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Sunday's best pt. 2

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Part two of two.

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‘Hey baby, are you almost ready to go?’ Brendon asked as he walked into the bathroom where Grace was going through her earring box.

‘Yeah, I just need to pick out some earrings to wear. I can’t find any that match this dress really well.’ Grace said referring to the blue v-neck dress with pin tucks throughout it and black trim at the straps, bodice, and hem she was wearing with her favorite black open toed pumps.

‘Maybe I can help.’ Brendon walked over with a small box behind his back.

‘Babe you always pick out the same earrings.’ She chuckled.

‘Well maybe you can wear a new pair.’

‘I don’t have any new earrings.’

‘Yes you do.’

‘Brendon…what are you talking about?’ Grace asked turning around to see Brendon holding a Tiffany’s box.

‘I bought you a present.’

‘Honey, you didn’t have to buy me a present.’

‘I realized that guys shower their fiancés in jewelry and presents and I have never done that for you so I decided to make up for it.’ Brendon opened the box. Grace gasped bracing herself on the counter as she found the two pair of earrings resting in the little blue velvet box. The first pair was a simple pair of studs with a single round cut diamond in platinum prongs. The second pair of a pair of drop earrings with four beautiful diamonds dangling down the platinum string; the first and third diamonds were both round cut while the second was marquise, and the fourth was pear-shaped. The earrings were everything that Grace was: Elegant, captivating, and beautiful. The earrings were nothing less than five hundred thousand dollars but Brendon was quite alright spending that much money on his beautiful soon to be wife.

‘Brendon, these are beautiful but you don’t have to buy me earrings like this just because.’

‘I wanted to. You know how much I love you, and I know how much I love you, but I want everyone else to know how much I love you. Put them on.’ Grace took the earrings out of the box and put all four of them into her ears. ‘They look beautiful.’ Brendon pulled out Grace’s first Christmas present from him which also happened to be a Tiffany’s purchase. It was a double drop necklace made up of diamonds.

By the time Grace and Brendon walked into the elegant restaurant that night, Grace was swimming in more ice than lil’ Wayne.

‘Hi!’ Ashlee squealed as Grace and Brendon, the last to arrive, came to sit down with them. Grace had to hold back an eye roll as she sat down between Brendon and Addy.

‘Hi sweetie.’ Grace smiled kissing the side of Addy’s head as she sat in her booster seat.

‘Aunt Gracie, daddy said I had to sit in this boober seat.’

‘Well that just means you get to be tall enough to see everyone.’

‘I no wanna see Tingtongue.’ Addy whispered to her. Grace chuckled before kissing her again.

‘So when is your wedding again? I need to make sure I don’t have a tour or a video to shoot or something.’ Ashlee said pulling out her planner.

‘Not like anyone would come to see you anyway.’ Holly mumbled under her breath.

‘What?’ Ashlee smiled.

‘Nothing.’ Holly smiled back. ‘Stupid whore.’

‘So what are we doing tomorrow?’ Holly asked.

‘Well we have to work you know.’

‘Whatever Grace, it’s my company.’


‘Fine fine, but we are doing wedding plans as well.’

‘We need to start on our guest list.’

‘How big of a wedding do you want to have?’ Holly asked. Ryan, Brendon, and Pete were deep in conversation while Holly and Grace spoke over Addy. Ashlee just sat with Kingston next to her attempting to put herself into any conversation.

‘I don’t know, I kind of want to have a small, intimate wedding but I don’t know if that’s possible.’

‘Well you should have a small wedding because big weddings are not any fun.’

‘I have a big family.’ Grace said in a bored tone, ‘So does Brendon.’

‘So you don’t have to have the whole family there.’

‘I think what we might do is just have a small ceremony and then invite everyone to the reception.’

‘That’s a great idea.’

‘Why would you want to do that, then everyone is going to bring their children and it’s going to be a mess.’

‘Does that mean that Kingston isn’t coming?’ Grace asked causing Ryan and Brendon to stop talking.

‘Why wouldn’t he come?’ Ashlee giggled.

‘Well you just said that everyone would bring their children like it’s a bad thing.’ Grace said.

‘Well my Kingston is an angel so of course he’s coming.’

‘Whatever.’ Grace mumbled as Brendon took her hand under the table bringing it up only once to kiss.

‘This is amazing.’ Holly said as she dug into her dinner.

‘I love this place.’ Grace said as she felt something hit the side of her head.

‘Aunt Gracie you have something in your hair.’ Addy said as Kingston began laughing. Grace felt her hair taking out a piece of his mashed potatoes.

‘Did your son just throw his food at me?’ Grace glared. Brendon and Pete stopped and looked at Grace. Brendon saw how mad she was and put his hand on her back rubbing up and down trying to calm her down.

‘Maybe, he’s just playing through.’ Ashlee said as Kingston threw his toy car at Grace nailing her in the side of the head. Grace waited for either of them to stop him. The only thing Ashlee did was pick up the car and hand it back to him. Grace stood up and walked over taking the car away from him after she had thrown it at her again.

‘Stop throwing this at me.’ Grace said to him before sitting back down with the toy car in her hand as Kingston began to throw a temper tantrum.

‘What do you think you are doing?’ Ashlee asked.

‘If you’re not going to keep him from throwing this at me, I am. Why aren’t you doing something about it?’

‘There is nothing to be done, he’s just playing.’

‘No that’s not just playing that’s disrespectful and bad behavior; you’re okay with your son acting like that in a restaurant?’

‘He’s not doing anything that a normal three year old doesn’t do.’ Ashlee said with her nose in the air.

‘Uh…Adelyn doesn’t act like that.’

‘Well…she’s not three.’

‘You are unbelievable.’ Grace said.

‘Listen here, you stuck up little bitch, just because you think you know everything doesn’t mean you can brain wash my son and make him think he is a horrible child. You can’t even begin to comprehend what it’s like being a mother, especially a good mother so don’t you dare tell me that my son has bad behavior and is disrespectful. Understand me? I can’t wait for the day that you become a mother because you’re going to be horrible at it.’ Ashlee said.

‘Ash…that’s enough.’ Pete said. Ashlee sat back down after snatching the toy from Grace giving it back to Kingston again. Grace looked down at her plate.

‘Excuse me.’ She said standing up from the table and walking out of the restaurant.

‘That was uncalled for.’ Brendon said.

‘No it wasn’t, it was completely true.’ Ashlee said.

‘How would you know? The only time you’ve been around Grace and children is when your demon of a child has broken something or pissed her off. Don’t ever talk to her like that again.’

‘Brendon you’re going to have to get out of this phase you’re in where you think sun shines out her ass.’

‘Alright can you please watch your language? It might be okay to use around your kid but it’s not around mine.’ Holly said.

‘I never want to hear something like that come out of your mouth around her again. Grace is going to be an amazing mother, much better than you.’ Brendon said putting his napkin on the table. ‘Excuse me guys.’ Brendon got up and walked out of the restaurant in search for Grace. He found her sitting on a bench in front of the curb. He walked over and sat down next to her.

‘Hey baby.’ He whispered kissing her cheek and neck gently.

‘Hi.’ She hiccupped.

‘Come here.’ Brendon took her hand standing her up and twirling her around to where she was sitting on his lap, ‘Are you okay?’

‘I hate being around her. She always makes me feel like such a…horrible person.’

‘Baby you’re not a horrible person. She’s just a horrible mother. Our children are going to be so happy to have a mother like you. And just for the record, Kingston is a horrible kid, you’re not being crazy.’

‘Does she have to come to our wedding?’

‘Unfortunately, Yes, but you have my permission to completely ignore her and do whatever you want when she talks to you.’ Grace laughed before she kissed him.

‘I love how you always make me feel better.’ She smiled.

‘I love you sitting on my lap. It’s so sexy.’ He smiled, ‘Ready to go back and finished dinner? You can talk to me the entire time if you want to.’

‘Beary, I don’t to be around them anymore.’

‘Do you want to go home?’

‘You can stay, I’ll catch a cab.’

‘No…we’re getting married, it doesn’t work like that. If you’re leaving, I’m coming with you.’

‘No! I’ll feel bad for ruining your dinner.’

‘It’s okay. We can grab something to eat on the way home or make a pizza or something at home. I don’t mind. I’d rather spend my time with you anyway.’ Grace smiled and stood up holding out her hand for him.

‘Hey guys, we’re going to head out.’ Brendon said as Grace got their check from the waiter.

‘How come?’ Pete asked.

‘Grace is kind of upset.’

‘Are you shitting me?’ Ashlee mumbled.

‘You’re language is going to get you hurt in a second.’ Holly said.

‘Yeah, so we’re going to head out. It was good to see you Pete, call me when you’re in Vegas again.’ Brendon said shaking his hand before doing the same to Ryan, hugging Holly, and giving Addy a little girly, peck.

‘Bye Holly, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye sweetheart.’ Grace hugged Addy and kissed her gently.

‘I’m sorry I ruined your night.’

‘You didn’t ruin my night. I don’t like her much either.’

‘Do you wanna have sex?’

‘I thought we were abstaining.’

‘I ruined your night.’ Brendon laughed as he hugged her around the neck.

‘You don’t have to have sex with me just because you made me leave dinner. I’ve already prepared myself for abstaining.’

‘Okay.’ Grace smiled and laid her head on his chest as he flipped channels. Grace was so happy, she could only think of one thing that would make her happier.
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