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Chapter 2

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He is sorry, but is it worth it?

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Chapter 2:

“I will talk to him, alright. Don't-” He said as the door bell rang, I walked to the front door and my lawyer walked in.

“Ryan wants divorce.”He said to me and everything went black.

I woke up laying on the couch Emily crying as Brendon finally let her come over to me, she hugged me and I hugged her back letting the fresh tears fall down my face. I couldn't do this alone, this couln't be happening to me, I sat up and Brendon handed me a glass of water hoping to calm me down. Thefront door opened and Ryan walked in and I looked away from him.

“Why?” I asked him and he looked at me.

“What are you talking about?”He asked me raising an eyebrow.

“Your lawyer just served me with Divorce papers.” I said to him standing up telling Brendon to take th kids out for the day soRyan and I could talk. He looked and me and sighed then touched my cheek softly.

“I never sent those.”He said to me and I laughed.

“So you thought about it...” I said to him lightly and he looked at me.

“Well, yeah. Brendon is over a lot makes me wonder what you two are doing.”He said to me and looked at him and shook my head.

“You know what Ryan, that is really low of you to assume I would do that with your best friend or anyone at all, you know my views on cheating.” I said to him my voice low and angry.

“Like I have been.”He said to me and I looked at him.

“What?” I asked him confused.

“Your best friend, Chelsey, she looked me up I guess and thats who I've been seeing.”He said to me and I looked at him then sat down. Once icollected my thoughts and he went to kiss me and I slapped him hard across the face.

“You BASTARD!” I yelled at him tears filling my eyes as I shoved him back..

“GET OUT!” I yelled at him.

“I don't want you here anymore!” I yelled at him and he smirked touching his now red cheek.

“If I remember correctly this was my house.”He said to me, this was a Ryan I never knew exsisted, I never knew he was this way. He used to be so loving and caring like no one had been to me before, now, all he reminded me of was my father. I walked up to our room and began packing my things, my clothes and the kids clothes. I felt him touch my arm.

“What are you doing?”He asked me.

“Im taking the kids with me, since your to busy to even come see them.” I said to him putting their clothes in a duffle bag along with mine. I walked out of the house just as Brendon was walking up with Emily asleep in her strolled and George in his arms asleep also.

I took Geroge and let a tear fall down my face as I looked into his eyes, he knew exactly what had went down. “He did cheat on me, with Chelsey.” I said to him and he looked down wonder what the hell crawled up Ryan's ass to make him do something like that.

“I can't do this anymore Brendon.” I said to him walking down the stairs when he touched my shoulder.

“You three can stay with me.”Brendon said and I smiled.

“Thanks.” I said to him and he nodded then looked down.

“Something wrong?” I asked him smiling weakly.

“No, I will be right back.”He said putting Emily in her car seat then walked back up the stairs to talk to Ryan.


“Hey, whats going on?” I asked Ryan and he looked at me.

“She is leaving me.”Ryan said a single tear falling down his face and I laughed a bit then sighed.

“From what I can tell with good reason, dude, she loves you and you just broke her heart into a million pieces.” I said to him seirously.

“I didn't mean for anything to happen between me and Chelsey, it just did.” He said to me sitting on the couch his head in his head.

“Fix things with her, she wont sign the papers just yet.” I said to him giving him a hug then leaving.

I walked down to the car and I drove them to my place, she had a sad expression on her face she looked out the window with desperation maybe hoping he would pull us over and beg her to come back to him knowing she would in a heartbeat. I put my hand over hers and she looked at me, I knew this was wrong of me but soon after their wedding Melody and I broke up. It wasnt the same as Rachel. I still loved her but I supported Ryan for his marriage, when she told me cheated on her, I was crazy confused, he told me that he would never ever in a million years do that to her. I guess he lied to me too.

“You'll be okay.” I said to her and she looked out the window grasping my hand in hers trying to hold back the tears being strong for George and Emily. We arrived at my home and we unloaded the kids and their luggage to see Ryan had beat us there she shook her head putting Emily on the couch next to her brother and then facing him.

“What?”She asked him her hand on her hip.

“I love you.”He said to her walking to her and she looked down trying not to fall for his apologetic gaze. She let a single tear fall down her face when he pulled her into his arms and whispered he was sorry over and over again telling her it would never happen again and he would be home more. She just stood there, not believing a word he said, and if she was she was a hell of a actress.

“Really? I bet your going to say that the next time and the next time after that...”She whispered just loud enough for me to hear. It acutally made me happy that she didn't believe at the momment but I knew I would have to get her to go back to him soon.

“Please, just give me one more chance.” He mummered to her holding her tightly so she couldn't walk away. I saw her sighed then she gave in, she is such a forgiving person, she is to nice sometimes, I guess my job was easy, I didnt even have to do it.

She nodded and he kissed her softly and she kissed him back and I looked away trying to get the image out of my head. I just wish she would have given me the time of day 6 years ago, I wouldn't have done this to her.

Ryan POV

I was so relieved when she decided to take me back, I didnt deserve her and god knew this but he gave her back to me anyway. I thanked him profusely in my head for what he had given me which of course was another chance with the love of my life.

“Thank you.”I whispered in her ear and she held me close to her still crying from the betrayal and decite.
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