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Falling From Grace

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After her small spat with Mikey, how will things turn out? C'mon you know you wanna read it :D

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/]Rae awoke some time later, well around twilight. The sun’s setting rays sent cascading light of deep orange and dark red and violet through her windows. She lifted herself from her bed coming to realize she had missed lunch completely and most likely had missed dinner. That would mean Mikey wouldn’t have to know, she thought to herself. Turning her head around, she found she wasn’t alone on her bed. Behind her lay a fast asleep Mikey, whose glasses were in disarray upon his peaceful face, drool was forming at the corner of his small mouth, and his straight black hair had become a frizzy black mess, much like his brother’s.

She sighed to herself again, and lightly shook his shoulder, attempting to awaken him.

“Mikey, Mikey…wake up,” she said to him, still gently shaking him, urging him to become conscious once more. “Wake up…c’mon wake up you log!” His slim body began to slowly creep to life at last. He sighed, stretching him arms and legs, and opened his hazel eyes to face her.

“Hiiiii,” he began yawning with the word. “What time is it? Did you eat yet?” his voice was completely shrouded in sleepiness.

“Uh, I don’t know what time it is, and I just woke up a second ago, too.” She said, patting his hair gently back into place, and caressing his cheek. “But I think I’m gonna go and try to find something, you wanna come along?” Mikey shook his head, rolling over onto his other side.

“I do wanna go with you, to make sure you eat…but I’m too tired to move at all. Can I sleep in here tonight, would it be alright with you?” he asked her, and she nodded in approval.

“Of course you can, you don’t need to ask if you wanna take anything of mine, my bed included.” She laughed lightly at saying this. It was kind of ironic how she and Gerard had talked about that subject that day, and she was telling Mikey he needn’t ask about taking her things. “But Mikey? I need to tell you…something” She said resting her hand upon his shoulder.

“Mmmmkay” he softly groaned in response.

“Never mind, I’ll tell you later when you’re fully conscious.” He didn’t say anything after that, so Rae assumed he fell asleep. Running her hands through her hair, she slowly got up from the bed, careful as to not wake Mikey, and headed to the hall to see Gerard.

She needed to see him; she needed him to make sense of what was happening to her, what was happening to her life? Everything was now spiraling downward, she didn’t want to have to tell Mikey the truth, she didn’t want to break his heart…pain was beyond her, hurting someone else would destroy her, especially hurting Mikey. He didn’t deserve it, even though he had done wrong in the past, he didn’t deserve the pain now. Walking up the hall to Gerard’s room, she kept thinking…how was she ever going to be able to do this? Could it be done without the most emotional damage inflicted? Yes, but it would require some effort on everyone’s part, Gerard would have to tell Mikey his thoughts, Mikey would have to explain himself, and Rae…god she would have to tell them both the dilemma at hand. She could never be with one knowing she’d had something with the other brother.

Arriving in front of Gerard’s room, she heard the hushed mumbling of voices coming from within, encouraging her interest.

“But Gerard, what do you think you’re going to do?” She recognized the clear hissing of Bob’s voice.

“Look, I-I don’t know, alright? Is that what you wanted to hear?” She could hear the hurt and malice in Gerard’s response.

“No, that’s not what I wanted out of you…I just want you to know what you’re doing. I care about you man, I don’t want you doing something that’ll hurt you. I want you to be happy.”

“Yeah I know you do, but the thing is,” Gerard paused briefly, lowering his voice and Rae had to strain terribly to understand when he continued. “The thing is I am happy, at least I could be if Rae would…would…would marry-”

“Whoa whoa whoa! Were you just about to say Rae would marry you?” Bob asked in a disbelieving tone. She barely even heard Gerard reply with a meek ‘yes’.

“Do you think you can hide all of this from Mikey forever? Do you think that Rae will marry you just like that,” Bob continued snapping his fingers loudly making Rae jump slightly. Did he just say…marry? No way, he couldn’t have, I’m so much younger than Gerard, no…I must have heard wrong, that has to be it. But her thoughts were interrupted by a hand clasping itself over her mouth again. No, no not again she thought frantically as she began to struggle against whoever was holding her this time.

“Ouch, hey, will you stop! Cut it out, you’re hurting my arm, stop moving around!!” Mikey hissed into her ear, making her movements cease and her breathing stop.

“Mikey?” she uttered, after he had removed his hand. He spun her around slowly, dragging her away from Gerard’s door.

“Are you alright? You look like you’re about to puke or something. You aren’t going to cry are you?” Concern burned brightly in his eyes as she gazed helplessly at him.

I need to do it now, he deserves to know. I can’t keep this from him forever, what if he heard what Bob said? What if he finds out and it destroys him? What if…? No, there won’t be anymore “what ifs”.

“Mikey…you, Gerard, and I all need to talk. Now.” He looked at her with a blank expression, and she prayed he could survive after this. Grabbing his wrist lightly, she pulled him back toward Gerard’s door; pushed it open, and strolled inside.

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