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Chapter 2


Holly gets a job at the coffee shop down the block.

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Back home, I grabbed the newspaper in search for the job listings. There really wasn't much to do and I need money so why the hell not?
The newspaper didn't really offer any glamorous jobs, but one did catch my eye. It was a job at the local coffee shop.

Without further thought, I immediatley got into my car and drove to the shop, not wanting the job to be taken.
"I understand you're hiring?" I said to who looked to be the manager. He nodded.
"Are you interested?" he asked, his deep voice sent vibrations throughout the room.
He looked at me thoughtfully then said, "You got the job,"
My eyes widened in surprise. "Just like that? No interview or anything?"
"Oh, right. Um, what's your name?"
"Holly," I said slowly.
"Okay great. I'm Mark. And that's Helena." he gestured to the girl at the counter. She smiled.
"Have you ever worked at a coffee place before?" Mark asked. There was something familiar about Mark. His voice, and the way his nose stuck out. It may sound wierd but it feels like I've met him before. But that's impossible. He must be in his 40's. I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I'd forgotten Mark was still waiting for an answer.
"Oh, yeah. Once. Last year," I answered quickly.
He wrinkled his nose. "Okay, do you remember the basics?"
I shook my head. "Not really. There was alot to remember,"
"Okay, well I don't have time today, but Helena will teach you everything you need to know throughout this week. Can you start right now? I'm really low on workers, as you can see."
"Sure," I answered, hoping I'd get along with Helena.
"'Kay great. Here's your uniform," he tossed something green and something black at me. "It looks like it'd fit you. It may be a little big though. It's the only one I have, so you're going to have to make do."
"Okay," I said, barely catching the clothing. Mark nodded and walked off to the back room of the shop.

I looked around for a bathroom I could change in. Finding one, I walked in and changed.
My uniform included black pants and a green apron. The apron fit just fine, but thank God I had a belt with me.

I heard a faint 'ding' coming from the front. I turned my head to see two guys walking in.
One of them had glasses and light brown hair, partly covered by a black beanie. The other had middle-length black hair surrounding his face. "Helena!" the boy with the glasses shouted energetically. Helena looked up from the magazine she was reading. "Hi Mikey, hi Gerard,"
she greeted individually. "Oh my God!" Mikey shouted. "Did you get a new employee? It's about time Mark hired someone else."
Helena siganled me over. "This is..." she trailed off.
"Holly," I finished for her.
"Right. This is Holly. And yes, she's working here,"
Mikey smiled. "Hi, Holly. I'm Mikey, and this is my brother, Gerard." he said nudging Gerard lightly. Gerard looked up and smiled. I smiled back.
"Holly, watch me carefully," Helena instructed. I nodded.
"Welcome to Java Jolt! What can I get you?"
"I'll take a Latte," Mikey told her.
"I'll just have a small regular coffee, please." Gerard said.
"Coming right up," Helena said. "Watch me very closely." She whispered to me. I nodded again.
"For a latte, firstly, you want to grind up these espresso beans until they are very thin," she told me quietly,- as if this were a secret- pointing to the beans. My nod led her to continue. "Normally they are already grinded for us, but if they're not... Anyway, then you stuff them into the espresso machine. You know what that looks like, right?"
"Yeah, I remember." I told her.
"Good. Do you remember how to work it?"
"Pretty much,"
"Okay so we'll skip that part. When it's done you'll see some wierd color creme on the surface, it's like a hazely brown. Then you just heat and foam the milk and pour it in."
"Okay," I said slowly.
She saw the confusion I was sure was spread across my face. "I'll explain it all over again tomorrow, and I'll teach you how to work the other machines as well." Helena smiled.
"Thank God."
"So you know how to make regular coffee right?"
"Of course,"
"Mmkay, so why don't you go ahead and make Gerard some." she suggested.
"Alright," I said, making my way towards the coffee pot.

It only took a few minutes for me to finally finish. I walked over to Gerard carefully. The last thing I needed was to trip and screw everything up.
"Thanks." Gerard smiled. Helena handed Mikey his latte only seconds after I finished.
"How much do we owe you?" Mikey asked.
Mikey handed her a five. "Keep the change," he smiled.
"Gee, thanks. Forty eight cents! It's my lucky day." Helena smirked.
After Mikey and Gerard it was a pretty slow day. Although I learned alot more than Helena had intended to teach in a single day.

At about nine thirty, Mark came in and told us we could leave for the day and that he'll see us tomorrow after school.

The second I got home I ran upstairs to take a shower. Once I was out, I got dressed and dried my hair, deciding to have cereal for dinner only because I was too lazy to make anything else.

I was surprised my mom wasn't home yet. She said around eight. I looked at the clock. It said ten forty seven. Not wanting to be awake when my mom arrived, I went upstairs and crashed on basically the only thing not in a box- my bed.
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