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Then the Line went Dead

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"Right, Im afraid this isnt good news Miss.Way" explained the doctor. Gerards grip on Kaits hand tightened as she held her breath for the news.
Gerards jaw dropped when the doctor spoke and this was just another reason for Kait to burst into tears. The doctor left the room and told the rest of them waiting in reception they could go back in. As soon as they entered they knew it was bad news. Kait was sitting in Gerards lap crying and he was rocking her like a child. "Im so sorry Kaity" was all he kept saying to her. Mikey, Bob, Ray and Vanessa stood akwardly at the door and Gerard looked over at them, tears in his eyes. "She lost the baby."

Frank knocked at the door of the run down flat. He was just about to leave when a familiar face answered the door. They smiled "I wondered when you would be back." Frank just nodded and went inside, he had no clue what he was doing here. At his ex-girlfriends house.

The doctor and Vanessa were the only two people who knew what had happened before Kait fell down the stairs, so the guys didnt understand how this could make her loose the baby. "She told you, she felt dizzy after throwing up and she fell, so stop asking questions" snapped Vanessa at their nosiness. This just made them all even more suspicious. Kait sighed and turned to them all "Vanessa, its okay, I trust them all and they have a right to know what happened." Vanessa nodded in defeat "As long as your sure" she said and sat on the bed next to her. Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gerard each pulled up a chair and listened intentivley to what she had to say. She took a deep breath
"Well I had been getting really bad stomach pains but I didnt tell anyone incase it worried you all about the baby. The pains had been putting me off my food so when we were all at breakfast together I knew I would have to eat something, but my stomach couldnt take it so I ran upstairs to be sick, but didnt make it. So anyway I was upstairs in the bathroom looking for cleaning stuff when a man in a ski mask came from down the side of the bed. I screamed and he ran over to me and covered my mouth with his hands. Then he threw me on the bed..and..and he.." Kait was fighting back tears, she didnt think she couldnt manage to say the next four words. Vanessa had her arm around her "You dont have to carry on if you dont want to Kait" but she shook her head "I have to" the guys were in awe, they all had an idea of what may have happened next but they werent sure so they carried on listening.
"He tried to rape me, I couldnt let that happen, so I ran towards the door but he grabbed me and as I was fighting him off he let go of me and then everything went black, then I woke up in here beside Frank" at the mention of his name her heart ached, she didnt know where he was or when he was coming back. She looked at the guys hopefully "Where is he?" she cried weakly. They all shook there head "Im sorry Kait, we dont know" said Bob. After about another hour the doctor said it was okay for Kait to go home, as long as she rested for a few days and no stress. They were walking out of the hospital to the car "I swear if I find that fucker who was in the house I will kill him" Gerard spat.

Frank was sitting in the living room while Eliza (his ex) was getting them some coffee. She came back in, she looked as good as Frank remembered. He was startled when his phone suddenly rang.

Bob had drove them all back to the house and Vanessa was seeing to Kait upstairs. Gerard had gone out into the hallway to make a call, he was calling Frank.

"Hey Gerard, whats up"

"Your an asshole you know that, where are you?"

"Dont worry I just needed to clear my head"
Frankie you wanna watch a movie

"Hang on, Is that who I think it is in the background?"

"Probably, Im at Elizas house"

"What?! Kait will go ape-shit if she finds out your at your ex-girlfriends house"

The line went dead

Gerard slammed his phone shut and went back into the living room. "The little fucker has gone round to Elizas house" he said sitting down on the sofa. Mikeys eyes nearly popped out of his head "What?! What is he thinking? He just told Kait he loves her now he is off round his ex-girlfriends house doing god knows what" Mikey hadnt realised Kait was standing at the door with Vanessa. "Well at least I know where he is" Kait said quietly. Vanessa lead her into the kitchen and made her something to drink, "you drink this okay and ill be back in later" she said handing her the steaming cup of coffee. Vanessa headed back into the living room were Gerard and Bob were sitting "Hey, weres Mikey and Ray" she asked "They have gone to look for Frank, try and make him see sense and come back." They were all thinking the same thing, wondering what Frank and Eliza were doing.

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