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Ending Notes

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Harry starts his 5th year - AU, eventual H/Hr. MildlyPowerful!Harry, Smart!Harry, TakesInitiative!Harry. See chapter one for more detailed summary.

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Author’s Notes:

Yes, the first four years will be written. I started laying framework for the first five, and have bits and pieces of the first four years written, along with much of Year 6. What amazes me is that I wrote this entire thing without a single reference the Hitchhikers Guide.

This is the non-beta’d, non-fluffed out and descriptive version. I will replace chapters with the new versions if I add things. The plot will not be changed, so re-reading is purely optional. If you spot any errors, feel free to tell me so I can correct them. I try to proofread, and I usually do fairly well, but I sometimes miss the invisible q that my keyboard forgot to type.

Credit for the amusement provided by “Nooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” goes to Monty Python. Go on, fetch the comfy chair and poke her with the cushions.

And finally, yes, the names of reporters for the Daily Prophet are anagrams:

Sapyree Shaisog -- Hearsay Gossip
Hal Strufth -- Half Truths
Salli Enstoness -- Sensation Sells

and some that I have for the next instalment:

Jaime Slowrunolly -- Yellow Journalism
Tommi Franionis -- Misinformation
Sean Bredealhat -- Three Bean Salad
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