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" Kissing that ass of your's won't be too hard now ".

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Frank loathes ray he talks sooo much but if it's about gerard it's okay...

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Oh famous last words i know their not emo dude but listen to their lyrics their's the kind that bring out the best emotions ones of courage and love so don't be mad kay here you all go enjoy!:

The time had finally came around 4 o clock had finally come and frank stood outside his dorm he dressed casual in his button down white shirt and tight black pants ray suddenly popped out from his dorm and grabbed frank by the arm " buddy! " he yelled pulling him into a hug then letting him go " you look so nice " ray said frank frowned he believed ray was gay so tough " i don't like you like that " frank said pouting and ray pinched his cheeks saying " oh you " and pulling him down the street.

The street had been empty and ray was so loud yelling about star wars and that nerdy game mikey had kept playing frank dragged himself along the ground from boredom this conversation was death in the neck and a gun being wagged around in his face frank wanted to hear about the band damn it! not this shit why did nerds have to be so damn suffocating. This tired ass conversation carried on into the star buck's that they went into and frank on purpose dipped his tongue into the hot coffee on purpose to occupy himself he could'nt do this anymore so suddenly he yelled " what the hell about the band dude! " and ray looked at him surprisingly.

" What did you want to know? " ray said slurping his coffee retardedly " what about your lead singer tell me more about him " so ray started " he's um at medium height and has black hair, he has pale skin, and hazel eyes he can sing very well and is very artistic and loves comics but he's very introverted he loves staying in his dorm he's going to be a comic book artist one day ". Frank sat with his arms over his face " i meant as a singer " frank said " um he's wonderful so charismatic and just oh my god " frank's eyes grew wide this was wonderful and he practically jumped saying " when can i meet him?! " and everyone turned around frank had literally knocked over his coffee.

" uh " ray said smiling wide " how about the weekend gerard is busy throughout the week but he's free on the weekend " great " frank said coming and hugging him " i love you " and everyone turned around to frank " god " said one boy watching them " nerds are so wierd " and frank took offense to that sarcastically crying " i'm not a nerd " and ray hugged him back " it's no matter your one of us now " and frank put his hands over his head and moaned " oh no " slightly laughing...

Harrow here i hope you like it guys more coming up soon review kay alright bye!.
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