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The Fight

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"Adam, what are you doing here?" I asked confused
"Do you not want me here?"
"N-n-no I do, I was Just going out to eat."
"Oh, well, can I come with you then?"
"Er, umm.. well, i'm kind of going with.. a friend." I said a little to weird
"Oh, I understand."
"Thanks Adam. Any other time you could come, but this one is kind of reserved for two." I said tilting my head

As soon as I got done saying that Joe pulled up,well Kevin because Joe can't drive that well.

"Who are they?" Adam asked
"Uhhh.. that's my friend."
"You didn't tell me you were going on a date." Adam said angrily
"I'm not! We are just friends going out to lunch."
"Maybe I don't want you going out with some dude, that I don't even know!" Adam said raising his voice
"Ok, hold up Joe is not just some dude. He is a nice gentleman, and you don't know all of my friends, if you were around a little more you MIGHT!!!" I said turning and walking to the car
"Well, sorr-y if I'm ADAM G. SEVANI!!!! I have more to my life than just staying here with you."
"I can't beleive you just said that!."
"I didn't mean to say it like that." Adam said
"No, I think you did, and you want to know something I do mean to say?"
"I think that we should take a break!!!" I said getting in the car and slamming the door

When I got in the car Adam went to his care and then left.

~~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~~~
Kaycie was standing with some guy when Kevin and I pulled in to her drive way. They seemed to be fighting. Then Kaycie turned around and started walking over to us before I could get out and get the door she opened it.

"Are you ok?" I asked
"No, not really." she said with tears in her eyes
"What happened?"
"It's just boyfriend problems."
"Well, he's not a very good boyfriend if he's making you cry."
"Haha, ya he's a big JERK!!! He just got back from something he had to do in another state and I told him that I was getting something to eat with a friend and he asked if he could come with and i'm like its kind of only for two. Then he's like ok then you guys pulled up and it just got out of control." she said whiping her eyes

Wow her boyfriend got mad over me. I new that extra time on my hair would pay off. Maybe, I have shot with her now.

"Oh, that's not good."
"I know we are just friends and he should understand that. He goes out with his girl friends and I never get mad."

Oh god she said just friends . Does that mean she doesn't want to be anything more? Maybe she'll forget about Adam and come to me. Yes, let's hope that's what she does.

"Anyways, I shouldn't be whying about any of this right now because we are going out. Where are we going anyways?"
"I thought I would take you to In and Out Burger."
"Oooo, that sounds awesome." She said with a light laugh

We finally pulled into In and Out Burger. We get inside and it's packed.

"Oh, no it's packed." Kaycie said
"It's ok i'm tight with this place."
"Ahh..Joe arnt yo the man."
"Yep, I know i'm just good like that."

We got a table by a window. We sat down and ordered our food. We got it quite fast. We sat there and ate and talked about everything.

"So, Joe what was your most embarressing moment?" She asked
"Well, did yo watch the AMA's last year?"
"Oh, ya ooo that was pretty bad. I heard you got hurt."
"Ya, that was pretty embarressing, but I just brushed it off."

We finished eating and went back to the car where Keving came just in time.

"Joe, that was awesome. Thanks for taking me here." She said getting in the car
"Your oh so welcome."

We get to her house and pull in the drive way. I get out and open up her door and walk her to her front door.

"Thanks for walking me to my door."
"No problem-o. That's what I do."
"Ya, Adam never done that before."
"Well, i'm not like Adam i'm more a gentleman. I would never yell at a lady."
"Ya, that's why I like you more." She said giving me a hug
"I guess i'll talk to you later than." I said walking back to Kevins car
"Ya, i'll text you later." she said opening her front door and waving

I waved back and then we left.

~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
Joe is totally my favorite Jonas Brother. I had so much fun. I just wish that Adam hadn't shown up. I wonder what Adam's doing? I don't know what got into him. He's never like that usually he never cares who I go out with. I'm just going to go up to my room and lye down for a while and think about it. I wonder if that's it for me and Adam. If he's already moved on. I reach my room and open my door. When I open it I step inside and see someone sitting on my bed. It's Adam.

"What are you doing here?" I said harshly
"I wanted to apologize."
"I don't understand why you got like that."
"I just got a little mad that you were spending time with him instead of me."
"Adam you shouldn't have, you know that I will always love you more."
"Ya, I know that now." He said giving me a dozen lilys
"Aww.. Adam they are beautiful."
"Like you."
"Oh, shut up." I said nudging him
"Do you forgive me?" He asked
"Of course I do." I said giving him a hug
"You now what I have missed?" He asked
"What?" I asked back
"This." He said leening in and kissing me on the lips
"Oooo, I missed that too." I said kissing him back

We stood there and did that about a million and one more times before he left.
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