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In a Pool of Blood

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Frank, Gerard and the others face the Ruins. Some lives are taken, as a result. Rate and review please.

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Never know what I've become
The king of all that's said and done
The forgotten son

This city's buried in defeat
I walk along these no-name streets
Wave goodbye to home
As I fall...

At the dead-end I begin
To burn a bridge of innocence
Satisfaction guaranteed
A pillow-weight catastrophe

Our own mission nowhere bound
Inhibitions underground
A shallow grave I
Have dug all by myself

And now I've been gone for so long
I can't remember who was wrong
All innocence is long gone
I pledge allegiance to a world of disbelief
Where I belong

A walking disaster
The son of all bastards
You regret you made me
It's too late to save me

Walking Disaster - Sum 41

In the face of danger, there are only two paths we can take. We can either fight, risking our lives and those of others around us but hoping for peace at the end, or run away and hide, never truly facing the danger and yet always threatened by its presence. We could run forever with the hope that said danger would never catch us, but in doing so, we wouldn't be living at all. Looking over your shoulder the rest of your life doesn't seem like a good option, and yet, in times of fear and desperation, running away may seem like the only thing to do.

In this simple line of thought, it is obvious that standing up to the danger and facing your fears with hopes of a victory are hands down the best option. If this is so, why is it such a terribly difficult choice to make; and if we do choose this option, why can so many things go wrong?

Nothing is easy.

In my suddenly blank brain there weren't any paths available except two very clear ideas: kill Gerard and then kill the rest. How did everything get reduced to that? As Islowly turned to Gerard to fulfill the first of the two ideas, a tiny voice in the back of my head screamed for me to stop. I obeyed. I did so not because of the force or power of the voice, which it had little of, but because of an important part of human nature: curiosity. Why was a tiny voice pleading for me to stop while another stronger voice ordered me to kill the man staring me in the face? The tiny voice was straining to get another message across to me, one I could not hear over the blaring order of murder. I concentrated, trying to tune into the urgent voice as if my head were a radio. Every few seconds the voice that tried to break free surged loudly through my brain: Don't... kill... him... don't listen... don't!... stop... Stratton...

Stop Stratton?Did I know this person, this Stratton? On instinct, I turned and faced three men that were standing side by side. My eyes passed over the one with thick framed glasses, the one smiling at me curiously and stopped on the tall man with a beard. He was staring at me in disbelief and something else... what was it- fear? This man, I knew, was Stratton. As the pleading voice that had originated in the back of my mind gained force, the robotic one that had wanted me to kill moved back into the shadows, losing authority.

As I slowly regained control over my body and mind, I heard Stratton directing shouts of anger at me.

"What are you doing? I told you to kill Gerard! Do it NOW!"

I watched the veins on the forehead bulge and smiled oddly. His power had no control over me. Stratton closed his eyes tightly, trying to regain power over my mind again, but failed to do so. I smiled at him cockily. Mikey was nodding his head approvingly, as if he had known all along that Stratton's power wouldn't stand a chance against me. Glancing over at Mauritius I saw a change in him; his always present smile had disappeared and he seemed to be trying to control his anger.

"How did you-?How is it p-possible?!" Mauritius sputtered furiously.

"I told you -you don't have control over me," I said mockingly to Stratton, who was still speechlessly trying to use his powers on me.

"The boy is right. Now that the truth is out in the daylight and your powers have reached the end of their usefulness, I'd say you have also," Mauritius said menacingly, turning towards Stratton.

Stratton gasped and dropped to his knees, begging for the other's forgiveness. "P-please! Give me another chance! I-I'll - I'll make a new plan! Just give me another chance!"

Mauritius looked down on him, seemingly disgusted. I had never seen him as furious; It had always seemed as if Mauritius were continually calm and thrilled about everything that happened around him. That had changed dramatically.

"This was your last chance, Stratton, and you will not have another. I warned you what would happen if you failed me... Goodbye, my loyal yet inadequate associate!"

Stratton continued to plea for forgiveness and another chance, but his pleas where interrupted by his own loud cries of pain. I looked from Mauritius' stern face to Stratton's face of intense agony. Before any of us could react, it was over; silence filled the battlefield once more, while we all stared in disbelief at the lifeless body that lay in front of us.

With a look of satisfaction Mauritius straightened the black jacket of the suit he was wearing."Well," he said to me, as if nothing had just happened, "now that that's over, I believe it's time to move on to you."

"You can't do anything to me," I said defiantly, even though deep down I felt like a tub of jelly, "I'm the only one that can touch the Stone without destroying the world."

"Yeah, that's what the legend says, but I'm willing to try my luck, just as long as I've got /you/out of the way!"

"Why kill Stratton?" Gerard cut in. "Why not just kill me yourself!"

"It's not about murdering one person or another, you fool! It's about /power/, and having control over others!" Turning back towards me, he said menacingly, "And since Ican't have you under my control, you are too dangerous to have alive..."

I began to feel a slight pressure inside my head and instinctively sent him flying with atelekinetic blast of power. The sight of their master being blown away sent the Ruins in a frenzy. With an angry shout of war, they began charging at us without another warning. A powerful blast of water that came from behind me sent a large group of Ruins flying backwards. I looked back just in time to see a girl - the same one that had sent the water blast, I supposed - form a sort of tornado of water and send it over to the Ruin side; another man I didn't know decided to seize the opportunity and send a blast of electricity into the tornado, making a lethal match with the water. Cries of pain and fury filled the battlefield in an instant.

In the midst of the craziness, I spotted Mikey ducked on the ground trying to avoid being hit by any of the attacks from either side; he had no attack of defensive powers, after all. I crouched next to him while grabbing fists full of his shirt.

"Has everything you've told me just been a big lie? Did you pay the crazy old lady to play along with your mind games too?" I shouted over the blasts of exploding objects; Tic Toc was destroying everything in his way.

"Everything is true, Frank, you have to believe me! You'll understand everything soon, Ipromise! But right now, there's something I've gotta do!" His eyes darted around as if trying to locate someone or something; he seemed nervous.

"Explain it to me now!"

He shook his head wildly, still scanning the crowd of people nervously. "There's someplace I've gotta be now!" He escaped my grip and dived into the war, towards our side. I shook my head in disgust. Just then, I spotted the crazy red-headed girl I had seen training during my short Ruin lifespan. She was doing acrobatic jumps and back flips while avoiding attacks sent by Kyle; his explosions always missed her by half a foot. Having neared him, she grabbed him by the shoulders and sent him crashing into the stone wall of the battlefield; he fell down, apparently knocked out. Noticing me, she smiled devilishly, but instead of coming to attack me as I expected she would, she ran in the opposite direction, towards the Underworld. I ran after her, unsure of her intentions but knowing she was up to no good. We ran past a large group of Kat clowns fighting against Ruins as best as they could. Ray's stretched out arm shot in front of me as he knocked out a line of Ruins in one shot. I smiled at him impressed, and then continued after the girl. I spotted Gerard a dozen feet away and finally realized who she was after. Closing my eyes and concentrating with all my might, I teletransported myself a foot in front of Gerard, between him and the Ruin girl. She stopped in her tracks, smiled at me mockingly again, and disappeared into the mix of people.

Without even having a moment to stop and wonder where she had gone, a large group of Ruins came running towards me, yelling wildly as they came. I sent them all flying into the walls and into each other with my telekinesis, but they continued to attack. Without realizing it, I was slowly inching away from Gerard as Icontinually ducked or jumped to a side to avoid the Ruin's attacks. At one point, I thought about the redhead again; where had she gone? I looked at Gerard, who had just sent a couple Ruins flying through the air with his energy blast. Noticing me watching, he smiled affectionately. I suddenly realized that a few feet behind him was a person hidden in the shadows of the duelers; the girl with orangey-red hair took out a dagger from inside her knee-high boots. Before I could react, she had thrown it with the expertise of a professional hitman straight at Gerard's back. Time seemed to slow down to a snail's speed, and in that moment I saw Gerard frown at my frightened expression. I watched the dagger twirl as it neared its destination, but then, something unexpected occurred. With a shout of "NOOO!", someone threw themself in the dagger's path, blocking its final destination. A sickening sound seemed to echo against the walls as the blade of the dagger entered the man's body with brutal force, smashing the bones that just so happened to be in its course.

Gerard turned around, looking around in confusion. He eyes went from the Ruin girl to the person on the floor, and then, understanding what had happened, he shot an energy blast at her with a wild roar, sending her soaring backwards. Gerard fell to his knees beside the man. I ran over, wanting desperately to catch a glimpse of the face of the person that had saved Gerard giving his own life. I gasped as I saw the thick framed glasses of the lanky man; it was Mikey. I looked up at a sound and saw Kat freezing the crazy Ruin girl with ice. Gerard's whispers of disbelief brought my eyes back down to the man lying on the floor in front of us. He held Mikey's hand between both of his own in a desperate attempt at giving him ahold on life.

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