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" Star wars, Comics, and Rubic cubes! ".

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" They gave me him for a roomate? aww this is going to suck! ".

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Hello guys i see alot of people have been looking at my story but alot of have not reviewed but that's okay i'm just glad that you guys take the time to read it that's all that really counts right? anyway if you want you can review but either way i'm still going to write this because i love you guys so enjoy!:

Some tall skinny and pale boy came into frank's room he had been the lucky person to be paired up with frank this year frank stood by his bed to him this boy was so wierd he was quite tall and skinny and pale he had brown and black hair and wore his glasses on the tip of his pointy nose frank had never seen anyone like him before he so right now wanted to kill himself.

" Hi " said the boy finally looking up at him " my name is micheal james way but most call me mikey what's yours? " frank sighed deeply this was going to be a long day " it's frank " he simply stated but mikey bursted out laughing " what? " said frank staring hard at him " no middle or last name? " mikey replied making frank sigh again " anthony iero " he finished turning away to only roll his eyes.

The boy mikey had come from newark new jersey across the way from belleville where frank had grew up the boy mikey had been richer than frank and had told him that he had had a brother but they were nothing alike but had some things in common. Mikey loved comics and he loved reading and videogames but his favorite things were rubic cubes he said that he would sit there all day trying to match up the colors and sides of the cube he said that he had beat it 45 times and said he was nearing his 46th.

The day had passed by unexpectedly quite nicely considering the fact mikey sat at the tv and watched star wars all of them frank sat in the back of the dorm room on his bed he could'nt deal with this shit frank was to cool for this. Frank enjoyed punk rock music the new age kind and skateboarding while mikey loved seargeant peppers and the beatles and pink floyd along with the smashing pumpkins frank hated that he could'nt deal with that shit and as mikey played it he held the sides of his head he thought he was going crazy.

Then suddenly someone knocked sharply at the door and mikey paused that dumb movie and shot up yanking the door open " yello? " mikey said frank frowned who said that? there stood a tall man with a reddish brown afro he had been pale " ray! " yelled mikey being pulled in by the guy " did you move in good? " said ray " yep " replied mikey moving back and then ray said " who's that? " pointing at frank mikey turned saying " that's my lucky roomate frank " ray smiled and waved saying hi and he uninvited came in.

He walked up to frank and roughly shook his hand " i'm ray i'm mikes buddy your going to be so happy that he's here with you this kid is stinky rich and so much fun! " frank faked his smile and chuckled such a false laugh " i can imagine " he mumbled taking his hand abruptly away and it grew quiet but ray broke it by saying " hey you wanna go out? " frank's eyes grew wide and he replied " i'm not gay " ray laughed and said " i'm not either! ".

" i meant " said ray hugging frank shoulders " for me to get to know you better maybe some coffee or something you wanna come?! " frank was about to say no he did'nt like ray or did he like mikey they both were dorks and frank did'nt associate himself with them infact he associated himself with no one in college he was alone but ray answered for him saying " i'll pick you up tommorow at 4pm okay be ready! " and he turned andwalked away high fiving mikey on his way out. Mikey smiled shutting the door and said " you'll like him frank he's so much fun " and frank faked smiled and retreated to his bed turning off the light's to only mumble " yeah maybe for dorks' like you " and he went to sleep classes resumed tommorow...

[*Harrow here thank you everyone for reading this story review if you like it comment if you don't bye!.
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