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Chapter 1

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Why her?

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A/N: ok i just wanted to put a little authors note in here.

i'm so excited about starting a sequel! also i wanted to thank the people that nagged at me until i decided to start writing it. cough brooke cough mallory cough chelcie cough
oh course there were more of you, but those people NEVER stopped bugging me about it and you know i'm glad they didnt. so here it is! the first chapter of Fall For You!


I heard the voice of Denise waking all of us up. I opened my eyes and crawled slowly out of my bunk. I had gotten a top bunk so I decided that I would have to be extra careful not to fall off it. “Good morning!” I heard Chelcie’s peppy voice. “Morning.” I nodded. I honestly have no idea how Chelcie manages to be that peppy at four in the morning. We all stumbled around the bus until everyone was ready. We had a radio interview. Kevin made us stop by Starbucks, which was not that bad since I needed a little booster.
When we pulled up there must have more than a hundred people out there screaming. The boys waved, Chelcie beamed happily at Nick’s side, and Brooke and I just stumbled around, too tired to really walk straight. Thank goodness, we had Big Rob or we might have been ripped apart. Once we plowed our way through the crowd, we got into the radio station.
“This morning we have the Jonas Brothers and their opening act Aubrey with us.” we heard as we stepped into the room. Joe, Kevin, Nick, and I took a seat in front of the radio mics and everybody else sat down behind us. “So good morning you guys, I’m Jeff.” he shook all of our hands. “Good morning.” we all replied and introduced ourselves.
“Ok so we finally got you guys on air with us and along with getting you guys on the station we got a billion fan letters too.” Jeff said with a laugh. We watched him open one, “Tracy wants to know if the rumors about you all dating are true?” Jeff looked over at us. Joe began laughing, “Always the first question. We are currently dating.” he nodded although no one but us could see him. “Alright next is, Kelly. Kelly would like to know if Joe would go on a date with her.” Jeff laughed. “Kelly if you’re listening, I would love to go on a date with you, but I don’t think my girlfriend would like it very much.” Joe smirked over at me. I smacked his arm. He looked at me innocently.
The interview continued and it was funny. The questions that some of the fans asked were unreal. Someone asked which Jonas Brother was my favorite. I said all three, of course. “It was nice talking to you all and we hope to get you guys back on the station again.” Jeff turned off his mic. “It was great getting to meet you guys.” he shook our hands. “It was nice meeting you too,” we answered. We made our way out of the building.
Chelcie jumped about three feet back when we stepped out and tons of screaming girls rushed around us. I laughed and she frowned at me. It took us about an hour just to get out of all those screaming, hyperventilating, autograph wanting, huggy girls. They were all mostly nice but there were lots of them. There was so many it was hard for me to handle.
“I thought I was going to get eaten…” Chelcie sat back down in the bus. “Don’t worry. I don’t think that any of our fans are cannibals.” Kevin laughed. “Thank God, or we would be dead.” Brooke sat beside Kevin. “Don’t worry, if our fans at some random time decide to become cannibals I will protect you.” Kevin placed his arm around her. “And what about the rest of us?” I asked. “I’ll trip you so Brooke and I can get away.” he chuckled. “Thanks…” I said sarcastically.
Time passed a lot quicker than I thought it would, with all the rehearsal and preparation. I had no idea that there was so much to do before a concert, but I definitely thought wrong. It was getting closer and closer to our concert. “Its time for sound check.” Big Rob said to us. We all headed in for sound check. Other than having to switch one mic, everything was good. “Alright everyone its lockdown.” Paul shoed us off the stage and we went into a back room.
Nick sat on a couch and played the guitar as Chelcie watched him closely. Kevin played a little guitar hero and then focused on the real guitar some. Brooke seemed content watching Frankie run around on his scooter. As for Joe and I, we warmed up together. It was amazing how our voices harmonized perfectly. Big Rob stepped in and told us that the concert was starting. “Ready?” Joe smiled at me. “As Ever.” I said with a grin.
I heard someone introduce me and it was time for me to go on stage. My heart was about to pound its way out of my chest and my stomach was doing 360’s repeatedly. I thought I was about to die, that is until the tip of my shoe touched the edge of the stage and all my fears went away. I looked out and there were thousands of screaming people. A small smile formed on my face. I got up to the mic and then I felt a little fear overcome me, I looked over at the edge of the stage and I seen Joe smiling brightly at me. I took in a breath and began to sing.
I sang for a while, it surprised me how much screaming, and cheering there was. At last, the Jonas Brothers ran out on stage and the screams got even louder, which seemed nearly impossible. “Did you guys enjoy Aubrey?” Joe asked into the mic and the crowd screamed wildly.
We sang one song together and then Kevin got closer to his mic. “Ok everybody. Today is a very special day, do you know why?” he asked. The crowd screamed why. “Because today is mine and my girlfriend, Brooke’s six month anniversary.” he motioned for Brooke to come out on stage and she did. “So this song is for you.” he smiled and they started playing When You Look Me in the Eyes, even though this was their Burning Up tour. The crowd screamed when the song ended and Kevin gave Brooke a kiss on the cheek. Most of the crowd ‘awed’ but there was a few that had the nerve to boo. Brooke and I left the stage.
“Oh my gosh! That was so sweet!” Chelcie smiled at Brooke. “I know! I didn’t even know it was our six month anniversary,” she laughed. “That’s nice Brooke.” I chuckled. “You two are like the perfect couple. I have never seen you two have any problems.” Chelcie said. “Well…now that I think about it, the only problem we had was actually getting together…” Brooke paused. “That’s a good thing though.” I looked over at her. She just thought for a moment and then started dancing along to the songs our boys were playing. I probably could have guessed what she was thinking about but I turned my attention away from the subject.
“Goodnight everybody!” the boys shouted into the mics and ran off stage. I was getting ready to tell them how wonderful they did when Joe’s lips crashed into mine. “What was that about?” I asked surprised. “You did great!” he grinned. I looked over and seen some people I were not expecting, celebrities. The Jonas Brothers just went up and greeted them with hugs, high-fives, and handshakes. Joe pulled me along with him but I was still a little frightened.


I saw Roshon walk over to me. “Hey man, I didn’t know you had a girl.” he shook my hand. Brooke coughed as a hint for me to introduce her. “Yes I do and here she is.” I wrapped my arm around her waist. “I’m Brooke, Kevin’s girl.” she shook Roshon’s hand. “I’m R-” he started. “I know. You’re Roshon from Camp Rock.” she smiled. “Ya pretty much.” he laughed. “So Kevin there’s an after party right?” Roshon looked over at me. “It’s California, there’s always an after party.” I laughed. “Good point. So I’ll see you in a bit.” he walked away.
“Roshon is pretty cute.” Brooke shrugged. “Say what?” I looked at her with a shocked face. “I said that Roshon is cute, but not quite as cute as you are.” she grinned and kissed me. “Good save.” I laughed. “Well it works on me when you do that so I thought I would try it out on you.” she kissed me again. “And that was for?” I asked. “That was for you being the best guy in the world.” she smiled and looked at me with her blue-gray eyes. I had always loved her eyes and it seemed like every time I looked in them they got even more beautiful.


“Bowling?” I complained as we pulled up in front of the biggest bowling alley I had ever seen. “You always complain don’t you?” Kevin teased. “Ya I do. Now back to what I was saying. Bowling?” I whined again. “Yes bowling, now get over it.” Kevin shook his head and got out. I laughed and got out. I giggled as Joe ran inside before the rest of us could even take one-step. He was so strange, but that only made me love him more. Brooke looked at me, let out a small giggle, and then walked in the bowling alley with Kevin.
We walked in and there were even more celebrities there. It surprised me. I knew that the Jonas Brothers had celebrity friends but this was more than just a few celebrities. I was a little quieter than usual. It sounds odd but I was a little uncomfortable even though it was not that long ago I spent a day at some top-secret celebrity high school.
“I seen your performance tonight, it was really good.” I heard a girl’s voice and I was about to say thank you when I looked up and seen Selena Gomez. “Uh-thank you.” I smiled. “So I take it you’re dating Joe?” she asked. “Ya. How’d you know?” I asked back. “Just a lucky guess, well that and the fact that he informed everyone that he had a girlfriend when he came in.” she laughed. “Ya that’s Joe for you.” I laughed along. Selena and I really hit it off. She was really nice. I was laughing and having a good time; Joe even joined us and started talking too.
I was laughing at Joe telling about Kevin, Nick, and himself when they were younger. The story was hilarious; those boys were so strange when they were young. I looked over at the door as it opened. My eyes widened when I seen someone I never wanted to see ever again. Chelsea Staub…
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