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Horrible, terrible, no good Aunt in law

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‘Do you want to go to the florist shop during lunch?’ Holly asked as she and Grace walked into the Chase building the next morning.

‘I can’t. I’m having lunch with Brendon’s mom, sisters, and some aunt of his.’

‘Oh…that sounds like so much fun.’

‘I’m not really sure why his aunt is coming. She’s never liked me much. I’m not Mormon.’

‘What does Brendon think about it all?’

‘He just shrugged and went back to his guitar. He doesn’t really care.’

‘What do you think she’s going to do?’

‘Cause some sort of stress. Think about it, there is no one around me that isn’t completely stoked about this wedding. There has to be someone causing some sort of grief.’

‘Grace, don’t think of it like that.’

‘Well it’s true.’

‘Well good luck. I’ve got to start on your dress and start looking for our models for the Paris show in May. Are you going to be back in time for that?’

‘Yeah, I should be.’

‘Great, how is the budget looking for that show?’

‘Actually, I think that we have a little more than we thought we did but I haven’t ordered tickets yet or anything.’

‘Are you going to do that soon?’

‘Yeah, I’ll probably do that and book our hotels tomorrow or so.’

‘Great.’ Holly said as she walked in past a couple of her junior execs who were just standing around. ‘Amanda, what are you wearing?’

‘Oh it’s the latest thing.’ Amanda said referring to her hot pink and black corset with eyelet print, black lace trim, a black lace up ribbon on the front and ties on the sides with a matching black eyelet print skirt.

‘That’s not the latest thing. It’s ugly; don’t wear something like that to my office ever again.’ Grace chuckled before she walked into her office.

‘Alright Holly, I’m leaving.’ Grace said stepping into Holly’s. Grace had on a pair of dark washed true religion jeans and a button down cuffed short sleeved collared shirt and a pair of guess pumps.

‘Alright, I’ll see you when you get back.’ Holly smiled as she looked through different fabrics for Grace’s wedding dress.

Grace walked out of the office towards the elevator. She walked out to the parking deck and unlocked Brendon’s black Audi. She sighed as she got into the hot car. She had a bad feeling about today but didn’t have a choice.

‘Hi Gracie!’ Mrs. Urie smiled as she hugged Grace.

‘Hi.’ Grace smiled as she hugged back.

‘How was work today?’

‘Oh you know the usual.’

‘How is my son? Treating you well?’

‘Of course he is, amazing as usual.’

‘Come on, have a seat.’ Grace sat down between Brendon’s sisters as the waiter came to take her order.

‘So how are the wedding plans coming?’ Kyla asked.

‘They are coming along slowly but they’re coming. I actually wanted to ask you and Kara a question.’ Grace began.

‘What’s up?’ Kara asked.

‘We’ve decided on a smaller wedding so I only have three brides’ maids but I really want you two involved in the wedding so I was wondering if you would be my honorary brides maids.’

‘Of course but what do we do?’

‘Well you’re involved with pretty much everything you just don’t stand up with us.’

‘Alright, of course we will!’ Kyla said excitedly.

‘We can go pick out dresses for you guys soon too, I have one other girl, my favorite cousin Lindsey and I just have to wait for her to get a chance to come in and then we can go shopping.’

‘YAY! I’m so excited now.’ Kara laughed.

‘So how is everything else going?’ Mrs. Urie asked.

‘It’s going okay. Brendon and I started on our guest list last night but he was so tired it was like talking to a brick wall so we’ll probably work on it tonight again. I think that my mom talked to the man with the vineyard near the beach and I think everything is a go with that. We’re to have to get a priest next. Holly has my dress design, and the boys have their tuxedos but that’s about all we have done.’

‘Don’t you think you two are rushing into this a little bit? I mean you two haven’t really been together long enough to know if you’re right for each other and it seems to me that setting a date so close might not be the smartest idea.’ Brendon’s aunt Margaret said. Aunt Margaret, aka, Aunt Marge had never been a fan of Grace. She didn’t like her for a couple of reasons: Number one she was from Boston. Number two Brendon was head over heels in love with Grace instead of the numerous girls that she had tried to set Brendon up with in the past. And Number three, probably the biggest reason, Grace was raised Catholic instead of Mormon. Aunt Marge believed Brendon needed to be with the perfect, Mormon girl which clearly was not Grace.

‘I don’t think we are rushing into this. We’ve been engaged for nearly a year, we’re just getting a late start on most of the wedding plans.’

‘So you think just because you’ve been engaged for a year that you two are perfect together?’

‘Well no, we have our problems, just like every couple, but I have full confidence in Brendon and I.’

‘Well I’m sorry if I don’t. I have a real problem with this engagement and this wedding, Grace I’m surprised you are letting it go ahead.’

‘Margie, Brendon and Grace are great together. Grace is perfect for Brendon. She keeps him grounded.’

‘She keeps him on a short chain is what she does. Hannah, now Hannah was perfect for him.’

‘Hannah was a slut Aunt Marge, Hannah wanted to date him because of his status.’

‘And you don’t think that this little gold digger isn’t with our Brendon because of that.’

‘I’m sorry there are a lot of things that I can handle but I can not handle that. I am not with Brendon because of who he is. I am with him because I love him, he is an amazing man and no matter what you say I’m going to stay with him because I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Brendon could be poor, uneducated, and useless for all I care because I love him. I’d rather be broke and in love then a middle aged wealthy woman who has to be raid her nephew’s fiancée to make herself feel better. Mrs. Urie, Kyla and Kara, I’m sorry, call me later and we can talk but I have to go.’ Grace said before getting up from the table and walking out of the restaurant as tears rolled down her cheeks. Grace walked across the street to where Brendon’s Audi was parked in and got in starting the smoldering car before she dropped her head to the steering wheel and losing all composure.

‘Now Marge was that really necessary? You and I both know that Grace is perfect for Brendon and whether you like to admit it or not this wedding is going to happen so either you get with it and come to terms with the two of them or you will not be included in any of it.’ Grace said, ‘Gracie is an amazing girl and Brendon loves her very much.’

‘Grace, are you okay?’ Holly asked as Grace walked off the elevator.

‘I don’t really want to talk about it.’ Grace said as she walked into her office.

‘I have something that will cheer you up.’ Holly smiled as she sat down at Grace’s computer.


‘Someone’s wedding dress designed on my new program I just bought. Come look and tell me what you think!’ Holly smiled. Grace walked over and sat in her chair next to where Holly was standing. Grace cupped her hands over her mouth.

‘Holly, it’s amazing.’ Grace smiled before tears welled up in her eyes before she let out the saddest wail Holly had ever heard, it made Addy sound like nothing in comparison.

‘Gracie, what’s wrong? If you don’t like it I can change it.’ Holly said frantically.

‘No Holly, it’s beautiful, it’s perfect, and I love it.’ She hiccupped.

‘Honey what’s wrong?’

‘I’m not even married yet and already I have to defend my marriage.’ She cried as she dropped her head to her desk.

‘Defend your marriage against whom?’

‘Brendon’s family; his aunt, his uncles, his cousins; they hate me!’ she cried.


‘I need to call Brendon.’ She hiccupped again. She picked up the phone as her hands shook.

‘Gracie, let me call him okay? You just pull yourself together, go to the bathroom, freshen up okay, I’ll call Brendon.’

‘Okay.’ Grace got up from her chair and walked out and down the hall.

‘Hello.’ Holly heard Brendon say. He sounded a little tired but she didn’t care.

‘Bden, its Holly.’

‘Hey what’s goin on? Why are you calling me from Grace’s office?’

‘How did you know I was calling from Grace’s office?’

‘No reason, what’s up?’

‘You’re obsessed do you know that?’

‘No just in love.’

‘Well lover boy you better get up here fast. Grace is having a horrible time and as much as it makes me sick to say, I think she needs her Beary.’

‘What’s the matter? Is she okay?’ Brendon asked as he put on a pair of flip flops and grabbed his keys.

‘Just come see her, it’ll make her feel better and flowers wouldn’t hurt.’

‘Give me fifteen minutes.’ Brendon hung up the phone as he got into her Range Rover and began the short trip to her office.

‘UGH! I’m so tired of them!’ Grace soon walked back into the office complaining about Brendon’s Aunt, ‘I don’t know what she has against me, I’ve never done anything to her that would make her hate me like she does but she absolutely loathes me.’

‘Sometimes that happens with family. Ryan’s dad hated me.’

‘But that’s different, Thank goodness Brendon’s father doesn’t hate me, I’d have serious issues with that.’ Grace said as she sat back down in the chair looking at her wedding dress. ‘It’s beautiful Holly. It’s perfect.’ She smiled.

‘That’s good because I already have the form and all of the fabric. I’m going to start on it tonight.’

‘I can’t wait for May 14. Maybe Brendon and I should have just eloped.’

‘Then our very good friend Holly Ross wouldn’t have the pleasure of making my angel look even more beautiful as she walks down the isle to me.’ Brendon said from the door way. Grace looked up at smiled as Brendon walked over with a bouquet of pink roses. ‘Hi beautiful.’ Brendon leaned down and kissed her. It wasn’t just any every day, ordinary kiss; it was a kiss that could only be held by two people meant to be together, two people so devoted to one another. The love in the room could be felt through out the whole building as Brendon let his forehead rest against hers. ‘What’s wrong baby?’

Grace let fresh tears roll down her cheek but were swept away before leaving the apples by Brendon’s coarse, rough, guitar hands. He kissed her tears away before she began to talk again. ‘Your Aunt Margaret hates me.’

‘What happened?’ Brendon asked as he pulled her up from the chair, sat down, and pulled her down onto his lap.

‘I had lunch with your mom and sisters today. I asked your sisters to be my honorary bridges maids, and everything was great. Your mom and I were talking about wedding plans, I was getting to spend time with your sisters, and then your aunt had to add in her two cents to the conversation. Brendon she doesn’t want us to get married.’

‘What did she say?’ Grace could tell that Brendon wasn’t happy. His furrows his eye browns when he gets bad and wrinkles his forehead.

‘She thinks we are rushing into this. She thinks we have been together long enough to know if we’re right for each other. She thinks the date is too close. She hates me because I’m not Mormon.’

‘We’ve been engaged for nearly a year.’

‘I know I told her that and she said that just because we had been engaged for a year that we weren’t perfect. Every couple has their problems…’

‘Yeah…psycho aunts.’

‘Beary…then she started talking about some girl named Hannah…I’ve never even heard of Hannah.’

‘Hannah was a girl she tried to set me up with just out of high school. She was Mormon alright, a Mormon slut.’

‘Well your aunt hates me. She doesn’t want us to get married. She thinks I keep you on a short chain.’

‘What did my mom say?’

‘Oh you know your mom, never worried about picking a fight with your aunt. She stood up for me like she usually does.’

‘Good…I would expect nothing less. What are you doing right now?’

‘I don’t know…I need to work on the budget.’

‘I’ll be right back.’ Brendon got up from the chair and walked down to Holly’s office where she was working on her cutting board.

‘Hey.’ He said. Holly quickly tried to cover what she was doing.

‘You can’t see the dress until you get married.’ She joked. Brendon gave her a weird look before laughing.

‘I’m kidnapping Grace and her computer. She’s coming with me to my mom and dad’s house; she can work on the budget there. We need to sort this Aunt Marge thing out now.’

‘That’s fine; make sure she orders plane tickets and books hotel rooms.’ Holly said.

‘We’ll call you later.’ Brendon walked out of the office and back to Grace’s office. ‘Alright baby, let’s go, pack up your computer.’

‘Bren I can’t leave, I have work to do.’

‘No you can do it at the house, let’s go. We’re going to fix this now.’ Brendon folded her ibook and put it in her bag before slinging it on his arm dramatically and grabbing her hand.

Grace rolled her eyes as he drug her out of the office and towards the elevator. This was not going to be a fun conversation.
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