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A Kiss And I Will Surrender...

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All is revealed... Choose whose side you're on now, while you still can...

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"Mikey, are you okay?" I said hysterically, trying to control the rising and falling volume of my voice. As panicked as I was, I still didn't want Gerard to wander in right about then. Mikey opened his mouth as if to say something, but then shut it. I wanted to get a towel, but still wanted to stay as far away from him as possible. Quick as a flash, I jerked my hand down and pulled up the bathmat to sheild my nakedness. "Mikey, if you aren't here for a reason, you should go." Again he said nothing, but his hand rose slowly to catch a drop of water that fell from my nose. He flicked it off his finger and met my eyes again, as fear fluttered around inside me. He looked somewhat disturbed, and I tried once again to provoke some sort of reaction from him, prefreably an exit. "Come on Mikey, what's wrong?" He stepped towards me and stood solidly, as if to test my reaction. I stepped back and collided with the shower, which was in the corner. Nowhere to run. He stepped forwards so we were almost touching, and not once had we broken eye contact.
What was it with these two, the Way brothers? They had me under a deadly spell, a jinx. They could, with one word, have me on my knees begging, or on my back in bed. They could hurt me in whatever fashion; betray me, lie to me, kill my family, bruise me, leave me tied to a couch, leave me for dead in a cellar with a madman and still have me back in their arms with a flash of those hazel eyes, that got me every time.
He tilted his head slightly on the side, still silent and engulfing me with his beautiful eyes, and before I knew what was happening I had pushed him into the wall fervently and smashed my lips against his, wanting to taste him, to soak him up and make up for all I had taken from him by choosing Gerard. My fingers entwined themselves in his hair as I tasted his kisses that I had so missed for what seemed like an eternity. The bathmat dropped to the floor and his hands snaked around my waist, pulling me closer, closer. But then, almost as soon as it had begun, I pulled myself from his arms. I stepped back and stared, at my hands, as though they had betrayed me. My mouth gaped open and shut and I reached for a towel, covering myself. "Get out..." I whimpered. He didn't move, but said "No." simply. "No? What do you mean no? Why can't you leave me alone?" I stammered, terrified and embarrassed again and above all things, confused. He stepped back and sat on the edge of the bathtub, smirking. "Why, because you don't want me too, Lovely." I laughed dryly and quipped "Obviously." He rolled his eyes "Really Adrienne? What do you call what just happened then? You had to physically pull yourself away from me, override what your brain told you to do... Me. I am your first impulse, I am your fondest desire. And I'm right here, baby. If you wanted me to leave, you wouldn't have had to think long and hard before pulling yourself away. You had to resort to your last option, didn't you? Your mind knows you want me; need me. Your mind betrays you, doesn't it Adrienne?" I started to cry, because I knew he was right. "Why can't you just accept it?" He drawled. I wiped my eyes and said deifantly "I love Gerard." I turned away from him to fasten my towel at the front, as he spat "Yes, I know you love Gerard, I wasn't disputing that. But a part of you, no matter how deep you think you buried it, no matter how far you think you cast it, wherever you banished it to, will always long for me; because I am everything he is not, and you ache for something steady and you need freedom." He took a breathe and continued. "Adrienne, we could have been lovers. No, we were. Real Lovers. Not the patchwork and staples thing you and Gerard call a loving relationship." I tried to put together an argument, but I guess I had no fight left in me, as I said lamely "You kissed that girl, Mikey." He stood up "Oh come on, is that all you got? I kissed a girl? I had to share you with my brother. I had to steal kisses, knowing those lips were only half mine, and only ever would be... But I hoped..." He trailed off into a whisper, before regaining his composure and continuing "And don't you dare say you had no choice! You had no choice in the spa, fair enough, but after that you were smitten and don't bother trying to tell me otherwise!" Tears slipped down my already wet cheeks. I could say nothing, because he was so right. "Oh Mikey, I'm so sorry!" He sneered sarcastically "Yeah, well here's your chance to show me. You have to choose. You can't have us both anymore, so what's it gonna be? Me or Gee?"
Suddenly, I was the angry one and was snarling "No. You listen to me, Michael Way. You never even gave me a chance to explain myself. Maybe if you had you would be standing here so smug and fucking happy with yourself. You left, and I had no one. In a house where during the day you can only hear the sound of your own heartbeat, and can do nothing but sit and wait for the sun to reach your window, and slowly sit until it passes and leaves you in the darkness, time drags by and leaves huge splinters. Gerard filled the gap you left Mikey. I was confused and he was there. After that you never even gave me a chance, and then you were more violent than Gerard at his worst, for a whole month! Are you forgetting Wil, in the basement? He... Was... Going... To... KILL... ME!! And you didn't care! At least Gerard's only an ass when he's drinking... You were just doing it cause you could. But wait, I know why. You thought if you acted like Gerard, I'd like you? The more of a prick Gee was to me, the more I crawled, is that right Michael? Is it? Cause I Chose him? You actually think I like that side of him? That side of him is the reason I turned to you in the first place, so you becoming it was my worst nightmare. It was the biggest blow could have given me, and you gave it well, so blow away, cause you've blown it." His face looked beyong miserable. I caught a tear running down his cheek and flicked it away, as I whispered "I have no one..." I then turned on my heel and stormed down the hall to my room, where I dressed quickly and then ran downstairs. "Gerard!" I called. He appeared, and I threw myself into his arms, kissing him and holding him, as if to check that he were really real. I couldn't lose him, not again, not ever. He responded eagerly, picked me up and carried my up the stairs. We passed a very red eyed Mikey, who could only stare as I jumped from Gerard's lift to kiss him lustfully, and tear his jaket from him to fling it carelssly. He pushed me into the wall and again I was lifted, my legs wrapped around his waist as my back pressed into the wall. I could see Mikey in the corner of my eye, but I couldn't stop now. I wasn't doing this to hurt him, I was in a trance, and I just wanted to feel whole, to feel wanted and to feel loved. Gerard pulled my shirt over my head and ran his hands along my breasts that were barely shielded by an old too-small bra. I felt pressure mounting against my abdomen, and adjusted myself to suit the needs of his throbbing erection. He did what he could through his jeans, but it wasn't long before he got fed up and simply dragged me into his room, and slammed the dor shut. I fell into thought as he pushed me onto the bed and removed the rest of my clothes. As much as I had loved Mikey, I knew I could never have him back again, and that's why I had pushed him away. Everything he said was true... "Adrienne... I love you..." Gerard murmured as he thrusted gently. I admired his ability to pace himself, as he always did. "Faster..." I whispered. I had to make Mikey hate me to save us both. It was dangerous to have him so close, so accessible. I could never hate him, as much as I tried, but I already knew what hate he was capable of, and it scared me, but I couldn't have him so avaiable. I cling to Gerard as the pleasure he was giving me built. "Gerard..." I moaned, throwing my head back. "Adie... Fuck...." Gee murmured and moaned, until we both shook in orgasm. He rolled over and lay beside me, until we both fell into blissful sleep, where troubles couldn't follow.

Hey guys. This is the new chapter... I rewrote it while on holidays, so I guess it doesn't matter that I didn't post till I got back, cause this one's alot better, but it might be a little short, I dunno.
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