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We're Too Young, I Hate To Love You

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A tradgedy happens in the FBR/Decaydance family. How will Janelle go on without him? Warning: you may cry!

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So I was told to add a warning. This story may cause you to cry. There Amy, I added the warning.

Thank god for friends right? I mean, I seriously would be in the same position as Pete right now if I had gotten behind the wheel of his SUV after I got the call from Patrick. It all seemed so surreal, yet way too real for me to even begin to handle. Patrick had called a friend of his to come pick me up because he feared for my safety as well. I felt bad for the guy who drove me to the hospital because all I did was cry silently to myself as he drove. I think he was probably scared that I would start freaking out any second.

The second he pulled up to the emergency room I bolted out of the car, not even letting it come to a complete stop. I needed to see Pete before it was all too late. I found Patrick, Joe and a few other random people from our group of friends there already. Patrick immediately pulled me into a big bear hug and I took deeps breaths to not cry my eyes out. My fiancée might actually be dying right now, but he's in surgery, so we don't know yet.

"What's going on? When's the surgery done? And what the fuck happened?" I asked and wiped my eyes as I pulled back from Patrick and took a seat. Everyone's eyes were on me right now and I felt so shaky.

“We don’t know what’s happening in surgery yet, but the doctor said it doesn’t look good at all. And the guy came out of nowhere Janelle, seriously. I can’t believe it even happened. Joe and I were in my car behind Pete’s and the guy just completely ran a red light, smacked right into Pete’s side of the car and they had to cut the car open to get him out.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted nothing more than to tear this other driver apart. “Is the other driver okay?” I asked and Patrick knew exactly why I wanted to know.

“The other driver died.” Serves that fucking bastard right! He deserves to die because he was reckless and now we might lose Pete. That guy wouldn’t survive in this world anyways, his fans would maul him.

A doctor came around the corner and all ten or so of us stood up and stared at him. He didn’t look happy or sad, which infuriated me. I wanted to fucking know what was happening.

“Well, is he okay?” I finally asked because everyone was so afraid to speak.

“He has suffered severe trauma to his torso and legs. He’s awake right now, but I regret to inform you all that we were unable to stop the bleeding.”

“Bleeding? What bleeding?” I ask, my voice trembling.

“He’s suffering from massive internal bleeding. We’ve got him comfortable for now, but he might not make it for much longer, maybe a day or so. I’m so sorry.” He said and I honestly believed he was sorry. He just told a shit ton of people that their friend was dying and there was nothing to stop it.

“I want to see him.” Here come the streaming tears.

“That’s fine, I don’t want too many people in there at once, unless Mr. Wentz feels comfortable with the company.”

“Oh he will,” Patrick said and we all knew he was right. Pete would want to see everyone possible right now and not care how much it would stress himself out. We all walked to Pete’s room, Patrick and I going in first. Jesus did he look awful. His entire body had tubes coming from everywhere, bandages all over, casts over his legs, and a pretty beat up face. Pete opened his eyes once I was next to his bed.

“Janelle,” he said softly and winced as he reached for my hand.

“No, don’t move if it hurts,” I said with a trembling voice. “Jesus Pete,” I said as I glanced over his body.

“I know,” he said with a big sigh, tears brimming his eyes as well. Patrick walked over and stood on the other side of Pete’s bed.

“Doctors tell you about your condition?” Patrick asked. He needed to know that Pete realized he was dying.

“Yeah,” Pete said and closed his eyes, a few tears falling. God, I have only seen Pete cry a couple of times, but this time fucking hurt so incredibly bad. He knew that he had about a day left to live and he couldn’t even move. I let out a soft sob into my hands and I felt Pete’s hand touch my stomach. “Please don’t do that babe.”

“I don’t even know what I’m going to do without you.” I sobbed harder into my hands.

“Come here,” he said softly and I wiped my face and sniffled as I got down to his level, sitting in the chair next to him. “I love you so much Janelle, and I don’t want you throwing your life away after this, please promise me this.”

“I promise,” I sniffled and I kissed him hard, my emotions taking such a toll on me. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I couldn’t breathe and my chest felt really, really heavy. Patrick excused himself and Pete and I were left to have some time alone. Pete’s family and friends who lived outside LA would be here soon and want to see him. I sat in the chair with my head resting against his shoulder for a long time, until there was a knock on the door. Travi and Gabe walked in looking that they had been hit by a train. Pete was the main glue in this whole operation, how would we all hold up when he was gone.

“Son of a bitch,” Travi said and ran a hand over his newly growing fro.

“I’ll let you visit,” I said and kissed Pete again before leaving the room. I didn’t want to be gone long, but I really needed a drink and to pee. These nerves were really doing a number on my bladder. I mean, it’s bad enough that I am 5 months pregnant with Pete’s baby. When I walked out of the room I saw a horde of people standing around and I knew all of them. I received hugs from everyone that I passed and promises of anything that I need to call them. I hate it when people say that. I think it’s something they feel obligated to say, whether they actually mean it or not. My dad died when I was in high school and we heard that a lot. We never called them, and I think my mom felt that she didn’t want to burden people with her problems. I bet I’ll feel the same way soon.

After my bathroom break and trip to the water fountain, I made my way back to Pete’s room. His parents and siblings were in there, so I slipped back out. Might as well let the family have their last moments together. Jesus everyone was actually crying. Some of these men you would never expect to cry in front of anyone else, but here they are, letting the tears fall. Granted, they aren’t bawling or anything, but still crying.


The machine flat lining was the most awful sound I’d ever heard in my entire life. I was asleep in the cot they had brought me since I refused to leave his side. I knew that they were concerned about the baby’s health, as well as mine too. At that moment, I didn’t want to be alive if Pete wasn’t going to be there. The sound of the flat lining machine woke me up and doctors and nurses came rushing in, one pulled me off to the side and I watched as they tried to revive Pete over and over again. I knew he was gone when his hand fell limply off the hospital bed.

I am currently sitting in the SUV that Travi and Gabe rented with Patrick, Joe and Andy in the back. Not one person said a word the entire trip to Pete and I’s house. God how I never wanted to go back there. Someone had to go though, Hemingway would need someone to care for him.

Gabe pulled into the driveway and we all slowly piled out, Patrick and Travi helping my tired and pregnant body out of the car.

“Thanks,” I said weakly and walked to the door, unlocking it for the crew. I really didn’t feel like being around a ton of people, but these guys made me feel comforted. That and they were all immensely worried about me, especially since I was pregnant with Pete’s child.

Hemingway jumped excitedly at us for about one minute before he realized something was wrong. He began searching the house for Pete, and it was so depressing. Even the fucking dog will be depressed. God I hope it doesn’t kill him. I changed into some pajama pants and one of Pete’s t-shirts and a hoodie before plopping down on the couch between Gabe and Joe, resting my head on Frohman’s shoulder.

“What the fuck am I gonna do?” I asked the group aloud.

“Don’t worry about anything Janelle, we’re going to make sure you’re taken care of.” Joe said and put an arm around me and an arm around the baby. These guys really do love me, and I love them.

I remember when I met Pete. It was about a year ago, he was actually engaged to Ashlee Simpson. I was new at AP Magazine and had to do a piece on Pete’s label. I don’t know what it was, but something just clicked, you know? Well, you don’t, but I’m sure you can imagine it. It was literally love at first sight. He invited me to come see them play at one of their shows that they were doing locally and I went. Within two weeks he broke it off with Ashlee and began dating me. The guys fell in love with me instantly too, and I loved being around everyone. I felt like I had a million brothers and it rocked. I never pay for anything and I always get to go anywhere I want. Want to go see one of their shows? Free tickets and backstage passes, and then a night out with them afterwards.

The night I was about to tell Pete I was pregnant, he surprised me with a romantic dinner at my favorite restaurant. He ordered wine and everything and he was so confused on why I wouldn’t drink with him. I finally told him and I swear I’d never seen anyone’s face light up the way his did at the moment I said I was pregnant. Right at that moment he got down on one knee and proposed.

All of that is gone now, but I am so thankful for all of my friends that I met through Pete. I don’t think my life would be so great if it wasn’t for him. I shifted on the couch and laid my head in Joe’s lap and draped my legs across Gabe’s lap.

“You guys, please don’t leave me tonight.” I said and sucked in my breath because I was about to cry again.

“We’ll stay as long as you want.” Gabe said as he rubbed my belly. My belly had been getting pretty big recently, I think It’s because I just stuff myself silly with any food in sight.

A couple of hours later we all were getting ready for bed. All of them were camped out in the living room on the couches and the floor and I climbed into the bed. I could still smell Pete on the pillows and sheets and I just couldn’t take it. I grabbed a new blanket out of the closet and a new pillow and walked into the dark living room.

“There’s no fucking way I am sleeping in there. It smells like him.” I said and Gabe and Patrick made room on the floor for me to sleep between them since they were the only two up now. I laid down and both of them curled up against me and held me until I fell asleep.


I seriously understand now why Pete and Patrick were so fucking inseparable. Patrick will fucking pick up every piece when you fall apart. Gabe’s pretty good at it too. They went with me the next day to set up the funeral arrangements. So here we are, looking at caskets and all I can think of is that fucking music video. Pete in the casket in ‘This Ain’t A Scene’.

“Which one do you want Janelle?” Patrick asked as I walked along each casket. None of them seemed good enough for Pete’s eternal slumber.

“I don’t know, I guess this one suits Pete.” I said and pointed to an all black casket with a pillowy looking red inside. The guy working there wrote down the one I picked out and they hurried me along to another room to work out the details. I spaced out and let Gabe and Patrick do all the talking for me. Jesus I want to fucking quit. Not sure what I can quit, but I’d quit this bullshit if I could.

Just so that everyone knows, I would never wish any harm on Pete Wentz, so don't flip out on me okay? Read my name, come on! And anyways, this story might make you cry along the way, so be prepared if you plan on reading it. I wanted to do something deeper. I am also working on another story with Patrick as the center of the story and it's going to be amazing, trust me. :)
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