air. "A cool monster mask, some fake blood and the Halloween series on video. You?" Mikey laughed "I got him a shirt... way to shit all over me, Ade." I giggled and lay down in bed, when Gerard walked in, pulling behind him a giant cake on two skateboards. It wasn't really a cake, just cardboard with whipped cream on the top. "We're gonna go find a real young chick, tie her up and make her spring out. It'll be awesome!" He announced happily. I loved when Gee was happy. I grinned at him and kissed him on the cheek. "C'mon everyone, downstairs! He'll be back soon!" We ran downstairs and all hid behind the couch with the light off. The cake had been placed in his room for when the girl arrived and the party was over. He walked in, and we all jumped out "SUPRISE!!!" chorused 5 voices happily. Frankie smiled and hugged each of us in turn, laughing. The rest of the night went smoothly and was great fun.
But when something seems to good to be true it usually is. Unfortunately, in my life, things were never good for long. And when they were, they were half as good as the bad was bad.
It was around midnight, and I had been sipping the vodka and orange juices I had been given throughout the night. Gerard was well and truly drunk and was upstairs somewhere, Ray was passed out on the couch and Mikey, me, Frank and Bob were still partying. "Here, have some of this!" Bob yelled into my ear, thrusting a drink at me. It was green. "Liquid Cocaine!" Bob yelled back. I raised my eyebrows, but he laughed, so I figured he was joking. I drank the whole drink in one gulp and within minutes felt the effects... I felt light, and so incredibly happy. But then I turned my shoulder, and saw the guys. I could have sworn they all had cannons and were aiming them at me "STOP" I yelled, and ran upstairs, their laughter echoing behind me. Suddenly, everything was pink. "Whoa..." I whispered. I wandered into Frank's room and flicked the light switch a few times. "No more pink... Black..." I said to myself. I heard someone coming... It was Frank, by the sounds of it. I suddenly had a brilliant idea...
In a drunken haze I climbed into the still empty cardboard cake, peeled off my dress and waited inside. I heard him stumble in, and swear under his breathe then giggle and knock on the cake. "Yoo hooo..." He sang, banging it. I realised it was now or never and stood up, the lid of the cake falling to the floor. "Happy birthday Mr Frankie... Happy birthday Mr Frankie... I forgot the rest of the rest of the words... Lets fuck." I drawled, the words slipping off my tongue as I climbed out of the cake and flung my scantily clad self into Frankie's arms. He giggled and kissed me, but then held back "What's wrong..." I said impatiently. "Gerard...." Protested Frankie. I was surprised at the level of self control he showed while drunk, as I had none. "Frankie... This is your birthday present... Don't tell me you don't want it..." And he didn't. I pushed him down onto the bed and unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his inked chest. It felt so refreshing to be in control, though I barely remembered anything the next morning, I remember feeling so accomplished to be the seductress, not the seduced. I wasn't the weak little girl everyone thought I was, and I'd prove that to Frank, if I couldn't to Gerard. I savagely bit his neck and shoulders, as he moaned beneath me. "You know, I've wanted to fuck you ever since I got here... It's unfair of Gerard not to share you..." I giggled to myself and kissed him, biting his lip and grinding my hips into his. I tugged on his lip ring with my teeth as I felt his hands fondle my breasts.
"Frankie, I-" I never got a chance to tell Frankie anything, because Gerard walked in at that moment. What happened next seemed to go in slow motion, and the whole time I was just thinking of my bad luck, and how the last few months had just gone in circles, Gerard angry, Mikey happy, Gerard happy, Mikey angry, everyone angry, no one angry... In patterns that just seemed to be repeating. But lucky for me, Gerard didn't know what was going on. He walked in and looked from me, to the cake, back to me and Frankie, and winked at me. "Good thinking... Cou-Couldn't get a girl for him. You’re so smart, Adie! Nice." He rambled, before falling down onto the bed with me and Frankie. My eyes widened in shock and confusion as me and Frankie exchanged worried glances. But, we were off the hook. We both snuggled into Gerard, playing his drunken game, treading carefully, ever watchful for a crack we might miss and trip on. “Gerard, baby, shall we go back to the room?” I said. I had been immediately sobered when he walked in, but the alcohol still clouded my thoughts and made it hard to string words together.
But Gerard wasn’t listening to me, he had forgotten I was there; due to the fact he had Frankie pinned and was kissing him. My eyes widened, and locked with Frankie’s. He gave me a look that said ‘Oh well, it’s better than being in trouble’ Before closing them again and pulling Gerard’s hair playfully. I sat up and rolled back a bit, stunned. Should I have been angry? Jealous? No, I felt none of those. There was an odd feeling somewhere in my stomach, but I was fascinated. They had adjusted so Gerard was on top. I watched it heat up as their passion grew and grew until Gerard fell off Frankie, panting, and looked at me. He beckoned for me to come closer, and I did nervously. He kissed me and I kissed back in anxious relief until his and Frank’s hand started to wander, to twist and shape my body to suit them, to cater to their needs. I found myself squeezing my eyes shut and drifting away to another place. I knew that right now, to them I was a mere piece of meat. A life support system for a cunt and not much else.
The next half hour ploughed by slowly, until I felt like I was being sifted through and drained empty. At some point they had both rolled off me and were talking lazily. Frankie left and Gerard fell asleep without another word to me. I lay still and silent, listening to Gerard breathe and waiting for sleep. But sleep didn’t come.
I lay and waited for what seemed like hours, before I stood up and left the room. I walked down the hallway and leant lazily against the banister of the staircase.
“Isn’t it a bit late for it? Or are you early….”
I turned around to see Mikey in the doorway of my bedroom. The atmosphere seemed surreal, and dreamy. “Late, I think.” I replied.
“Ah, I see.” He stepped towards me, passed me and walked a few steps down. “Where’s my brother?”
“Oh, asleep. Will be for a while after the work out he just got.” His eyebrows flew up, and I stepped down. “Yeah, Ray and Bob passed out a few hours ago. I’m not a sleepy drunk myself.” He grinned up at me. “Oh, still a tad tipsy are we, Mr Way?” I smirked as I crooned to him. “Oh I think so, but I wouldn’t talk if I were you, rummy.” I gasped, mock offended. We looked at each other a second longer before I practically fell down the stairs against him, pressing myself into his chest and kissing him fervently. His hands wrapped around my back while mine tangled themselves in his fine hair. The kiss broke. His face was flushed, and I felt the heat rise in my own. “Adie..” He whispered. Whatever he had planned to say, I’ll never know. I stifled his words with another deep kiss, while my hands pulled him upwards by his belt buckle and forced him to walk a few steps towards me. He turned me around so my back pressed into the banister and a small, high pitched moan escaped my throat. I was aroused by his violent passion and found myself just as eager as him, yanking his clothes off as we climbed the stairs. I pushed him into the wall just outside my room and kissed my way down his neck, chest, stomach, till I was on my knees, grinning up at him and undoing his jeans. He was breathing heavily, and I could tell he was nervous. I ignored his anxiety and pulled down his jeans and boxers.
Mikey and I had never done anything more than kiss, really, and I was more than keen and wanted to show it as I took him in my mouth. His sharp intake of breathe nearly made me giggle, but to my surprise he pulled me up. “C’mon…” He whispered. I nodded and he pulled me into my room and pushed me down on to the bed, kissing me still. I’d be lying if I said I was absolutely guilt free as he entered me. I had no plan from there, to leave Gerard. I wasn’t sure if this was his first time, but it was his first time with me, and I wanted it to be as good as it could be with us both coming down from being wasted. I met his hips with my own, we developed a rhythm and soon I felt myself nearing climax. “Oh god Mikey, fuck..” I whispered. He was panting, the occasional deep moan breaking his steady pattern. My hands, which had been caressing his back, turned into claws I used to rake his skin to sate the pleasure mounting. His fingers were down between my legs massaging my clit. “Adie…” He murmured. I felt myself stiffen beneath him… He sounded so much like Gerard… I didn’t have much longer to think about it as I came, hard. I arched my back and pulled him close to me by the shoulders “Oh fuck, Mikey” I squealed. He clasped his hand over my mouth to stop the screams that were sure to come spilling out of my mouth as I neared my second orgasm. His fingers worked faster until he came himself. His hips crashed into mine and he shuddered all over before going limp and collapsing on me. He sighed and played gently with my hair.
I had to wait till he was fast asleep before I could tell him he meant the world to me and I loved him. I crept out of the room to Gerard, and lay back down in bed with him, still wide awake, and I clung to him till morning, racked with guilt. I had no plan, no solution. I felt Gerard stirring and turned to him. “Morning babe” I said. He rubbed his head and blinked sleepily. He looked so cute I couldn’t resist lavishing kisses on his face and pulling him close for a bear hug. “What’s all this?” He said. “Oh, nothing. I love you, that’s all. I might go have a shower.” I got up and made to leave the room, until six ice cold and deliberate words stopped me.
“So where were you last night?” I had stopped dead in my tracks. I turned to face him. “When? After we left Frankie’s room, or…” He rolled his eyes. “You know damn well when.” Oh, I should have known better. He was a very light sleeper. I became aware of the blush rising in my face. I was sure it was painted all over my face, I was sending off heat waves. But the lies came quickly and easily. “I couldn’t really sleep, so I just went downstairs. I cleaned up a little bit, and sat on the couch.” I had cleaned up at some point in the night too… “I didn’t want to wake you or anything, baby…” He nodded slowly. “Sorry… I’ll see you at breakfast.”
It wasn’t until I stripped before the mirror in the bathroom I realised the motive for his suspicion. My neck and chest were covered in love bites, bruises and bright red blotches. I gasped and ran my hands across my neck, but couldn’t help smiling. Well, I thought, Frank could have made them, right?
Right. My mind replied, as I stepped into the shower.
What Gerard didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, right?
Right. I was assured again.

Hey! Sorry it took so long to update, guys...
While I was on holidays, I wrote about three chapters, but my boyfriend deleted them all off my flash drive before I got to put them on my other computer. So I had to completely rewrite it.
This is the first one, I think (I hope) it replicates the first one.
Anyway, shit's going down in the next few chapters, so get ready!

Also, I couldn't help but throw in some Frerard. It's just too awesome. Amirite?
Cheers guys!
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