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Oh Take Me From This Hospital Bed

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Gerard and the gang are in the hospital. But what's up with Alex...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Horror,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-08-15 - Updated: 2008-08-15 - 595 words

Alex's POV

Standing in the hallway of the hospital. The tension in the air is so thick I can feel it. It's been atleast an hour since we got here. Mikey was the only one in the room because he was direct family. I slid down the wall and sighed. No one had spoken since we left the hotel. I closed my eyes, picturing the smiling faces of everyone, back when we were all happy. I snapped back to reality as the door opened. The doctor walked out and beckoned us in.

"The damage isn't extensive and as soon as the cut has healed enough Mr Way will be able to go back home." The doctor smiled and left the room. Frank ran up to Mikey's side and began talking with Gerard. Ray and Bob slowly followed. I stayed where I was. A voice in my head was trying to make me run but another was telling me to stay. I shunned the first voice and smiled slightly. I looked over at Gerard's bed and I noticed that even though he was in conversation with the others he was looking at me. In his eyes, fear. Maybe because I might turn again, or maybe because I might run. I don't know. I smiled at him and decided to walk over to his bed. The fear didn't leave his eyes but I saw it die down abit. Frank turned and smied at me, smiling back I squeezed between him and Bob. Gerard smiled and carried on talking to Mikey and Frank. All the words just blurred together in my mind. The room was beginning to spin and blur. The last thing I remember is someone shouting my name and everything going black.

Gerard's POV

I winced as the doctor prodded the cut one last time. Mikey was sitting on a chair at the end of my hospital bed. The others were waiting outside, worrying about me.

"Well Mr Way.." The doctor started to explain something, before he could tell me my situation I stopped him.

"Can you bring my friends in here before you tell me that. They should know too." He started to argue but one look at my face he hurried and ushered them inside.

"The damage isn't extensive and as soon as the cut has healed enough Mr Way will be able to go back home." I looked away from him and watched as everyone rushed over to my side. Everyone except Alex. I talked and explained all I could to the guys but all along I was watching her. She wouldn't leave would she. Just then she looked up and met my gaze. Smiling she walked over. I smiled back and watched her as she sat in the space between Frank and Bob. I finished off the conversation with the guys when a voice told me to turn around. I looked at Alex and she was looking funny, not in a laughing way either. She looked like it was gong to happen again. I could see red tints appearing in her eyes and a voice told me to run this time. But I stayed. She wasn't turning, not yet.

"Alex!!!" I shouted her name as she fell backwards barely missing the floor as Frank caught her with the help of Bob. Mikey called for the doctor and she was taken, taken away from me again. Mikey sent Frank to take care of her and keep an eye on things. He headed off after the doctor and the others began questioning me again.
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