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Starting over, but is it really on my own?p

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IM BACK! With the sequel to Starting over this time on my own, so much drama but will rachel survive it all or will she end up breaking down in her own misery..?

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A/N: ITS HERE! The sequel, arnt you just totally excited! I know I am, I have worked so hard just to get this for you, so love me... :) I finally got my thoughts together maybe about 4 days after I finished the first story. I know you thought it would take longer but you know what I was so exicted I started it now.

So say love me lol Jk.

Love you guys!,

Chapter 1:Again...??

Rachel POV

I walked into George and Emily's room picking up their toys they had left laying around, I don't know if I could bare telling them that their daddy wouldn't be home for another 2 months. I sighed holding back the tears. George Ryan Ross the 4th was 5 years old soon to be 6 and Emily was 3 going on 4. It made me feel old sometimes, and sometimes it made me wonder what other things Ryan did while he was on tour. He was always holed up in the office writing..or on the phone and wouldn't tell me with who like he used to.

“George, Emily, come here please.” I said sitting on George's bed, I sighed clasping my hands together closing my eyes as Emily waddled in still not getting the walking down pat yet, George ran in the room and they both stood in front of me. George was the picture of his father, hair eyes skin tone, spitting image, while Emily had his hair my eyes and complextion.

“Whats wrong mommy?” George asked and I sighed.

“Daddy isnt coming home for sometime again, he is busy.” I said to him and Emily they both started crying and I took them into my arms and held them.

“Shhh shhh. Its going to be okay...I promise.” I said letting a tear slip from my eye I wiped it away quick as to not let them see it, I had to be strong. If not for myself ,then for them. The phone rang I answered it.

“Hey, is everything okay?”Ryan asked and I laughed letting then cry them selves to sleep.

“Oh yeah just peachy, I had to tell our kids your not coming home for another 2 months, they miss you Ry.” I said to him sighing. “I miss you.” I said to him as I sat down.

“Well, before you know it, i'll be home.”He said to me sighing like I was wasting him time on the subject. I shook my head then looked at our wedding picture at sat just above the fireplace, we looked so happy its hard to believe that was us.

“Ryan, are you cheating on me?” I asked him as a tear escaped from my eye.

“Rachel, be serious. I would never do that to you.”He said to me seriously.

“Your never home anymore, where are you really, Brendon came by the house yesterday, I thought you were on tour?” I asked him he took a in take of breath, in shock I think.

“Well?” I asked him after 5 minutes of silence.

“I have to go.”He said to me and I laughed.

“George Ryan Ross if you hang up don't come home!” I yelled into the phone.

“I have to work.”He said to me.

“What with a fucking whore, come home now or its the end.” I said to him seriously.

“I guess its the end.”He said to me and I dropped the phone as he hung up, I fell to my knees not believing this, I put my hands to my face and began to cry. I felt two pairs of small arms wrap around me and I knew it was my babies. I held them to me crying like I had never before, not even when I was abused, my heart had officially been broken.

'Did I do to much? What if he was telling the truth? Was I wrong for that?' those were the thoughts that passed through my mind as Brendon entered the dining area he picked me up off the floor and held my shoulders.

“Whats wrong?”He asked me and I broke into tears.

“Ryan is cheating on me.” I said to him and his eyes got wide.

“No, he wouldn't.”He said trailing on.

“Well, he didnt denie it when I mentioned you came by yesterday..” I said to him seirously.

“I told him to come home now or its the end and he said I guess its the end.” I told Brendon and he shook his head.

“ I will talk to him, alright. Don't-” He said as the door bell rang, I walked to the front door and my lawyer walked in.

“Ryan wants divorce.”He said to me and everything went black.
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