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Chapter 7- She's Out in the Park, Conducting the Men

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Dani patches things up with everyone.

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Odie sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. He knew he had screwed up. Sure, he hadn't known she was going to do, but he let her do it once he had figured out what she was doing. Dani was right to be mad at him. Hell, now he'd be lucky if she didn't just dump him right there. He looked at the clock. She's been gone for almost and hour.

He suddeny had a sickening pang in the pit of his stomach. What if Cronus got her? God, he was starting to sound like Jay, paranoid. But... what if? Dani hadn't given him a chance to apologize, what if he never got a chance to apologize.

The door hinges creaked and he looked up from his hands, which he had momentarily wooried would have to hold Dani dead the next time he saw her. She was there. He exhaled heavily and fell backwards on his bed. He heard her walk over and sit on the bed. They sat in silence for a moment. It wasn't an awkward silence, nor was it comfortable however. It was, understanding.

He spoke first. "I'm sorry."

Dani sighed and lay on her back next to him. "If I said it was okay, I'd be lying." He felt a pit pull him further into the bed. "But I forgive you." He sighed with relief. He felt a small smile cross his face. "I know you could have stopped her once you figured it out though. Why didn't you?" She sounded very pained, which made him curse himself. He hated hurting her.

"Because, I honestly don't know." he admitted. "It was a stupid mistake. I could've stopped it. I wanted to." It was the truth. But the truth didn't forgive what he did."I guess I was too shocked or surprised that I just couldn't gain enough consiousness to stop her."

Dani was silent. When she spoke, she sounded calm. "It's still not ok. I understand. But it's not ok."

He knew she was being honest. To be truthful he didn't think it was okay. "Nothing will make it ok." He said.

Felt her fingers intertwine with his. "Nope." she said bluntly. She looked over at him.

He looked back. She's beautiful. he thought.

"No matter what Herry says," he told her turning so he could put his other hand on her face, "you are so much more beautiful than Sherrice." Dani smiled.

"Thank you. Hey," she said getting up. "There are still two more people I need to talk to right now. But I'll come back later, alright?"

"Okay." He said letting her pull her hand away. She closed the door behind her and he smiled to himself. That went much better than I thought it would.

Dani wandered back upstairs to her own room where she knew Sherrice would be. She didn't have a room, she pretty much camped on the couch.

She opened the door and Sherrice was looking out the window at the park.

"Sherrice?" Dani asked. The green-haired girl turned around. "Did that end up bruising?"

"Only a bit." She pulled her collar down to reveal two round bruises, the size of thumbs, on either side of her throat.

"Concealer, foundation and pressed powder will take care of it, they're not that bad." Dani sat down on her desk chair and swiveled to look at Sherrice. "Look, I'm not happy with you right now."

"Why? I'm the victim here!" Sherrice said with complete shock.

"You know why!" Dani accidentally shouted, standing up and clenching her fists. "You, bloody well do know why. Now listen just because you're my friend doesn't mean I'm obligated to forgive you! So I should let you know that you should probably start talking!"

Sherrice looked at her hands. "I can't say anything to justify what I did. I know I shouldn't have. And you should understand that I have issues saying 'no'..."

"That's no fricking excuse! You do have the power to say no! If someone tells you to do something you know will get you in trouble you say no, damnit!"

Sherrice was speechless. Dani was fed up with this excuse. Every time Sherrice had done something wrong this was her excuse. It wasn't enough anymore. She knew she had the power to say no, she just chose not to. Dani knew that deep down Sherrice used that excuse to mask what she really did. She liked having attention, she liked guys, she needed an excuse. This was it.

"Look. You can stay until tomorrow. Then you're gone." Dani said flatly.

"Dani I can't leave town... There's something I have to..."

"I didn't say you had to leave town. You have to leave this house. You said you had cash? Use it." Dani could tell she was snarling, but she honestly didn't care.

"You can't kick me out."

"I am a member of this houshold, I have been for four months. I have a say in who stays and who goes. And you have to go." Dani said, ending the conversation. "You can start by leaving this room."

Sherrice stood. "Fine."

Dani followed her out the door. Sherrice went downstairs and left through the front door, and Dani haded down the hall to Atlanta's room. She knocked.


"Can I come in?" Dani asked.

"Whatever." Atlanta sounded pissed.

Dani entered the room and sat on Atlanta's bed.

"What do you want me to say, Dani? I'm sorry? Cause I'd being lying if I said it." Atlanta said throwing her arms in the air.

"I get it. And to be honest? I think that was a good scare she needed. WHy did you do it though? It seemed a little drastic."

"Ya? Well, I told you already. She did, that thing to Odie, and she was kissing Herry!" She emphasizd the last part for some reason.

"Why you care about that? Unless..." Dani gasped. "YOU LIKE HERRY!" she said a little to loud.

Atlanta ran over to her and covered her mouth. "Jeez, they wonder how rumors get started. No, I don't like Herry. But I think she's after as many guys as she wants."

"I always knew she was. I'd hoped she'd changed since I left home. I guess not." Dani said, smiling. "I'm not saying what you did was right, but I think she needed a good scare."

Atlanta flopped in her beanbag chair and sighed. "Did you talk to Odie yet?"



"We're okay."

Atlanta noticed the distinct usage of the word 'we'. Perhaps everything had gone well. She stood quickly. "I'm going for a walk."

Dani just nodded. Atlanta left the room hastily, eager to get out.

Down the stairs, out the front door, across the street. Into the park.

God, so she just can't have enough guys, huh? Atlanta thought as she walked along teh waters edge. I should probably track down Archie. He should know she's probably playing him. I guess it would be better to hear it from... NO! She looked through the trees only to see, embracing very tightly in the middle of a clearing, Archie and Sherrice. She had her legs around his waist and he was stroking her hair.

Before the rage consumed her completely, Atlanta ran. She ran so fast, no one saw her, she didn't want to be seen. She wanted to be dead. Dead. Not enough. Destroyed. She wanted to be destroyed.

What if I got Cronus' attention some how? He could do the job nicely... NO! How can I think like that? I'm being selfish, she's not going to stand in the way of me and my friends and the job we're doing. I'll just... have to manage... somehow.

She stopped running, sat on a bench and pulled out her PMR. Dani would know what to do.

"Dani? It's Atlanta. I..."

"If you're wondering about Sherrice I told her she can stay tonight, but tomorrow she's gone."

"What if she doesn't go?"

"You can have her then. If she takes one more look at you she'll be gone." Dani, sounded slightly breathless. "Is that all?"


"'Kay." Dani hung up.

So she'll be gone tomorrow? Perfect. If not? She'll have to face me again.
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