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chapter 4

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Chapter 4:

“Micheal! Are you ready for school?!” Rachel yelled at him and he ran out of his room in his baggy pants and My Chemical Romance t shirt.

“Yeah.”He said to her with his book bag on his back.

“Your hair needs to be brushed.”She said with a hand on her hip. He set his book back down and ran to the bathroom and brushed it quickly.

“Alright, now your ready. Lets go.”She said and they rushed out the door so fast she ran into Ryan.

“Oh, Im so sorry!” She said to him laughing. “Uhm here is the key, make your self at home. I will be right back in about 10 minutes.”She said to him and he nodded and walked int othe apartment. He looked around and smiled, they had been rushing around it seem because a chair was knocked over in the process.

He sat on the couch and sighed, it was comfier than their couch on the tour bus thats for sure. He turned on the tv and saw she had basic cable. He would change thet for her soon so she could watch whatever she wanted when she wanted. The front door opened and he sat up a bit on the couch as she walked in and smiled at him brightly.

“Let me change, still in my Pj's”She said to him and he laughed at her Tinker Bell Pajama shirt and black shorts. He nodded and she ran into her room and changed into a pari of black boot cut jeans with a paramore t shirt.

“So, what brings you here?”She asked him curiously.

“Oh, nothing, just wanted to see you.”He said taking her hands in his.

“Really?”She said surprised.

“Yep.”He said pulling her closer to him.

She grinned and laid her head on his shoulder and sighed in content, she looked at him and he smirked then pressed his lips to hers gently. She kissed him back thinking that this would be the end for them, or they would end sooner or later because he would need to tour and what not to become big.

“Ryan....”She whispered.

“Yes.”He said.

“I don't ever want this to end.”She said to him and he smiling weakly.

“Me either.”He replied to her softly as he ran his fingers through her black hair.

The day went by with little cuddling here and kisses there. They spent the day together Rachel looked at the clock and gasped.

“Crap! I've got to go get Micheal.”She said and he stood.

“I'll go with you..Come on.”He said and they walked to the car and began to go get Micheal from school. She saw him standing in the usual spot and she opened Ryan's car door and waved to him, and he climbed into the back seat.

“Sorry...”She said to him.

“Its okay, you two wernt doing anything stuff were you?”He asked and She busted out laughed.

“No no nothing like that.” She said and Ryan shook his head and began driving away out of the schools parking lot.

“Oh okay.”He said.

“Even if we were I wouldnt tell you.” She said to him laughing a bit.

“We're home.” Rachel said to them and they both hopped out of the car.

“Ryan, stay for dinner.”Micheal suggested so his sister could spend time with him more.

“Uhm, do you want to?”She asked.

“Sure.”Ryan said turning the car off and holding her hand as they walked up stairs.

“So whats for dinner?” Micheal asked curiously.

“How about Tuna Casrole” She asked.

“Nah, how about Pizza?”Micheal said to her and she looked at Ryan and he shrugged.

“Alright, Pizza it is.”She said going to the freezer and getting it out.

After everyone hade eaten Micheal had announced he was tired and went to bed. Ryan imediately after heleft the room pressed his lips to hers and she smirked into the kiss and he wrapped his arms around her torso. “Ryan...”She whispered.

“Yea?”He said.

“Slow down.”She laughed a bit.

“Sorry.”He replied.

“I think we should all hang out you know, me you Micheal and the guys.”He said her and she bit her lip.

“Really?”she asked.

“Yeah, really.”He said to her smiling.

“Alright then. Tomorrow? He has not school student teacher holiday thingy.”She said and he nodded.

“Sure, I'll tell the guys and we'll go to Chuckie E. Cheeses or something.”He said and She laughed.

Rachel's POV

“Boys and their toys.” I said and he grinned.

“Whats wrong with our toys...”He said fake pouting.

“Oh nothing..”I said grinning, he kissed me softly on the lips and I kissed him back my hand on the back of his neck. “Ryan, no guys has ever made me feel this way before.” I whispered to him.

“No girl has made me feel this way before...”He mummered back and I smiled snuggling into his neck.

“Ryan I-” I started and his cell phone rang.

“Hold that thought.”He said smiling at me then answered his cell phone.


“Hey dude where are you?”Brendon asked.

“Where do you think?”He said to him.

“Oh, at her place well okay, we miss you!” Brendon said to him.

“Well we're all going out tomorrow you guys me of course and Rachel and her Brother Micheal.”Ryan said .

“Cool, where to?”He asked.

“Chuck E. Cheese?”He asked.

“Hell yeah! I love you Ryro!”Brendon said jokingly.

“Love you to Brennnie.”Ryan sighed and looked to me and I laughed.

“Yay!”I heard him say then hang up.

“You guys are strange.”I said shaking my head.

“No what were you saying?”He asked.

“Oh it was nothing.”I said standing and he caught my hand in his.

“Everything you have to say is something to me.”He told me and I sighed and sat down next to him taking his hand in mine.

“I think Im falling in love with you.”I said to him softly.

“Oh really? I thought I was the only one for a while.”He said grinning and I laughed and kissed him gently.

“You staying here tonight?”I asked and he made a face.

“No way!”He said and I laughed.

“In hell I would turned down a night to hold you in my arms.”He said to me and held me in his arms.

“Them come on.” I said to him and grabbed his hand leading him to my room. I laid down and he laid down next to me and I immediately cuddled up next to him and he wrapped his arm around me. That was the first time in 6 years I had ever slept peacfully.
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