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" Days in and days out and i just want to talk about you ".

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" Ray becomes a pal but frank would rather talk about someone else ".

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Harrow here my kiddies hello this is for you and if i do good will you all kiss me for it? enjoy!

The next day came abruptly for frank who was woken up by a hyperactive mikey who kept constantly yelling " the force be with you! " but once up frank just sat and stared at him while eating a bowl of cereal and 2 things of toast mikey hopped around the room with one of his star wars swords and was wildily swinging it this action sort of made frankie laugh but only for a little bit until someone knocked on the door.

Mikey sure was fast at skipping and hopping over stuff and good at yanking open doors on the other side stood ray and frank instantly thought what the hell could he want? and as always uninvited ray came in " what up dog? " ray said making frank burst out laughing " don't ever do that again! " he said standing up and putting his bowl away in the sink he then came back and grabbed his bookbag and notebook " bout to go to class are you? " ray asked standing infront of him " yes you? " frank wondered " so am i wanna walk with me? " ray said and frank thought about to answer with no but ray went ahead and answered for him " great! " and frank sighed lowering his head and following ray out the door mikey stood in it watching them go and he waved " bye! ".

Once outside the 2 were walking in silence but ray broke that too by saying " you'll like my group of friends their all so cool were going to make you honorary member number 5 " " why do you always bother me? " frank bluntly asked " because we like you " ray answered " who's we? " frank said following him " me, mikey, and bob but i don't think gerard he does'nt know of you yet " frank stopped " why the hell should i care about any of your friends or what stupid gerard thinks whoever he is?! " frank yelled " gerard is only the coolest guy yet to meet he's an artist and he can sing! " ray answered pulling frank ahead by the arm as he continued.

" And he gots this coffee addiction going and he loves himself some ciggarettes but he adores comics even more but the thing that's so cool is! " frank answered half ass bored " what? " and ray replied " he's the lead singer of our band! " frank stopped. A band he did'nt even know that ray and mikey were even in a band frank loved those he loved all kinds actually punk, metal, and pop rock but he loved emo bands even more their music was so cool!. So frank shly asked " what kind of band is it? " ray turned to him and said " an emo band why? " frank completely flipped this was the coolest thing he heard from ray's big lips all day " who's the whole band members? " frank asked and ray said " well it's me, mikey, bob, gerard, and some guy called matt but we don't really like him " this was so cool and frank wanted to hear more but they had arrived at the college and ray had to go his own way " can you tell me more? " frank desperately asked " maybe tonight at 4 kay see ya later! " and ray skipped to class he had him now.

Frank sat all morning in his classes thinking about what ray had said that was so cool frankie had been looking for a band to play in especially an emo one he wanted to ask ray could he join but ray was'nt the leader of the band this boy gerard was so he would have to work up the courage to meet him but maybe if he intrigued ray and mikey enough and actually be nice to them they might put it pass gerard to let him join this would be hard but

Frank would try.

Harrow here review if you want but i'll continue to write so um do i get kisses? bye!
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