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Wake up call

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~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~
"That was so funny when that guy came up behind Kaycie." Nick said
"Dude seriously, she totally flipped out." Kevin joined in
"Ya, and Joe came to her rescue." Nick said clasping his hands together
"Well, I was standing close by her." I said in my defence
"Ya, sure that's what they all say Joe." Kevin said
"Uh! You guys suck!" I said storming to my room

Why did they have to say that. I mean, was I just going to let Kaycie get robbed, if it was real. No, I don't think I would or they would either. If they were standing next to her they would have done the same thing. So, they need to stop picking on me. The next morning came around and I woke up to Kevin playing his guitar.

"Dude what are you doing?" I asked giving him the death glare
"What's it look like i'm doing genius?" Kevin retorted
"Umm.. let me think. Ding Ding I know waking me up!" I yelled
"It's already 2 Joe. Don't waste your day sleeping."
"Maybe I want to." I said barrying my head in my pillow

All the sudden someone jumps on me.

"What they heck!" I yell
"Time to get up sleepy head." I hear a familiar voice yell
"What are you doing here?" I asked
"Mandy thought it'd be fun to come over so we asked Kevin, and he said it was ight." Kaycie said
"He didn't tell me about this." I said a little mad that I wasn't included
"Well, silly you were still sleeping." She said tickling me

Wow she's in a playful mood today.

"So this is my wake up call?" I asked
"Well, besides Kevin. Yulp." She said all giddy
"Thank god it wasn't Kevin who jumped on me." I said releieved

We bot got up from the bed and headed down the hall to the living area. There Lily was sitting next to Nick and Kevin was trying to teach Mandy some guitar.

"You finally got him up." Kevin said looking over at us
"Yup." Kaycie said
"I was very tired." I said
"Ya, arn't we all." Lily said

Kaycie and I take a seat next to Nick.

"What is on our agenda today?" Lily asked
"Hmm.. I was thinking maybe we could go to an amuesment park or something." Kaycie said back
"Yes, that sounds radical." Mady chimes in
"Radical?" I ask looking at her confused
"Ya, this hot emo dude at our school said it before." She said
"OMG, Shady I know woo! He is smexy." Kaycie said
"So So!" Lily said too
"You guys are weird." I said looking at them
"Ya, in my mind we arn't." Lily said
"Yeah." Mandy said
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