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Kelli's POV(still)

As I walked in the house I noticed it was quieter than usual. Normally there were noises coming from my
Dad and his girlfriend for that day's room. (A.N. Yea, you know what noises I'm talking about you pervs)
Or he had the TV turned up super loud. Today it was exceptionally quiet. I pushed the thought to the
Back of my mind, and went up stairs to my bedroom.
When I opened my door, I realized why it was so quiet. In my bed was my drunk, passed out father,
And to make matters worse, he was naked.
'EW EW EW EW' was all I could think when I quietly shut the door. I must not have shut it
Quietly enough because I heard my dad get off of the bed.
"Kelli is that you, darling?" he cooed through the door.
'Shit' I thought. I started to silently escape down the stairs, when my dad came out of my room, and
Spun me around by the waist.
"There’s my little girl" he said kissing my cheek.
"Why don’t you come to your room with me and we can have some fun?" he asked nibbling on my ear.
God, did I feel sick. I shivered and gave him an apologetic look.
"Uh I’m sorry daddy, but I have alot of studying to do." I lied. He didn’t look thrilled.
“You have all weekend to do that," he said trying to hide his anger "so forget all about your fucking
school work and lets play."
"Shut the fuck up!" he slapped me, and grabbed my arm and pulled me into my room.
He pushed me down on the bed and stood in front of me.
"Suck me dry." he barked I slowly leaned forward as tears started to escape my eye.
"Do I have to hold your fucking hand?" he yelled angrily, while pulling my head forward so fast I will
Probably end up with whiplash when he’s done. He tasted salty, and icky. I heard loud moans escape his
Mouth and I began crying harder. His warm fluids filled my mouth and he instructed me to swallow.
I reluctantly swallowed and he turned me over. Without warning he pushed into me and I shrieked
With pain. He thrust harder and harder each time until he finally came. He simply got up and left.
I laid there huddled up in a ball. I felt dirty and used.

I got up and went into my bathroom, and started a bubble bath.
As I lowered myself into the tub, I started to wonder what I could do this weekend.
Then I remembered Mikey's birthday party.
"Oh my god, what time is it?" I asked nothing in particular. I shot out of the tub and quickly dried off. I
Looked at the clock on the sink counter. " 5:27" I thought aloud. 'What time does it start?' I thought. I quickly
Texted Brittany my question and got dressed. I looked at my self in the mirror and liked what I saw.
Instead of my normal preppy skirts and shorts (never jeans. in the winter, we wore leg warmers. always
Pink.) and preppy, skanky shirts that my dad was happy to buy for me, I wore my favorite acid wash skinny
jeans, and a greenday hoodie. I felt better. I slipped on my black vans and smiled to myself.
I heard my phone vibrate. I picked it up and it flashed 'One New Message Form: Brit' I opened it and it
said '6, y?' Shit! I only had half an hour to get there! I quickly texted her ' I might go w/. can u get me
plz?' I pulled my hair into a ponytail, and grabbed my phone as it buzzed.
"hello" I answered.
"Your actually gonna come?" she sounded excited.
"Yea" I said reluctanly "how are we gonna crash it?" I asked, trying to hide the worry in my voice. I must
have done a good job because she didn’t say anything about it when she answered;
"They’re gonna have booz at the party, so we-
"How do you know that?" I asked her
When she answered she sounded agitated." I spyed on his brother and his friends at the mall, and heard
them talking. Anyway, we are gonna call the cops on them for underage drinking. That way, we won’t
have to see those losers around here for a while."
"But they'll just get a warning, wont they?"
"No, this is the third time, we called the cops last year, and the year before too. They will go to juvenile
detention and they will get expelled from school, so we wont see those losers till next year."
"k, ill see you when you get here." I heard a honk out front.
"We are here! She giggled like it was the most hilarious thing she had ever heard. Hurry we don’t have much
Time!" she said before hanging up. Dang!! I can’t stop that! Shit, now Gerard will never like me.

When I got in the car they all stared at me. I remembered what I was wearing, and I knew they would
never shut up about this.
"What the fudge are you wearing?" Brittany asked. they all giggled at her slang for fuck.
"I thought that if I wore dark clothes I would blend in with the dark?" I dumbly replied.
"Duh!"She giggled "why didn’t I think of that?" sighed a sigh of relief.

When we got there, There was like 15 cars. The place was HUGE and it had only 15 cars. dang... I thought.
We parked and walked up to back of the building. As we got closer, I could hear metalica playing in the
background. I quietly sang along to Nothing Else Matters

So close no matter how far
couldn't be much more from the heart
forever trusting who we are
and nothing else matters

never opened myself this way
life is ours, we live it our way
all these words I don't just say
and nothing else matters

trust I seek and I find in you
every day for us something new
open mind for a different view
and nothing else matters

I looked up and noticed a figure smoking by the wall. It was too dark to see his face, but I knew it was a
young man, maybe a teenager. Then my group stopped at the back door.
"Ok Brittany whispered were gonna split up. You go that way, you go that way and Kelli? Kelli? I snapped
my head away from the guy next to the wall.
"you go that way" she said pointing in the general direction of the guy.
"if you so much as hear the word booz, call the fudging cops." she said they all walked away. I began walking
in the direction she pointed, and the guy started to take shape. He had long hair, and he was taller than
I was.
It was Gerard! Oh my! I thought. Do I talk to him? Do I just walk by? If I talked what would I say?
My mind was racing when I suddenly realized he was looking at me. I stopped in front of him and
he smiled, and looked down then back up at me.
"Hey." he said shyly.
"um, hi" I answered nervously
He threw his cigarette down and dug it into the ground with his shoe.
He began to walk towards me. "I like your jacket." he said looking down. I backed away
little. Its ok, I’m not gonna like rape you or anything. I thought back to earlier that day with my dad.
I pushed the thought out of my mind, as he stepped into the light so I could see him a little better.
I realized we were wearing the same jacket. I giggled. He smiled.
" I like your laugh its cute"
I felt bad for having to call the cops on him....Wait! that’s it! Ill warn him! Tell him Brittany’s plan!
"Gerard!" I practically yelled.
He jumped a little. "How the hell do you know my name?" he sounded shocked.
"that doesn’t matter." I said quickly. "do you plan on drinking tonight?" actually yes, why?
"look, Brittany is gonna call the cops on you again"
'Shit, i thought, Brittany is gonna be so pissed at me for ratting her out!
"She was the one that told the cops last year?" he said, anger evident in his voce.
"yea she called the year before too." I said without realizing it.
"and you were in on it?" I couldn’t tell how, but his voice sounded way different that time.
"No" I said quickly" I didn’t even know! I swear!"
"then how do you know this time?"
I looked in his eyes, his beautiful hazel eyes. I could lie to them, I just couldn’t.
"she invited me to come along, bu-"
"you fucking bitch!" he yelled.
"wait I didn-"
"I don’t even want to hear it!" I could swear I saw a few tears fall from his stunning eyes.
" I thought you were different from all those fucking bitches! I thought you actually had a heart!"
he screeched. “I don’t fucking believe it!"
"you thought what about me!? You don’t even know me! And how dare you blow up in my face!
News flash loser, I could fucking make your like hell! Don’t you come at me an-"
Before I knew what he was doing, he reached up and slapped me! I grabbed my cheek.
"I I I-i stuttered. I thought back to earlier again. I didn’t even notice him walk away.
I started crying. I don’t even know why, I just did. I dropped my hand, and walked home.
'Great I thought to myself, the only guy I ever liked and I made him think I hated his guts and now
he hates mine! SHIT!!

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