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Chapter 4


The amusement park.

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Gerard and Frank fought the whole way.
"Fuck that! What do you mean Iron Maiden is better than Black Flag?" Frank shouted.
"Have you heard Iron Maiden?"
"Yeah, and compared to Black Flag, they suck ass!"
"Well so do you," Gerard shouted.
"Only your mom's!" Frank retorted immaturely.
"Good one," Gerard stated flatly.
"Aw, little Gee is being sarcastic. Oh how I wish I had a camera!"
I grew tired of their pointless arguing.
"Frank, don't fuck with me. I'm way bigger than you." Gerard warned, towering over little Frankie.
"Maybe up there..." Frank said, pointing to Gerard's head. "But not down here." he finished, pointing a couple feet lower.
"I'll be the judge of that," Gerard said. "Take off your pants."
Frank stopped walking. "What!?"
"You heard me. Pants. Off. Now."
"Fine! But you'll be so embarassed."
Frank undid his belt as Gerard did the same. I stared at them in pure shock. Were they serious?
"Okay! Stop stripping right now!" I ordered. "What the hell are you doing? Are you two seriousley fighting about this? And I cannot believe you were actually about to compare your dicks when I was standing right here!"

Gerard and Frank looked at eachother and tightened their belts.
"Thank you," I sighed in relief.
"You got lucky." He mumbled to Gerard.
"Stop it." I said firmly.
Frank pouted as though he were two.
Gerard laughed at him.
"You too." I said.
God, I felt like their damn mother.

Up ahead, the amusement park finally came into view. Apparantly Frank and Gerard saw it also, because they started running towards it.
I could've beaten them easily, but that might blow my cover. They didn't need to know that I was the creep in the bushes.
So instead, I ran slightly slower than they did.

The amusement park was pretty much vacant. It made sense, considering the fact that most people are at work or school right now. To be honest, I was surprised it was even open.

The kid sitting at the booth looked about our age, maybe a little older. His face was covered in zits, so it may be a possibility he's younger.
"Yo, Gee. Sup? How's my homie Gee biscuit doin'?" He laughed at his own joke. What a dork.
"Hey, Trevor. Can we get in?" Gerard asked.
"You gots the cash?" Seriousley, does this kid have some sort of speech impediment? God, I hope so.
"Nope," Gerard said simply.
"Alrighty. Go right on in." Trevor smiled, revealing his disgusting teeth.

"That was your cousin?" I asked once were were a decent amount of feet away from Trevor.
Gerard sighed. "Unfortunatley,"
"How old is he?" Frank asked.
Gerard looked at Frank and I, studying our facial expressions, deciding whether to answer.
"Twenty seven," He said, his eyes narrowed.
My jaw dropped and Frank burst out into laughter. I tried my best not to join Frank in his fitful giggling.

Once Frank was all calmed down about Trevor, he grew excited about the emptiness.
"Hell yeah! NO lines!" He shouted, running towards a huge rollercoaster, leaving Gerard and I behind.

We walked in heavy silence for a while.
"So, what kind of music do you like?" Gerard asked casually.
"Basically everything, except country and rap. I mostly listen to rock, though."
Gerard nodded. I wasn't entirely sure why he was nodding. Was it a nod of aknowledgement or agreement?
"Same here," He said, answering my question.

"Come on, guys!" Frank shouted. "What part of 'NO LINES' aren't you comprehending?"
Gerard chuckled and we picked up pace.
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