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just a filler

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a filler.

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Gerard's POV

I can’t believe it! I actually liked her! I just wanna fucking cry. I can’t believe she was actually gonna rat us out! No, actually I can’t believe I slapped her. I’m such an ass. Maybe I should find her, and tell her I’m sorry. That I overreacted. No she wouldn’t believe me. Damnit! What do I do?
"Gee! Gerard? What happened, you look like you’ve been crying.” I looked up to see Ray holding a cup.
"Ray! What are you drinking?"
"Water, why?"
"Whatever you do you cannot drink any alcohol! Got it?"
"Why not?" he looked slightly confused. "We always do at Mikey's Party!"
"Look, you have to trust me, just don’t! And make sure no one else does either!"
"Dude your like the king of alcohol, and your telling us not to drink?" Now he looked completely lost.
"Kelli came by, she said that bitch Brittany and her friends were gonna call the cops."
"holy shit! You cant be serious!"
"I am, so tell as many people as you can, and I will too."
"No! I mean you actually talked to Kelli Kay Fletcher?" sometimes Ray could be such an idiot.
"Yeah and now she thinks I hit girls, and thinks I'm a loser. Now go tell everyone, I'll be right back, I've got some stuff to take care of."
"All right man, see ya later." I watched his giant afro bounce as he ran off to warn the guys.
I turned and left the building, trying to find where Brittany and her army of whores were hiding. I looked around the entire building three times before I heard noises. I walked over to the dumpster where the noises were coming from, and leant over to look. Sure enough, I saw Brittany's boyfriend Nathan, and Brittany making out. I kicked the bin next to me and they both immediately jump up looking slightly confused. I glared at Brittany, and she just walked away.
I sighed and went back into the party.
'Now what' I thought absently. I’m the biggest asshole on the face of this earth. And I hit the only girl that will ever talk to me. great

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my story so far. I don’t where its going yet, and i can only update on the weekends, so ill update at least to chapters every weekend!! If you wanna be a future character in the story, just ask, ill fit you in! Thanks for all your replies.
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