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Chapter 6- Bad Judgment

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Atlanta pushes the bonds of her friendships with the whole house when she makes one, crucial mistake.

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Friday morning promised only good things for the day. The sun shone and birds were out. Joggers were everywhere and bikes were all but seldom seen. Atlanta seemed to be the only one in a bad mood. Sherrice was with Archie, kissing Herry, and coming on to Odie. Who the hell did she think she was?

The rest of the house was sheerful today, however. Theresa had taken Jay to the port so he could take her sailing. Herry had gone to hang out with some people from the wrestling team. Neil was on the roof sunbathing. Odie was in his basement room picking at a remote contral Herry had sat on the previous night. Sherrice was watching T.V. Archie and Dani were planing on going on a run in a few minutes.

Atlanta was wandering the halls when she came to the living room. She stopped silently and looked at Sherrice. She was lying on the couch facing away from Atlanta.

Why should she be able to cheat three guys at once? One even has a girlfriend for god sake! the more Atlanta stared at the back of Sherrice's moss green hair the more anger and hatred she felt towards her. What if she does turn us in to Cronus? What if he finds her and makes her an offer she can't refuse? What if I could stop her before she did anything...? She silently stepped into the living room.

Archie and Dani stood at the back of the house.

"Are you finally coming?" Archie asked her.

"Hang on, one more minute, I need to get my PMR from the living room." Archie watched her go down the hall and round the corner quickly.

"ATLANTA!" Dani's scream filled the house. Archie started towards the living room quickly when Dani's body flew out of the entrance and into the wall with the motions of a rag doll. He saw the vertibrae in her neck stack back to where they should be and her left shoulder slide back into its socket.

He turned the corner and Atlanta had straddled Sherrice's chest and had her hands clamped around her throat.

"Atlanta no!" he cried. He ran over and tryed to pull her off Sherrice. Atlanta released one hand and elbowed Archie hard in the chest creating such an impact he recoiled several steps.

Dani emerged from the hall in a flash and punched Atlanta square in the chest, sending her flying off the couch. Sherrice gasped for air once released. She rolled off the couch and lay, hyperventilating on the floor. Dani went to help her up to the couch, rubbing her back.

Archie stormed over to Atlanta and pulled her from the floor by her shoulders.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" he bellowed. "DID YOU NOT THINK THAT MAYBE YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HER?" He was practically spitting, he was so angry.

"She is going to be the end of us, Archie. She's already started." Atlanta said slowly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dani demanded.

"She was making out with Herry at the club last night." Archie and Dani both contracted a look of shock on their faces. Odie came into the living room then.

"What happened?" he asked.

"And you!" Atlanta spat at Odie, then turned to Dani. "You know what she did to him?" Dani slowly looked up from Sherrice. "She 'returned the message'. To your boyfriend."

Dani recoiled at this, she blinked with her jaws wide open. She looked down at Sherrice, who's head was in her lap. "Is that true?"

Sherrice nodded. Dani gasped, tears were forming in her eyes.

"He asked me to show him what I was doing," Sherrice said slowly and hoarsly. "You know I have issues saying no to people..."

Dani looked up at Odie. A tear overflowed from one of her eyes. Odie broke down at this moment. He got down on his knees next to her seat on the couch. He took her hands in his. His eyes were slowly filling up with tears.

"I swear, I didn't know what it was. I thought it was some kind of, like tai chi thing, or something..." Dani pulled her hands from his and stood.

She took several deep breaths and wiped the tear from her cheek. Then she calmly gave out orders.

"Archie, I don't want you talking to either of the girls until I get back. Atlanta, just go somewhere alone, preferably on the property. Sherrice, go upstairs and make sure that doesn't bruise. If it does, find some make-up competition. I don't want and of you three interacting until after tomorrow. Too much could happen between then and now. And Odie," she looked over at him. He had stood and was trying to catch her hand again. "I just don't want to speak to you for the time being." She added this breathlessly. "I'm going for my run, alone." She walked calmly out the front door, closing it behind her.

"Damnit," Odie swore. He punched the door frame around the living room entrance as he left. Archie threw Atlanta out of his hands and ran upstairs slamming the door. Sherrice slowly stood, gulping, and walked upstairs to Dani's room and shut the door.

Atlanta sat on the couch and cursed her stupidity. Why the hell did I do that? Now Archie hates me, Dani hates me more, Dani and Odie are more than likely over, and Sherrice got off without a hitch. How the hell was this fair? She's dangerous. And she is tearing the house apart by getting in with all these guys. Why do I get the feeling my life is over?

Dani ran as fast she could away from the house. Everything she hated now was there. How could Odie ask for something that sounded nasty? he was usually smarter than that. And Sherrice? How could she have given in so willingly? Yes, she has had issues in the past with standing up for herself, but to do that to another girls boyfriend? Dani's boyfriend? After all they had been through together back in California Sherrice would do that to her.

On top of these worries, Atlanta could very well have lost her mind. She almost killed Sherrice! Dani didn't agree with what Sherrice had done, but to strangle her? That was way too extreme. Archie can't speak with Atlanta, not today. Too much is riding on tomorrow for him to risk his safety tonight with a crazy teenager.

Also, Sherrice had better find a way to make sure that bruise doesn't show up. That will cause problems tomorrow... Argh! How can I think about anything besides the obvious? My friends are ripping at each other! I need to solve these problems. First is Odie. I need to fix this. What happened is not alright, ad I'm not okay with it, considering it was the 'message'. Granted he didn't know what it was, so he had points there.

Next was Sherrice. She needed to know that she wasn't getting off scot-free for what she did. She could have said 'no' and she chose not to. That is aweful, considering she knew Odie didn't know what it was. She was not going to be let off for this.

Atlanta should have figured it out already. Getting reemed out by Archie is enough for her. She loves him, and she takes what he says seriously. I just need to make sure she's okay.

Before she had realised it she had ended up back at the Brownstone. The park was not as big as it had once seemed. She opened the door and stepped inside.
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