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Tis chapter three. See chapter one for a summary.

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A/N: In case you hadn't gathered, thoughts are in italics, as well as letters, since I can't manage to use multiple fonts in here.

Chapter 3 - Owls?

Three days later, as Harry was weeding the back garden of Number 4, Privet Drive, Harry noticed an owl flying in his direction.

I thought owls were nocturnal. Wait, this one has something tied to its leg. Oh, hello, that looks like a letter.

The Owl landed next to Harry and stuck out it's leg, obviously wanting Harry to remove the letter. Removing it, Harry noticed the same seal as the one from several days before. Opening it, he read:

Dear Mr. Potter

We have not received a reply to your Acceptance letter, and hope you will reply with your decision as soon as possible.

Minerva McGonagall
Transfiguration Professor, Deputy Headmistress, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

In addition to this, there was another copy of the letter he had incinerated the night before. Curiosity piqued, he went to his cupboard and pulled out his school supplies, and penned a response.

Dear Professor McGonagall

I did receive your acceptance letter, but disposed of it out of hand, thinking it was a practical joke of some kind. If this is a legitimate school, you will have to do a better job of explaining it to people than "You have been accepted". I currently have no idea what exactly Hogwarts is, beside a school of "Witchcraft and Wizardry", assuming such things even exist. If this school actually exists I would appreciate someone explaining in greater detail what attending will entail.

Harry Potter

Hurrying back outside, past the glaring visages of his Aunt and Uncle, he saw to his relief that the owl was still there, seemingly waiting for him to attach a reply. Doing so, and trying not to think how foolish this all seemed, he watched as the own looked at him one more, and took off, flying north. Harry went back to the garden, unaware of the events that would begin to unfold as a result of that letter.
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