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Nigh Out

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3 Hours Later

~~~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~~
"I can't beleive that you told them, I wanted to know." I said to Kevin
"Well, dude ya did." He said
"Uhh.. I hate you."
"I know that deep, maybe deeper than the abbis, down you love me."
"Ya, I love you like a Hobo loves the garbage." I said laughing at my own comparisson
"Shut yo mouth boy."
"Ya, ya."

We headed to Kaycie's aunt and uncless house. Kaycie said that she would drive, we just need to come over.

"Hey guys." Kaycie said
"Hey, so, where are we going?" I ask
"Not sure yet. Where ever the night takes us." She said
"Sounds cool to me." Nick said

We all piled into her car and went to explore the city. Mandy was in the passanger seat and she was messing with the radio. She flipped threw what seemed to be a million and one songs until she got to "Shake It" by Metro Station.

"Dude I heart this song." Kaycie said dancing to the song
"Me too." Mandy said doing the same
"Not me." Nick said
"Waaaaaaa." We both say
"They over play it waaaaaay too much." he said
"Well, then you will just have to plug your ears cause we arn't turning it." Mandy said

We ended stopping at this teen night club thing. It looked pretty pimp from the outside if you aske me.

"Let's check this out." Kaycie said
"This place looks Radical." Lily said

We get out of the car and head inside. The song "When I grow up" was playing. Not one of my favorite songs, but I like the group who sings it. We all dance for about an hour or two.

"Guys i'm getting tired." Lily whines
"Ya, me too." Kaycie says
"You guys want to go?" I ask
"Yes." Lily says too quick

~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
We leave the club and start walking to my car when all the sudden I feel something pushed up against my back. All I hear is...

"Gimmie your Money!" Yelled in an chinese voice

I turn around and throw my purse at them. I start screaming and Joe turns around.

"Why are you screaming?" He asked
"Some is robbing me!" I said turning around
"What are you talking about?" One of the dudes say
"OMG! Roi.. Alex is that you?" I asked trying to make out their faces
"Haha! Yep." Roi says
"I hate you two. You guys are evil!"
"You know you love us." Alex said
"What are you guys doing here?" I ask
"Visiting." Roi says

Mandy and Lily come over and give Roi and Alex hugs.

"How'd you know it was me?" I asked confused
"I guess." Roi said
"What if it wasn't?" I said
"We'd take our chances." Alex said laughing
"Oh, Roi, Alex this is Joe, Nick, and Kevin." I said pointing them out
"Nick, Joe, and Kevin.. this is Roi and Alex."
"Hey." Joe said
"Wait.. arn't you guys the Jonas Brothers?" Roi asked
"Yep that's us." Kevin said
"My sisters love your music." Roi said
"Thanks." Nick said

We stood there and caught up and chatted for a bit then they had to go.

"Bye." I yelled as they walked away
"Ok, lets get back home." I say

We got back to my aunt and uncles house and we all went inside.

"What should we do now?" Mandy asked
"We could watch a movie." Lily suggested
"Nah.. we better be getting back to the hotel." Kevin said
"Aww.. if you insit on it." Mandy said
"Ya, it's getting late and i'm tired." He said
"Ok." I said

I gave Nick and Kevin a hug then I moved on to Joe. It was kinda awkward, but I hugged him. When I pressed up against him I felt something, between us. I've never felt this when I hugged
Adam and that was a lot. It was like we connected or that we belonged together. What am I saying I belong with Adam and only Adam. I love him, or so I think I love him.
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