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~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~
When we pulled into the driveway I seen someone pulling back the curtain. I'm assuming that it was Nick. Kevin and I get out the car and walk inside. As soon as I step inside Nick tackles me.

"Dude! Why did you do that?" I asked lying on the floor
"Ahh.. don't know just felt like it." He said getting off me

When I got off the floor I took a seat on the couch. Nick sat across from me in the recliner. Nick just kept staring at me like I was retarted.

"Why are you staring at me?" I asked
"Hmm.. I don't know... why am I staring at you Joe?"
"I don't know."
"You know why i'm staring Joe."
"Dude, seriously I don't know!"
"Maybe it has something to do with a little gal named Kaycie."
"If you wanted to know you should have just asked." I said
"You always make things sooooooo complicated Joe."
"Me, your the one who was just staring at me like a homeless person wanting money."
"Well, excuse me if I didn't want to be rude."
"Oh, no staring at me isn't rude at all."
"Dude back to the point, what happened?" He asked anxiously

I looked up and Nick was staring at me bug-eyed and Kevin was going to the kitchen to get a drink. I wait til Kevin gets back and sits next to me to begin.

"Well, it went ok..I guess."
"What all you have to say is Ok I guess." Nick said imitating me
"We talked for a bit and then we left."
"Ok.. and?" Nick asked wanting more
"She said that she'd text me later when she was going in her house."
"Dude, she totally likes you!"
"Dude, no she doesn't."
"Dude, yes she does."
"Guys stop saying dude!" Kevin butted in
"Ha sorry got caught in the moment." Nick said
"Ya, I bet." Kevin said
"Anyways, but I think she broke up with her boyfriend because when we got there they were fighting, and she called him a jerk and everything." I said replaying it in my mind
"OOO... she's totally into you now."
"Shut up with that Nick!" I said leaning over and hitting him on the arm
"Ya, but your going to be like I should have listened to you Nick you were right."
"No, I don't think so."
"Just give it time Joe just give it time." He said

~~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
My phone starts to ring and I know that ringtone it's "Shelf" by the Jonas Brothers that ringtone is set to my best friend Mandy.

"What's up?"
"Umm.. not much here but boardness."
"Ahh... you talk to Joe today?"
"Ya, actually he and I went out to lunch today."

All the sudden all I could here was screaming then Mandy's voice.

"OMG!! You went on a date with him and didn't even tell me." she yelled
"Well, he just called me today and crap I just got home a little bit ago and it wasn't a date just two friends having lunch together."
"Sure, call it what you want i'm still saying it was a date."
"Oh, what ever."
"Anyways.. what did you guys do?" She asked
"We talked for a while and then he took me back home, but I said i'd text him later."
"You did? OMG what are you going to text him?" She asked anxious
"Umm.. I don't know yet I was thinking something like hey what's up."
"Oh, Kaycie so original."
"Yep, I know simple and cool."
"What ever you say."
"Well, im going to go so I can text him now."
"Ok, tell me how it goes later. Ok."
"Ok. bye."

I hang up the phone and look at the clock and it's like already 8 pm. I pull up a new text and type his number in. Then write him a message.

"Hey Joe What's up?"

~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~
My phone starts to go off for a new text message. I look it and it's from Kaycie. I open it and it says...

"Hey Joe What's up?"

What should I put? Hmm... I got it.

"Not much but the sky." I said hitting send
~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~
I look at my phone and I got a text back from Joe. I open it and it says...

"Not much but the sky."

So I put..

"LOL Joe your so funny."
~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~~
She sent one back. I look and it says....

"LOL Joe your so funny."

I put...

"Yep I know that's why im the favorite child."
~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~
I open the text he sent.

"Yep I know that's why im the favorite child."

We talked for what seemed forever until I told him that I couldn't type anymore, do to my fingers being crampy. So I went to bed.
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