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Apologies at the library

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rated for language. you can guess what its about by the title...zomg....some actual romance!!

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lolz... hey! another update! I’ll try to make this one long too. I love all my devoted readers...uh yea...

Gerard's POV
On Saturday, I went to the city library to draw. It’s always what I do when I’ve got something on my mind, I draw. As I walked into the library, the first thing I saw was her. Kelli, she was sitting at one of the small square tables in the back, reading a book, and occasionally taking a sip from her latte. Before I knew what I was doing, I began walking towards her. I sat down 3 tables away facing her; she didn’t seem to notice me.
I grabbed my sketchbook, and pencil from my messenger bag, and began to draw her as she read her book. She looked so adorable how she was sitting with her hand resting slightly on her book page, and her posture straight. Her hair was resting lightly on her shoulder, and her body shook a little when she giggled at what she was reading. 'How could I have hit her?' I thought to myself. She looks so cute, and completely harmless. How could she have told on me though? Maybe she didn’t, it was just Brittany, not her. Oh god did I hope so.
I began to work on the details of her face, when I noticed a little dark spot, where there were no shadows.
“What the fuck is that?” I asked myself out loud. I looked closer and realized it was a bruise. "Shit!" I muttered under my breath. "Did I do that?" I asked no one in particular. I decided not to include the bruise in my drawing, and looked at her lips. They looked beautiful the way she pursed them together. I looked at her bottom lip when she shaped them to normal again, and noticed a small cut.
"I didn’t hit her that low...did I?" I asked myself again. Man I’ve been doing that alot lately! I finished her mouth, and started working on shadowing, and deeper details. When I looked up again, she was gone.
"Damnit" I muttered. "I'll just finish it later." I sighed.
As I started to close my sketchbook, a small, fragile looking hand blocked the pages from going together, and reopened the book, to my drawing of Kelli.
"Is that me?" a small voice, thick with an English accent, asked, softly from behind me. Dare I look up? I thought.
A rather large book was placed on the table beside me, along with a half drank latte.
“It’s very good.” She said nervously.
“Thanks.” I looked up to see Kelli Fletcher’s beautiful smiling face.
Looking down at my drawing again, she said; “How did you learn to draw so well?”
“Well,” I said slowly, “My grandmother, Elena, taught me everything I know.”
“She sat down next to me picking up my sketchbook, and sweetly asked, “Do you mind if I look through your drawings?” I nodded numbly as she fingered through the pages. She came to a stop in the middle of the book, and looked at me confusedly.
“I I don’t u under s stand.” She stuttered.
I took the book and looked at what she was stuttering about. I looked at the page in horror. I flipped through the pages before and after it, there were quite a few. They were all of Kelli, most of which looked like stalker pictures. There were a few of her at school, some of her sitting on a swing, or slide, at the park, and the last few were of her at the library. (That’s the reason I go to the library, because I know she comes here every other Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, the library is a good, quiet place to be, but she makes it an even better place to be.)
I looked up at her, and she looked a little scared now.
“I’m so sorry, Kelli, I just think you’re really pretty…”She didn’t look like she believed me.
“Look,” I said quietly taking her hand, she flinched at my touch. I ignored it. “I just really like you, and I knew we were from totally different worlds, and you might never talk to me, and I just thought that if I had a picture or drawing I would be able to look at your beautiful face without somebody saying I was a weirdo, and I’m sorry for hitting you, I didn’t mean to give you a bruise, and I’m just really, really sor-“
My sentence was cut off by a pair of small lips pressing softly to mine. I pulled away, immediately missing the small pressure.
“Its ok, I didn’t mean to call you a loser, and I really didn’t want to tell on you.” She looked sad when she said the next part; “and you didn’t cause the bruise.”
“I looked at her, and must have had a shocked expression because she waved her hand in front of me a few times.
She giggled softly. “You didn’t cause it.”
“Then how did it get there?”
“I don’t know, it just appeared this morning, but I’m sure it wasn’t you.” She was bad at lying.
“Trust me, Ok?” her eyes wandered over to the door and widened.
“What?” I looked at the door and saw Brittany Larery coming our way, and man was she pissed.

OMG! whats gonna happen!? more next week kiddies
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