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Make A Wish

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Frank drove away as Anna glared up at the sign above her. Belleville Alcohol and Drug Addiction Help Clinic. She stood there for a few minutes deciding whether she should go inside or run away.
"We don't bite ya know" A voice said from behind her. Anna jumped and turned round. A thin 5"7 girl with burgundy hair and bright green eyes was standing behind her. She had pale skin and was wearing a black and white striped shirt with netted sleeves. She had a pair of ripped black skinny jeans on and an old pair of red converses. She had dark eyeliner with little eyelashes at the corner of each cat-like eye. She had a couple of piercings on her ears and a lip ring. She smiled.
"Im Skylar" She said.
"Cool. You new?" She asked scanning her up and down. She spotted her Iron Maiden shirt and smiled.
"Umm yeah I am.." Anna replied unsure of what to do. Skylar looked back up at her and grinned.
"Well? C'mon! It's freezing out here!" Skylar cried linking her arm through Anna's. She dragged her up the steps and in through the front doors to the dull, grey coloured hall. They turned left and Skylar pushed open the door without knocking. A couple of people were sitting on chairs in a circle. They all looked up as the girls entered the room.
" must be the new one...Anna" A tall blonde woman with glasses said.
"Uhh..yeah I guess" Anna replied.
"Well take a seat. We are just about to begin." The woman replied flatly. Skylar was already sitting on a chair with her feet up on the one next to her. She moved her feet when Anna came over. Anna sat down and looked round nervously at the faces staring at her.
"Well Anna." The blonde woman said cleaning her glasses on her sleeve.
"Why don't you stand up and tell us about yourself. We are all friends here"
Anna stood up.
"Umm.." Anna started trying to think of something to say.
"How old are you?" The woman asked not looking up.
"I..Im 18" Anna replied.
"Yes?" The woman asked.
"W..what else do you want me to say?" Anna asked nervously. The woman sighed.
"Well how long have you had an alcohol problem for Anna?" She asked impatiently.
" 8 months" She replied nervously fidgeting with her hands. The woman rolled her eyes and motioned Anna to sit back down. Anna did quickly, and almost missd the chair. She felt her cheeks burn as a couple of people laughed.
The meeting went on for 2 hours with that boring woman droning on and on about the ways alcohol affects you. When it finally ended Anna felt that she had learned nothing. Skylar seemed to feel the same way, but she wasn't paying any attention. When they could finally leave she started complaining as soon as they got out the door.
"Oh god she is so boring! We had a different guy here last time. He was sooo hot, But he had to leave. Apparently he wasn't allowed to date the people he was teaching" She said grinning. Anna laughed.
"You're such a slut!" She cried. Skylar stuck her pierced tounge out at her and linked their arms together.
"Thank god you came. I was ready to top myself until you showed up!" She giggled. Anna smiled as they walked down the steps. A car door opened and Frank got out and waved at her.
"Oh hey, Come meet my brother Frank!" Anna said laughing. She pulled Skylar over.
"Hey Frankie! This is Skylar" Anna said pushing her forward. Frank grinned and took Skylar's hand. He kissed it gently making Skylar's cheeks turn bright red.
"Hi.." She mumbled. Frank laughed softly and put and arm round his little sister.
"How was it?" He asked, his eyes sparkling.
"Ugh the most boring thing I've ever had to sit through right Skylar?!" Anna asked.
"Uhh..yeah..boring." She replied staring at Frank.
"Well we better get going. It's been awesome meeting ya" He said and winked at Skylar. Her cheeks turned pink again and she giggled.
"Later Frank.." She said shyly. Anna laughed.
"See ya next week!" She cried then jumped in the car.
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