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Chapter 7

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Lizzy’s POV:

“Shhhhh, everyone be quiet.” Kevin whispered as he unlocked the door to their hotel room.

We walked in quietly and all sat in a circle in the middle of the floor.

“So, who wants to go first?” I asked.

“ME! ME! ME!” Joe shouted as he shot his hand up.

“No! I wanna go first!” Nick yelled back.

“No you guys, I’m the oldest, so I should go first.” Kevin fought back.

“Alright, alright, calm down you guys, we will give you all a dare to do together.” Alison added.

“Good idea, so what should we have them do?” I asked.

“I have a good one! I dare you guys to run up and down the hallway in your boxers!” Jess said while giggling.

“WHAT? What if someone sees us?” Nick shouted.

“Who cares? That is a good dare!” Joe said as he was already undressing himself.

I looked over at Jess, I could see her eyes examining Joe’s muscles and abs and smiling.

“Come on guys, don’t be pussies, let’s just do it, then we get to dare them to do something.” Joe said laughing.

“Yeah you’re right.” Nick and Kevin said together.

They were now all in only their boxers and Jess, Alison and I were obviously enjoying our selves. I couldn’t believe that we were in the Jonas Brothers hotel room and they were standing in front of me in their boxers. This is unbelievable. They ran out of the room and ran down the hallway.

“Okay, we are back; thank god we didn’t get caught.” Nick said, panting.

“Yeah, but now, it’s our turn to dare YOU guys!” Joe said with an evil look on his face.

“Haha, yes, now guys, we need to think of something good.”

They all huddled together trying to think of something good to do to us. I can’t even imagine what it could be.

“Ahah! We got something. Nick, tell ‘em” Joe shouted.

“I dare you guys to run down to the pool by the lobby, and jump in with all your clothes on.” Nick said with a huge smile.

“Alright ladies, get to it, we will be waiting here.” Kevin added.

Jess, Alison, and I made our way to the pool. We stood at the edge not wanting to jump in, but, it was for the Jonas Brothers. We all grabbed hands and jumped in. We dragged ourselves back up to the room, dripping wet.

“Happy?!” I yelled.

“Yes, very.” Nick laughed.

“We don’t have anything to change into, we can’t risk going up to our room, Brian and Lauren could still be up.” Alison said while ringing out her shirt.

“Well, we have some extra t-shirts and shorts you could wear if you want.” Joe said.

“Oh, thanks that would be great.” Jess replied.

We took turns changing into the clothes they gave us and continued to play.

Joe’s POV:

Damn, Jess looks hot in my clothes. She’s so cool; I am really starting to like her. I need to try and impress her. I really want her to like me.

Nick’s POV:

Lizzy is so much fun. She’s just what I am looking for in a girl. I still don’t want Kevin and Joe to know that I like her. They will tease me forever, and I don’t want to deal with that. Ugh, I really like her.

Kevin’s POV:

Alison is so chill. She’s amazing, everything about her. I want to sweep her off her feet. I’m going to try everything so she will like me.

Lizzy, Jess, and Alison’s POV:

“Well, it’s been fun, but we should get back, it’s already midnight.” Lizzy said.

“Yeah, you’re right, but hey, how about we meet up tomorrow?” Kevin said to Alison.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. We will talk to you guys then.” Joe added.

“Night guys.” We said at the same time.

We got back to the room and we couldn’t fall asleep, too much was going through our heads. We just tried to think about tomorrow and fall asleep. This day has been amazing.
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