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chapter 7

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AU post OotP, NO HBP or DH, politics

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Time to Learn
by Loralee
beta by Skeptic7

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.
AN: For those who've been wondering, I am writing again. Updates will be erratic. My thanks to Skeptic7 for the beta.

Chapter 7

Sunday Harry went over the account book Picklock had given him. Visited with Hagrid, and began to work on the first of the DADA assignments, on the theory that being ahead rather than behind might keep Hermione off his back. In the evening he went flying just to relax. He was stopped on the way back into the castle by Warrington, the Slytherin Quidditch Captain.

"May I have a word, Potter?" said Warrington. Harry nodded and stepped to the side of the hallway with the seventh year chaser.

"What can I do for you, Warrington?" asked Harry.

"Sinistra said you offered to give our seeker pointers," said the large boy, with a slight sneer.

"Yeah, I did," said Harry.

"What's in it for you? Just to scope out the competition?" he asked, his sneer becoming more pronounced.

Harry snorted and replied with a slight grin. "No, that not it. I attended a Quidditch camp this summer and learned a bunch drills that pro players use. I'm willing to share with the other seekers. I'm not talking team secrets or anything. Besides I'm going to be training our reserve as well."

Warrington shook his head and crossed his arms, "Why?" he demanded.

Harry leaned back against the wall and eyed the older boy for a moment. "Okay, I'll be honest here, Warrington, I need the practice. The better your seeker plays the better I have to play, come spring I have to try to make the cut on the National Team. You don't have to take me up on the offer, of course, your seeker can learn the same things at the workshop." Harry shrugged once more and added with a smirk, "Besides I already made points with the teachers for offering, you'll just look petty if you turn me down."

Warrington blinked and then scowled. "Why aren't you in Slytherin, Potter?"

"Because I met Malfoy before the sorting," said Harry with a grin.

Warrington shook his head, "Yeah, you snubbed him on the train. Everyone's heard him bitch about that."

Harry let out a laugh and said, "I met him the first time in Malkins during the summer where he insulted me without knowing who I was, insulted Hagrid who was the first adult to ever be nice to me. On the train he insulted both my first friend and my intelligence. Of course I snubbed him and begged the hat to put me anywhere but Slytherin. Besides it's not like I'd want anyone to know that I'm ambitious or cunning."

Harry turned slightly to watch two wide eyed young Hufflepuffs scurry past, keeping Warrington in the corner of his eye.

Warrington laughed, "Alright when do you want to do this then?"

"Tuesday evening after dinner alright with you?" asked Harry.

"That'll do, I'll have Burns there," agreed Warrington.

Harry nodded and made to continue up to the tower.

"Erm, Potter?" said Warrington, shifting uncomfortably.


"You planning on hunting down the rest of the Death Eaters?" he asked in a low voice after another group of students walked by.

Harry stood up straight, eyes narrowed and asked, "Why do you want to know?"

Warrington gulped, and said, "I—I might know someone who was sort of forced into it. I wondered if you knew if they could give themselves up?"

Harry blinked, and said slowly, "I could check on that if you like. I'd think that it would be a good idea."

"I'd appreciate that," said Warrington.

Harry nodded, "I'll let you know," he paused as Neville, Dean and Colin came striding up the corridor wands in hand, then turned at the sound of several people behind him to see half a dozen Slytherins coming from the other direction. He glanced at Warrington, who began to pale and laughed. He held out his hand and said, "See you on the pitch then."

Warrington blinked, and shook Harry's hand.

"Nev, guys what's up?" asked Harry as he turned from the Slytherin Quidditch captain.

"Alright there, Harry," asked Neville with a look at Warrington.

"Yeah, we were just discussing Quidditch, come on I need a shower," said Harry with a grin leading the three Gryffindors back the way they came.


Monday at lunch Harry was approached by Hufflepuff Wayne Hopkins.

"Say Potter, can our seeker get in on this training you're offering?" asked Hopkins, sitting down across from Harry at the Gryffindor table.

Harry looked up from his lunch, and asked, "Summersby couldn't ask me himself?"

"He didn't come back this year," said Wayne.

Harry blinked, and asked in surprise, "Is he dead?"

Wayne frowned, and then shook his head. "Oh, no, I heard his dad got a job in Australia."

"Oh, okay," said Harry feeling relieved. "Yeah, tomorrow after dinner I'll be on the pitch."

Wayne grinned, "Great I'll have her there."

Harry shook his head as Wayne walked back to his own table. He turned to Hermione with a grin and said, "Looks like I'm putting on my own workshop. You think I should ask Cho if she wants to join us?"

Hermione sniffed, "You really think she would?"

Harry shrugged, "It would be the polite thing to do."

Hermione shrugged again and went back to her book. Harry raised his eyebrows at her and looked for Cho at the Ravenclaw table. He finished his lunch and grabbed his bag to catch her before she left the Hall.

"Hey, Cho," he called.

She turned her smile wide, "Hello Harry, did you need something?"

"Yes, I wanted to let you know that I'd be helping train up the Slytherin and Hufflepuff seekers tomorrow after dinner if you wanted to come. It's just standard seeker drills but you're welcome," he said.

She smiled and stepped closer to him, laying one hand on his chest, "I have no interest in helping the other teams, Harry, are you sure you wouldn't rather have some one on one practice with me? You could show me what great hands you have," she purred.

Harry's eyebrows went up and he said, "Sorry Cho I don't really have time for one on one practice." He stepped away and hitched at the shoulder strap of his bag. "I've got to go." He turned and walked away leaving her gaping behind him.


In Accounting and Estate Management, Harry once again sat next to Susan Bones with a soft greeting. Neville sat next to him. Ernie MacMillan paused in the doorway, glanced at the four boys on the opposite side of the room and then took the seat behind Susan. Harry eyed MacMillan for a moment then looked at the other four. Cornfoot ignored them. Nott glared and Zabini gave a slight nod with a smirk while Entwhistle regarded Macmillan thoughtfully.

Harry pulled out the slim leather covered ledger he'd received from Picklock and caught a side long look from Susan.

"What?" he asked.

"It's not very big," she said with a sly smile. "I expected something larger from you Potter." Then she giggled. Neville snorted, and he heard a smothered noise from MacMillan.

"Huh?" he asked confused.

She smirked now and nodded her head to the other side of the room. The boys' ledgers resembled large tomes. He glanced at Neville to see he also had a large ledger.

Harry glanced down at his own slim book and shrugged, "It's not how big it is that matters, it's what you do with it." He noticed that Susan had turned red and Neville was making little whimpering sounds. He raised an eyebrow at the boy, who only shook his head. "Besides do you realize how much work a book like that would take. I have better things to do with my time than that."

Hancock had just entered the room and paused next to them. "It there a problem?" he asked.

Harry looked up with a smile and said, "No sir. Just idle conversation while we waited."

"I see." The man glanced at Harry's ledger and frowned, then continued to the front of the room. "You may put your ledgers away and take out parchment and quill. We need to cover quite a bit of ground today. Last week we discussed various accounting terms, today we will discuss balance sheets and income statements. I'll expect you to compile both items for next week."

As Harry was shaking the cramps out of his hand and starting to pack away his notes, he felt Neville stiffen next to him. He looked up to find Zabini standing before him.

"I must congratulate you on neutralizing Cornfoot, Potter. It was a master stroke," said the dark skinned boy, with a smirk. "He was sure he would dominate this class."

Harry blinked wondering what the boy was talking about, and decided to change the subject and ask Neville later.

"Zabini, do all you Slytherins practice that damn smirk? Is it a house requirement?" he asked with a grin.

This time Zabini blinked, and the smirk faded as his lips quirked up into a grin. "My Aunt told my that my assessment of you was faulty and I should try to establish a positive relationship with you rather than merely mutual non aggression."

Harry cocked his head to one side and asked, "Is that Slytherin speak for let's be friends?"

Zabini chuckled and said, "I believe it is," he held out his hand, "Blaise Zabini of House Zabini, it's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Potter."

Harry shook his hand and said, "Nice to meet you, call me Harry."

Zabini chuckled again and bowed slightly, "Thank you, I'm Blaise, I have an invitation for you." He reached into his bag and pulled out an envelope. "It's from my Aunt, she'd like you to have tea with her. I believe she wishes to sound out your politics and perhaps pull your vote for one of her projects." He scowled momentarily, "I also believe she may be husband hunting for my sister."

Before Harry could touch the envelope, Neville's wand waved over it. Harry eyed him as he nodded, and then took the invitation.

"I'll owl her," said Harry.

Blaise nodded and said, "I was unaware that the alliance with House Longbottom was active again."

Neville said quietly, "It is House Longbottom's honor to stand with House Potter, our banners fly together."

Harry didn't say anything but added it to the list of questions for Neville.

Zabini nodded and said, "This has been a most informative discussion. Lord Potter, Longbottom, Miss Bones, I hope you have a good afternoon," and with a small bow he turned and left the room.

"Nev?" said Harry.

"How can your alliance be active, Neville? You've not reached your majority yet," exclaimed Susan who'd been watching the exchange with interest.

"Not here," said Neville hitching his bag on to his shoulder, "Somewhere a bit more secure, please."

Harry nodded and led Neville and Susan down the corridor to an empty classroom with no portraits.

A few charms later, Harry lounged back onto a dusty desk and said, "Okay, explain please."

Neville nodded and took a deep breath. "The Houses of Longbottom and Potter have been allies for several generations. Each time a new Head takes over the alliance needs to be reaffirmed. Technically it can't be until I've reached my majority and been invested but traditionally, under the old laws, it was sealed when we went into battle together at the Ministry."

"Oh, that's right," stated Susan, "that would count as your banners flying together."

"Banners?" asked Harry.

Neville grinned, "Ancient history reference, knights and stuff. Each house had a banner with their coat of arms. Allies would group together with their banners."

Harry nodded, "Got it, so what was Zabini on about Cornfoot?"

Susan laughed this time and said, "You sided with me last week and it's all over the school. You sat beside me again this week and pulled Ernie over. Next week Zabini will move over, possibly pulling Entwhistle with him, leaving Cornfoot with just Nott."

Harry stared at her for a moment and then said, "Wow, I must be pretty smart to do that. Susan, you are my friend and that's why I sat beside you. I thought MacMillan was too, though."

Susan snorted and then covered her mouth and blushed, "Sorry, Ernie was sucking up to Cornfoot trying to establish good contacts. However you're the ranking student in the class so he's switching sides. Really it has nothing to do with me and wasn't personal."

"So much for Hufflepuff loyalty," Neville chimed in.

Susan pursed her lips, "That's Ernie, he did apologize after the class, in private."

"Hmm that's good," said Harry looking thoughtful, then asked, "Okay next item," he waved the invitation, "Zabini said his Aunt might want to pull my vote? What vote?"

"You have a seat in the Wizengamot, Harry. There's a proxy there for now but you probably need to check to see what he's been doing and decided if you want to replace him or take the seat yourself," said Neville. With a thoughtful look he continued, "The Black seats been empty for awhile, you'll need to do something with that as well."

"Bugger, that has to be what Dumbledore was talking about, that I needed tutoring in bloody politics," complained Harry with a sigh. His stomach rumbled just then causing the three teens to laugh. "I'm starving, let's get something to eat."

"Harry," said Susan laying a detaining hand on his arm. "My birthday is February 25, would you consider an Alliance with the House of Bones?"

"Erm," said Harry.

She laughed, "Just think about it for now. We can talk more later." Harry nodded and took down his wards as the left the room for dinner. He would need to discuss this in more detail with Neville.


That evening after Ron and Hermione left for a prefect patrol, Harry sat down across from Neville.

"Nev, you got a minute?" he asked as the other boy looked up from his book.

Neville sighed, then smiled and said, "I suspect we're going to need more than a minute. I'm sorry I didn't mention the Alliance and Wizengamot stuff before. I forget that you don't know anything."

"Oi, I know stuff," said Harry with a scowl, "I just don't know the right stuff, apparently."

Neville snorted, "You know the right stuff, how to get rid of dark lords and various other nasties."

Harry grinned back and said, "Okay you got me there. Now educate me in politics."

"You got to understand, Harry I'm learning it myself. I'm supposed to spend next summer shadowing Uncle Algie at the Wizengamot to get the hands on experience."

"But you'll be of age in July," said Harry.

"Yeah, but I'll still have another year of school so Uncle has agree to stay on as proxy. I don't mind really. I have heard Gran and him discussing Wizengamot business at various times. I know each member has an office in the Ministry and a secretary to take of the mail and paperwork and stuff."

"Are votes secret or public record, Nev?" asked Harry.

"There's a record of who voted for what but it isn't exactly public record. You have to ask for it. There is an archive department that keeps all those records for Wizengamot use," said Neville after a moments thought.

"Do you happen to know who my proxy is?" asked Harry dreading the answer.

Neville shook his head. "I could owl my Uncle, he would know." Neville paused and frowned for a moment. "Actually I should owl him that we've acknowledged the alliance. If you'd want to go see him he could fill you in better than I and it's one of the benefits of having an alliance. I don't mean we always have to vote the same way or agree but we can hash it out in private and work toward the same goals."

"Do we have goals?" asked Harry quietly.

Neville grinned and answered just as quietly, "Sure we do, we're going to change the Wizarding world for the better. You've already started. You just haven't been working to a plan yet. That's what alliances are for, developing a plan and working together to achieve it."

"You're talking long term plans," said Harry.

"Sure, we got the rest of our lives now, thanks to you. When would you want to meet my Uncle?"

"I've Tuesday afternoons free," replied Harry.

"I'll write him right now, if I can make to the owlery before curfew, we'll know by breakfast if he can meet you tomorrow." Neville paused as he dug out parchment, "by the way Harry, where's your owl, I haven't seen her at all this year."

Harry mumbled something and Neville stared at him, "I'm sorry I didn't catch that."

"It's not important, she's fine just, erm, busy," said Harry. He gestured to the parchment, "you should write that if you want to be back by curfew. Oh, and then you can tell me if we should ally with Susan."


When the owl came for Neville the next morning, he quickly read the letter then passed it to Harry, who scanned it quickly and pocketed it.

He caught McGonagall on the way to lunch, and told her he had an appointment at the Ministry that afternoon. She nodded her acceptance, and he ate a hurried meal and left the castle before anyone else finished.

After having his wand checked by the awed guard, and receiving directions to the Wizengamot offices, Harry made his way through the bustling corridors.

A pretty, dark haired young woman greeted Harry warmly as he entered Algie Longbottom's office. He thought she looked familiar, and asked, "I'm sorry, should I know you?"

She blushed and replied, "Tracie Flemming, Hufflepuff, three years ahead of you, Lord Potter. I shouldn't think you'd remember me."

Harry grinned, "Well I thought you looked familiar, and please it's just Harry, none of that Lord business."

She shook her head and smiled back as she led him to the inner door, "Mr Longbottom is expecting you, sir."

Algie Longbottom was a mid sized, rotund man. Harry could see a resemblance to Neville that marked them family.

"Come in Lord Potter, please have a seat," said Longbottom as he rounded the desk to shake Harry's hand. Then to Tracie, "Miss Flemming bring in some refreshments, please."

Harry took the seat indicated next to a small table, while Longbottom took the one to the other side.

"Neville informs me that you and he have acknowledged the alliance between our families. I must say I'm not surprised. Neville's grown up quite a bit in the last few months. His Grandmother and I are quite proud of the man he is becoming, and I believe that we owe that to you, Lord Potter. I'm quite happy to discover that the boy is much more than we had expected," said Longbottom.

"Neville's a hell of a wizard and I'll gladly have him at my back anytime, sir," said Harry with some heat at the perceived insult to his friend.

Longbottom smiled thinly, "Don't mistake me, Lord Potter, I love my nephew and rejoice in the changes. But the down side to Neville becoming a strong, honest man is that he'll soon be taking his rightful place here and in the family." He chuckled, "I've rather liked the excitement of being in the thick of things. Ah, well, Augusta and I spoke last evening after I received his letter. He is Head of the Family in all but name and we'll abide by his decisions."

Harry wasn't sure what to say and was relieved when Tracie reentered the room with a tea tray.

"Thank you Miss Flemming, please see that we are not disturbed." He turned back to Harry. "Now Lord Potter would you prefer tea, or one of these butterbeers that Miss Flemming has provided?"

"Butterbeer please, sir, and call me Harry," said Harry with a grin.

"Very well, I believe I'll join you, I don't often find those on the refreshment tray, Harry. You must call me Algie. Now what can I do for you, today?" said the man with a chuckle.

"Well, I only just found out about this Wizengamot thing and have no idea what I should or need to do. I don't even know who my proxy is or how to go about appointing a new one if I don't like what the one I have is doing. Not to mention I'll need to do something with the Black seat as well. Neville suggest I come talk to you," said Harry after a deep drink of the butterbeer.

Algie nodded, "So mainly you're after information. Well the Potter proxy is a man by the name of Elphias Doge, he's a contemporary of Dumbledore's. Follows Dumbledore's lead, votes with him on most everything. I'm not sure he'll take kindly to being told what to do by someone as young as you are, no offense meant. Of course I know how that feels." He gave Harry a wry smile. "You'll need to meet with the Chief Archivist. He'll be able to give you Doge's voting record and set you up with a Wizengamot book."

"What kind of book?" asked Harry.

"We call it a Wizengamot book, it's got the rules and regulations and minutes from the previous meeting, along with a section of upcoming meetings and proposals. Now of course that doesn't help when something is proposed from the floor for immediate discussion and vote. You need someone you can trust to know what you want and how you think, for that."

Harry nodded in understanding and placed the empty bottle on the table. "Thank you, sir. You've been a great help."

Algie laughed, "Oh I'm not done yet, Harry. Come on, I'll take you down and introduce you to the Chief Archivist. Let me tell you that's a man whose parents hated him." He clapped Harry on the back as they left the office. "But get on his good side and you've got the job half done."

Algie wouldn't explain the parents hating him comment, he just laughed and told Harry he'd understand when he was introduced. He led Harry to a dusty office where a tall thin man with glasses much thicker that even Harry's was hunched over a desk. Several younger men bustled about among the shelving that cluttered the room.

"Les, my old friend, I have someone for you to meet," boomed out Algie.

The man looked up in disdain, "I'm sure I don't care to meet another of your floozies, you bombastic bore."

"Now, now, Les, be nice I've told Lord Harry Potter here all about you. Harry this is the Chief Archivist of the Wizengamot, Les Moore," said Algie with a grin.

The man rose and offered his hand. "Leslie Moore, Lord Potter," said the man with a glare a Algie, "It's a pleasure to meet you, don't believe a word this idiot has told you, it's all lies."

"Nice to meet you, sir," said Harry grinning at the by play.

"I'm hurt, now Les, here I was telling Harry here what a nice man you are and you say nasty things about me," proclaimed Algie, one hand over his heart.

Moore snorted, "Ha, likely story, don't trust him, Lord Potter, he'll put itching powder in your pants and laxative in your drink, you give him half a chance."

"Now that was years ago, Les, do you have to keep bringing it up after all this time? I'd like to think I've grown up since then," said Algie with an air of a well rehearsed line.

Moore eyed him, "Grown up? I don't think so, grown out however--" he trailed off with a chuckle and then turned to Harry.

"Well that enough of that. I imagine you're here for your book, eh, Lord Potter?" said Moore.

"Yes, sir, and Mr Doge's voting record as well, please," said Harry still smiling.

"I've been compiling that since you were declared this summer," said Moore with a grin. He reached into a cubby near his desk and lifted down two large tomes. "There you go Lord Potter, everything you've never known you needed to know about the Wizengamot and the voting record and pontifications of the Potter proxy Elphias Doge. Enjoy."

Harry blinked at the overly large books and smothered a groan. He withdrew his wand and shrank the books to fit in his pocket and looked up as both men chuckled.

"Thank you so very much," he said with no little sarcasm.

"Oh, Algie, I like this one, he's certainly going to shake up these old farts isn't he?" said Moore in a low voice leaning in toward the other man.

Algie nodded and added, "Should be fun."


Harry stepped through the open outer office door and said, "Good afternoon, I'd like to see Mr Doge, please."

"I'm sorry Mr Doge isn't available right now, would you like to make an app--" the young man at the desk broke off as he looked up to see Harry.

Harry smiled tightly and asked, "Do you mean he isn't in or that he's napping in the office?" recalling what Algie had told him earlier.

"Er, Mr Potter I--" the young man stammered glancing at the closed door.

"I'll just let myself in then, shall I?" said Harry. The young man shot to his feet.

"Er, sir," he said desperately.

Harry turned back the the sandy haired man, "What's your name?"

The young man blinked, "Marcus Weatherby, sir."

Harry grinned, "Really? Do you have relatives working for the Ministry also?"

Marcus looked confused now, "Yes sir, my father works in Magical Transportation and I have an older brother who is an Auror."

Harry nodded and turned toward the inner office door.

"Please sir, he'll be mad if I just let you in," said Marcus urgently.

Harry raised an eyebrow and asked, "You are aware that these are my offices and that Mr Doge works for me, aren't you Marcus?"

Marcus gulped and nodded, his face extremely pale.

"Well then who do you want to back?" asked Harry reasonably.

"I—I see, Lord Potter, I don't believe it's locked, sir," said Marcus slowly settling back into his chair.

"Good man," said Harry striding over to the door and throwing it open.

"What the devil, Marcus," shout the startled man dozing on the leather couch. "Who the bloody hell are you," he demanded. Then he shouted toward the door, "Marcus, Marcus get in here and throw this boy out."

"Mr Doge, it's pleasure to meet you again, though I'm sure you can imagine my surprise to find that I'd never been informed that you were my proxy to the Wizengamot," said Harry softly seating himself in one of the expensive leather chairs flanking the couch.

Doge squinted at Harry as he sat up, "Oh, it's you Potter. What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at Hogwarts, boy? Albus didn't tell me you were coming," he finished petulantly.

"I'm here to discuss whether or not I want you to retain my proxy until I'm out of school, Mr Doge," said Harry with a smirk.

Doge snorted, "What are you on about, boy, of course I'm going to retain your proxy. You don't need to worry your head about it. In fact, Albus told me that I might expect to manage your affairs for years yet while you enjoy yourself."

Harry shook his head, "I'm sorry to inform you, Mr Doge that Headmaster Dumbledore has no say in my affairs, and if you and I can't come to an agreement, neither will you."

Doge stood and puffed out his chest, his voice rising, "Listen here boy, you can't come in here and speak to me this way. I'm a close personal friend of Albus Dumbledore, the Supreme Mugwump, and until he says I'm no longer the Potter proxy I'll continue to hold it. You aren't even of age yet boy. Now get yourself back to Hogwarts and I won't have the Aurors arrest you for breaking and entering."

Harry continued to sit in the chair, head cocked as he stared at the pompous old man in front of him. He took a deep breath and said calmly, "It's Lord Potter, Doge. Thank you for your service to the Potter family, but it is no longer required, I withdraw my proxy. Please vacate these offices at once."

Doge began to purple as he once again shouted for Marcus, "Marcus call the Aurors, remove this whelp, Marcus where the devil are you?"

"The Aurors are here, Mr Doge," came the deep voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt from the doorway, "We could hear shouting down the corridor, what seems to be the problem?"

"I want this boy arrested for breaking into my office. He's probably done something to my secretary," shouted Doge.

Harry stood from the chair and grinned at the black man, "Head Auror Shacklebolt," he said in greeting.

Kingsley blinked at Harry and turned back to Doge, "Mr Doge, this boy as you call him is Lord Potter."

"I know that, Auror, but I was appoint by Albus Dumbledore and I won't allow this egotistical brat to fire me. This position is mine, Albus promised, arrest him!" demanded Doge.

"I've withdrawn my proxy, as I don't believe that Mr Doge and I can work together," said Harry firmly. "I've asked that he vacate my office."

"This is my office, Potter! Albus promised!" Doge shouted and he drew his wand.

Kingsley stunned the overwrought man and spoke to the two Aurors who'd followed him into the office. "Wise, Gorman, please take Mr Doge to the infirmary for a calming draught and then escort him home." He turned to Harry and said with a sigh, "Causing trouble again, Lord Potter?"

Harry shrugged and muttered, "I'm an catalyst for change, what can I say?"

Kingsley frowned, "Beg pardon?"

Harry shook his head, "It's not important, just a something I was told once. I'm sorry to have caused trouble but that's how my luck seems to go."

Kingsley chuckled in agreement and asked, "So are you going to be taking your seat on the Wizengamot?"

"No, I'll find another proxy, I don't have time to deal with it but it's got to be someone I can work with," he said with a shudder and lead the way to the outer office.

"I'll be off then," said Kingsley, "Come see me when you get the chance, Harry. We'll do the obstacle course again." He walked out of the office and Harry could hear voices asking what was going on and Kingsley saying it was all over and to return to their offices.

"Marcus?" asked Harry looking around at the expensive furnishings and glass display cases, "How much of this stuff belongs to Doge?"

"I believe he has only a few personal belongings in the other office, I've heard him bragging about the display items being Potter artifacts and rare tomes," answered Marcus promptly.

"Hmm," said Harry, "well pack up his belongings and send them to his home and if you can get me an inventory of what's here, please."

"Of course, sir, I'll get right on it," said Marcus.

"Oh, first have you done press releases before?" asked Harry focusing on the secretary.

"Yes, sir, I have."

"Good, prepare a press release thanking Mr Doge for his service and wishing him well in his retirement. I'll be back in a bit, hopefully with the name of the new Potter proxy to be included," said Harry.

Marcus nodded and pulled out parchment.


Harry knocked on the edge of the door frame to Mr Weasley's office. The man looked up and smiled, "Harry, how are you, please come in, can I get you anything?"

"Hi, Mr Weasley, I'm good. How's Mrs Weasley and yourself?" Harry responded sinking into the offered chair.

"Molly's well, and I thought I asked you to call me Arthur, Harry?" he said.

"Yes, sir, you did," said Harry flushing slightly.

"So is this a social call or is there something you needed?" asked Arthur.

"Well, I recently found out that I have a seat on the Wizengamot. Two actually, when I reactivate the Black seat, and I came over today to talk to Mr Doge about what I'd like to see happen," he paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. "It didn't go very well and I ended up dismissing him."

Arthur nodded, "I'm not surprised, Harry. Doge is a bit of a-- well that is to say, he's a bit set in his ways. He is a pretty close friend of Albus'."

"Yes, sir, I realize that but I spoke with Neville, the houses of Potter and Longbottom have an alliance you see, and we agreed that I really need someone who'll act as I wish. I'd like to see some reforms in our laws. Make it harder for the next Dark Lord to rise. I need someone who can stand up to Dumbledore if and when we don't agree and let me tell you, we aren't seeing eye to eye right now."

"You're right, Harry, it a proxy's job to act as the primary wishes them to, no matter the pressure from outside sources or even their own wishes," agreed Arthur.

Harry nodded enthusiastically, "I'm so glad you see it that way, Mr Weasley, I was hoping you would because I had the idea that maybe I'd ask the twins to take the seats, I'm sure it would liven up the Wizengamot a lot. What do you think?"

Arthur Weasley's jaw dropped and he spluttered, "The twins, Fred and George, you want the twins to –to –to," he blinked at the grin spreading across Harry's face. "You're pulling my leg aren't you, Harry?" He breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry, Mr Weasley I really couldn't resist and the look on your face," laughed Harry.

Arthur smiled, "I'll have to tell Molly that we actually have triplets rather than twins."

Harry grinned widely, "Yes sir, so, would it cause problems for you to be my proxy?"
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