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Hey guuuuys, my internet was broked today so I had a lot of time to write a long chapter. Im on writing the next one now and if its finished I shall post it tonight. Hope you like, plzzzz review!

The next 3 days were really hard for them all, Frank still hadnt came back and Kait refused to eat or speak. No matter who tried, none of them could get her to eat and when she did speak all she would say was "I want Frank."

On the fourth day Gerard couldnt watch this happen to his baby cousin anymore so he decided to call Frank. It went to his voicemail but he kept trying. On the 5th attempt he got an answer. "Dont talk just listen, you need to get your ass over here now, you dont realise what the fuck your doing to Kait by not being here. There is lots to tell you so either get over here now or fuck off out her life" and he hung up. If Frank didnt come back he didnt know what he would tell Kait. Another few hours passed and Kait still hadnt eaten, she was so different to when she first arrived. She used to be glowing and full of life, but now she was quiet and looked like a walking skeleton. Gerard had asked Vanessa to check on her and she told him Kait had lost a stone and a half in 4days. He knew that wasnt good and thats why he had called Frank. Around 10pm Mikey had just been up to see Kait to try and make her eat something but she refused. He came back down and there was a knock at the door, he opened it to find Frank standing there "Can I come in?" he asked sheepishly. Mikey didnt say anything but just moved aside to let him past. Frank walked into the living room and found everyone but Kait there. They all looked at him as he faced them "Guys Im so so so sorry I dont know what the hell I have been doing the past few days, I swear I will make it up to you all and I promise it wont happen again" he said all in one breath. They just nodded, "Now there is just one person you have to sort out" said Vanessa meaning Kait. He nodded and made his way upstairs.

Kait was lying on her bed drifting off to sleep when there was a knock at her door. She was sick of the guys bothering her "Leave me alone I dont want to speak to any of you" the door opened, "Not even me?" she knew that voice, she turned over and looked at the face. "Frank!" she ran over and jumped up at him and flung her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder. "You came back, baby I do love you and Im sorry, please dont leave me again" she said through her tears. Frank wrapped his arms around her and took her over to the bed, not letting go of her. "No Kait" he said looking into her eyes. She was puzzled by this, "Im sorry, I should never of left you just because you didnt say something I wanted you to say. I promise I will never leave you, were going to have our own little family" he beamed looking at her stomach. She shook her head. "No Frank, were not. I lost the baby, thats why Im sorry." His heart sank Frank you bastard, you left her when all this was going on, fuck your a shitty boyfriend he thought to himself. "Its not your fault baby, come here" he said and he pulled her close. She flinched at his touch when he stroked her arm, he let go and looked at her "What is it?" he asked. She shook her head "I should of just let him do it, then maybe I would still have the baby" Frank didnt understand, "Let who do what? Kait your making no sense" Kait just sat there not knowing how to tell Frank, mainly because she didnt know where to start. "Come on baby, I came back the least you could do is tell me whats going on" he said. Kait couldnt believe she was hearing this The least I could do she thought, oh no way she wasnt taking this shit from him. "The least I could do? I have been up in this room for the past 3 days not knowing what the hell to do when you have been at your fucking ex-girlfriends house doing god knows what!!!" Frank was shocked by her outburst "Baby, I didnt mean that" he tried to put his arms around her but she moved away and stood up.
"YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?! FINE! RAPE. I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS BECAUSE I WAS FIGHTING OFF A MAN WHO TRIED TO RAPE ME! AND THEN YOU GO AHEAD AND SAY YOU LOVE ME AND BECAUSE I DONT SAY IT BACK STRAIGHT AWAY YOU LEAVE ME, HOW SELFISH CAN YOU BE FRANK?!" he didnt know what to say, this was all so much for him. First he finds out he is going to have a child, then he isnt and now someone tried to rape his girlfriend. "Your righ Kait, Iam selfish and Im sorry for that. We can work this out, I promise I will always protect you baby" he pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. She was too exaustated to argue back so she didnt say anything. They both fell asleep together, Kait lying in Franks arms.

Downstairs they were watching a movie together, they needed a rest after the past few days. Gerard was sitting with Vanessa on his lap, while Bob and Mikey were on the floor. Ray had left to go to his brothers house for a couple of weeks. Vanessa shuffled in her seat "God this movie is booooring, I'll make us some coffee's" she said getting up and going into the kitchen. She pulled out her cell phone when she had closed the door behind her. "Nikki? Yeah its me Vanessa, you coming over to Gee's house? Sure he wont mind, as long as there is only you, Yeah, Okay see you in 20" she made the coffee's and went back into the living room. "Eurghhh, Nessa no offence but this tastes like crap" said Gerard after taking a sip. "Yeah mine too" mikey added. She smirked, "Fine, go and make your own then" she said. They both shrugged and headed for the kitchen. This left her and Bob together in the living room. Alone. "I invited my friend Nikki over, but this movie is boring, lets play a game" she said to him while going to the cupboards. Calm down Bob, just keep your cool he thought to himself while watching Vanessa reach for the twister mat on the top shelf. She had black hotpants on and a bright purple tank top which rode up when she was reaching for the game. He watched as she climbed on the sofa arm to get to the top shelf. His heart was racing as her thong was poking from the top of her hotpants. "Almost got it" she said "There" she hopped down and dusted herself off. "Hello earth to Bob" she said waving a hand in front of his face. "What? Oh sorry" he said blushing. Gerard and Mikey came back into the living room with new coffee's, "Ahhh Nessa your a sucker for a game of twister" laughed Gerard. "Just cause I always beat you" she said. The doorbell rang while they were setting it up and Mikey went to answer it. He opened the door to find a girl, about his age standing there. She had blue skinny jeans and a black Anthrax shirt on. Her hair was long and black and she wore glasses that rested on the end of her nose. Mikey stared at her in awe. "Ermm, can I come in?" said the girl, Mikey couldnt get any words out but just nodded and moved aside to let her in. She chuckled to herself as she walked into the living room. "Hey Nik" said Vanessa rushing up to her and hugging her. "Hi Nessa, you gunna introduce me to these handsome guys?" she joked. "Sure, well you already know Gerard, but this is his brother Mikey" Nikki turned to face him and put out her hand which he shook "Nice to meet you Nikki" he stuttered. She smiled "Ohhh so you can talk" she giggled when Mikey blushed. "And this is Bob, their new bandmate" she said, Nikki greeted him the same as Mikey. "Okay Gerard you be the spinner and its me and Mikey vs Nikki and Bob" Vanessa said.

Things were heating up after a few rounds and everyone was getting competitive. Bob was underneath Vanessa who was beside Mikey who had his legs over Nikki's arms. Gerard spun the dial for Vanessa "Okay Nessa, Left hand green"
"Oh god this isnt going to work" she said trying to reach over, she was almost there when she lost her footing and came crashing down onto Bob. His heart started racing as Vanessa lay on top of him laughing uncontrollably. "That was fuuuuun" she giggled while climbing off Bob and helping him up. "Ermmm can you hurry up and spin were a little stuck over here" said Nikki who was trapped under Mikeys legs. They carried on until Nikki finally gave up and declared Mikey the winner, she kissed him on the cheek "Well done" she laughed as his face went bright red. "Well Im gunna hit the hay" said Gerard yawning. Vanessa jumped on his back "Me too, Gee take me up Im too tired to walk" she laughed. He swung her round off his back and into his arms "More like too lazy"
"Well whichever it is your still going to carry me to bed" she said as they were heading upstairs. Nikki followed them up and Bob and Mikey cleared away downstairs. "So you like that Nikki girl then Mikester" said Bob. Mikey quickly defended himself "No, no I dont, what makes you think that?" Bob just laughed, "The way you blushed when she kissed you and the fact you were making googly eyes with her all night"
"Yeah well we all know you like Vanessa" he said changing the subject
"No I dont, Ive never really took the time to look at her and like her" he lied
That ended the conversation and both guys headed up to bed, still in denial.
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