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The DA

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Harry starts his 5th year - AU, eventual H/Hr. MildlyPowerful!Harry, Smart!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry. See chapter one for more detailed summary.

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Chapter Five – The DA
Saturday, 7 October 1995
Three Broomsticks
Hogsmeade Village

Harry looked at the assembled group and waved a few privacy wards into place. They had met the previous weekend on the Quidditch pitch and hammered out the details for their study group. Harry would be ‘teaching’ it, and Ron and Hermione would be assisting. This meeting was just to make it official. They had settled on naming it the “Defence Association”, or the DA for short.

“Now that prying ears will hear a heated discussion about professional Quidditch Teams, let’s start. The three of us,” said Harry, indicating himself, Ron, and Hermione, “thought we should form a study group for Defence, since the professor refuses to let us use magic. The study group will be mainly practical, since I’m sure you have all had enough of theory to last you a decade.”

“If you join, you must agree not to tell anyone about it without asking one of the three of us first and getting permission. Under no circumstance are you to tell Umbridge. To join, you will all need to sign this agreement, which states that you will not tell anybody about the group without permission. The last thing we need is Umbridge and the Ministry coming down on us like a bag of bricks.” continued Hermione, holding up a parchment.

“If you will all sign here, we’ll move on to the rest of the information.”

As the parchment went around and got signed, everyone who signed glowed for a second as the magical agreement took effect. Once everyone had signed, Hermione took the parchment back. Pulling out a bag, she reached in and took out a Galleon.

“This is how we will inform you of meeting times other information. I used a protean charm on these galleons, and they will heat up when new times are chosen, letting you know. The serial numbers will display the date and time of the meeting, with the first two digits being the day, the next two the month, 3 zeros, and then the time. The meetings will be on the 7th floor across from the painting of the dancing trolls.”

“Why galleons?” someone asked.

“If you have to turn out your pockets, there is nothing strange about carrying a galleon.” replied Hermione.
Tuesday, 10 October 1995
Room of Requirement
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

After everyone had filed into the room, the door sealed itself and vanished from sight on the outside of the wall.

“Okay, everybody. To get this started, why don’t we work on the disarming spell.” said Harry from the front of the room.

“What good is that?” asked one of the students.

“Well, it can be quite useful if you remove your enemy’s ability to attack you by taking away their wand. Not many can do wandless magic. Learning to do that spell wandlessly and silently is one thing I’d recommend, though, since that gives your opponent absolutely no warning. Why don’t you pair off and practise, and I’ll wander around helping.”

After 10 minutes of chaos and mixed results, Harry yelled for them to stop. Not being heard, he noticed a whistle appear on a table. Picking it up and giving it a good blow, he made himself heard. Once the last wand had clattered to the floor, he took the ones who had shown they had mastered the spell onto the next one, while Ron and Hermione helped the rest learn it.

After the last of the students had made it back to their common rooms, minutes before curfew, Harry moved over to Ron and Hermione.

“I think I’ll form my own version of the Order. The Order is excellent at information gathering, but when it comes to solving the problem, it’s next to useless. The ministry may not want to do anything, and Dumbledore doesn’t seem to be interested in actual fighting, but if I can cut Voldemort’s legs out from underneath him, he’ll be that much easier to finish off. I imagine he’ll be making his presence known before the end of the school year, since trying to off me is fast becoming a tradition. You two are interested in joining, I take it?” asked Harry.

“Of course we are.” said Hermione, “Who will be in this ‘Order’ of yours?”

“Well, I was going to feel out some of the DA. I remembered some Muggle history, and their wars. I looked into some of their tactics, and find it surprising that the Aurors don’t use some of them. I’ll give you some books, Ron, you’re the strategist. Hermione, I have an idea for a mark we could send up when we start attacking them. Now, we’d better get back to the common room.” Said Harry, and the three of them popped to the portrait of the Fat Lady. They didn’t pop directly to the common room, the results of that event from first year still being talked about.
Friday, 13 October 1995
Riddle Manor
Little Hangleton

Lucius Malfoy entered the room, mentally preparing himself for yet another episode of Crucio-ing by the Dark Lord.

“Lucius, Report.” hissed Voldemort menacingly, as Lucius Malfoy kneeled in front of him.

“My Lord, there are rumours that Potter may have started another group similar to Dumbledore’s. My son said he overheard Potter mentioning an “order” to his friends in the halls, and noticed an unusual number of students are making their way to the vicinity of the 7th floor after dinner on some nights.”

Voldemort looked thoughtful. “What is Potter doing now, right under that toad’s nose, I wonder…” thought Voldemort.

“Very good, Lucius. Tell your son that Lord Voldemort is pleased with him. Send Avery in on your way out.” said Voldemort after a few moments.

“Yes, my Lord.” replied Lucius, hurrying from the room.

As Avery entered, Voldemort noticed that he looked less scared than usual.

“Well, Avery, how go the preparations for the plan?”

As Avery kneeled, he replied. “Very well, my Lord. Fudge denying your return is making this much easier than we had thought. He has thinned the ranks sufficiently to reduce the guard to a minimum.”

“This is excellent. Move the plans up to two weeks from now. I trust that will not be an issue?”

“No, my Lord. We could easily manage next week, if you wanted.”

“No, two weeks from now. I myself have some research I still need to complete. Actually, now that I think about it, move the plans to the 31st.”

“Yes, my Lord.”
Wednesday, 1 November 1995
Great Hall
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

As the post came winging into the hall, Hermione received the latest Daily Prophet. Opening it up, the smile she had been wearing slid off her face.

“Harry, you won’t like this.”

“What has Fudge done now?” asked Harry.

“Not Fudge, Voldemort.”

“An attack?” asked Ron, looking anxious.

“No. Well, sort of. He broke a number of his supporters out of Azkaban last night.”

She handed Harry the paper, and he moved his food aside and laid it out on the table.

Mass Breakout from Azkaban
Ministry suspects involvement of Sirius Black
By Hal Strufth

Late last night, a number of You-Know-Who’s most loyal supporters staged a mass breakout from Azkaban Prison. As this is only the second successful escape in the history of the prison, the Ministry suspects that the breakout was orchestrated by Sirius Black, who escaped two years ago, and is still at large. Fudge told reporters this morning that “Aurors are looking for the escaped convicts as I speak, and we are hopeful that they will be found in a timely manner.”

When asked about the lack of success in locating Sirius Black, minister Fudge told us that “The Ministry is closing in on him.” Whether this is the case or not comes into doubt, as we received information from a second source, who wished to remain anonymous, indicating that the Ministry was no closer to finding Black than they were a year ago.

For a list of escaped prisoners and background on them, see page 5.

“Great. As if his regaining a body wasn’t enough. Now he has his minions again.”
Thursday, 2 November 1995
Room of Requirement
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry had a different plan for tonight’s DA meeting. He suspected that in light of the recent breakout, the general membership might want to step it up a notch, so to speak.

Harry currently had 10 people in his Order, who all took part in the morning exercises. Currently, the ‘Order’ was made up of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna Lovegood, Neville, Cho Chang, Fred, George, and Susan Bones. They had been approached because they were the top performers in the DA. Harry had them training mostly after DA meetings, using the Room of Requirement as a gym and training area. According to the books, and what they could see, they were rapidly approaching the accuracy of Hit Wizards. Harry still hadn’t gotten around to asking about martial arts training, but the 10 members of his ‘Order’ were in the best physical condition of any student at Hogwarts.

The members of his Order were currently standing in the front of the room wearing their uniform in the black scheme, waiting for the last of the DA members to arrive.

As the last member entered, the door faded from view in the hall, and the room became quiet. Harry stepped forward.

“As you all know, several of a certain snake-faced being’s minions escaped from Azkaban two days ago. The ten of us,” Harry said, motioning to the group at the front of the class, “are about to show you some of what we can teach you, if you are willing to make a few changes to this group. I, or rather, we, can tell you more details after you all sign a non-disclosure agreement similar to the one you signed when joining the DA.”

Hermione stepped forward with another one of her agreements, and passed it around. After everyone had signed, Harry spoke again.

“Now that that is over with, if you’d all move back a bit, we’ll get on with the demonstration.”

After the crown had moved back a few steps, Harry waved a shield up between the crowd and the group at the front, which had split into two groups of five and separated about 15 feet.

After a pause, spells started flying at a pace that caused many jaws to hit the floor. After a few minutes, the light show stopped, and the room expanded.

“While I’m sure that was impressive, we are used to training together, and can anticipate the others’ moves. If 25 of you would step forward?” said Harry, as the team he was not in moved off to one side.

After a few moments, a group of 25 DA members stood inside the shield.

“Now, you 25 are going to attack the five of us. Use only non-lethal spells, please. Your goal is to take out the five of us, and our goal is to do that to you. I’d advise you come up with a strategy. We start in 5 minutes.” said Harry, before moving back to his team.

Five minutes later, the two groups faced off. The DA members acted first with a barrage of stunning spells, which bounced off a shield. As the Order started firing stunning spells into the DA members, their numbers quickly began to shrink. As the last DA member went unconscious, Ron called out “3:27”.

After the 25 had been revived, Harry stepped forward again.

“As you can see, the five of us working together took down 25 you working as individuals. While the opening barrage was a good idea, a better plan was needed. The ten of us are in an as-yet unnamed group. Some of us specialize in attacking, some in defence, some in healing, and most in more than one of these. I hope to split the DA into those who want to join us in that group, and those who want to continue as we have been. The only requirement I have for joining is that you must be willing to work with any and all of those in the group. Those who wish to join stay after the DA meeting is finished. Now, let’s get started on some shields.”
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