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Chapter 2

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Something Wicked This Way Comes...

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Part of me was completely willing to go right over there and hit her in the face, but luckily, this part of me was being controlled in a tiny cage. The other part of me had decided to act civil and just leave her be. Chelsea Staub was the last person I wanted to see tonight, or ever in fact.
I seen her greet a couple people and then head over to Joe, Selena, and I. “Hi Joe.” she gave him a smile. Selena rolled her eyes and walked away, apparently she did not really like Chelsea either. “Hey.” Joe edged a bit closer to me. “Oh so you two are dating now? I seen it on a magazine but I thought it was just a rumor.” Chelsea gave an arrogant laugh. “Ya we are.” Joe wrapped his arm around me. “Well I’m really happy for you.” this time her smile was warm, but there was still something wrong with it.
“Why is she here?” I asked after she walked away. “I don’t know…I didn’t invite her.” Joe shrugged. “She better not mess up anything or-” I was cut off. “Or I will handle it.” he said. “Well that wasn’t what I was going to say but ok.” I shrugged.


Kevin and I bowled mostly. Demi hung around us and she was pretty cool. “I think I’m going to go get something to drink. All this bowling is wearing me out.” I kissed his cheek and walked away.
“Did you know that Chelsea Staub is here?” Aubrey charged over to me. “I do now.” I said handing the person a dollar. I could see Aubrey gritting her teeth. “Hey guys!” Chelcie walked over to us. “Hey Chelce.” Aubrey mumbled. “What’s wrong?” she asked as we sat down at a booth. “Chelsea Staub is what’s wrong…” Aubrey muttered. “Ya I seen her earlier. She’s really good friends with Nick.” Chelcie smiled. “Not really…” I said cutting my way into the conversation. “What do you mean, not really?” Chelcie asked. “Chelsea Staub is the reason that Nick and Aubrey broke up and she is a complete snob anyways.” I replied. “Oh…” Chelcie nodded.


I went down to the bowling area after Brooke explained why I hated Chelsea Staub. I looked down and seen her bowling with everyone. “Hey where were you?” Joe went up to me. “I was just talking with Brooke and Chelce.” I replied. “I have some good news.” he smiled at me. “What?” I asked. “Chelsea Staub actually came up to Nick and me and apologized.” he was beaming. “So?” I asked unimpressed. “That means that she is sorry. I really think that she’s different now.” he was still smiling. “Ok.” I said trying to sound pleased. We bowled for a while and Chelsea was really sucking up. There was no way I could believe her.


I really think that Chelsea has changed, Aubrey, however, did not think this. I could tell by the look on her face when we were around Chelsea. “I think that I’m going to go hang out with Brooke for awhile ok?” Aubrey looked over at me. “Ok.” I smiled at her. I don’t think that she understood how beautiful she was…
“Joe I’m challenging you to a game of air hockey.” Chelsea pocked my chest. “Ok you’re on.” I smirked and went up to the air hockey table. “You do realize that I am the king of air hockey right?” I asked. “You just wait till the end of the game.” she gave me a playful smile.
I did a small dance when I beat her. “Darn! I really thought I would win.” she sighed and leaned up against the table. “It’s ok. You just need more practice.” I smiled. “Let’s play again,” she said, so we played a few more times. “I think you’re getting better.” I said encouraging her when we finished. “Thanks!” she smiled and hugged me. It was a little odd for me. She looked up at me, pulled herself into me, and then placed her lips on me. I tired to pull away but she was clinging to me. Finally, I got away from her grasp. “What was that?” I said with a shocked face. “You just looked like you wanted it.” she smirked and walked out of the bowling alley.


“Apparently Joe thinks Chelsea Staub has changed.” I said walking up to Brooke and Kevin. “Should I be in this conversation?” Kevin said glancing over at me. “Probably not so I’m stealing Brooke.” I said and pulled Brooke off to the bathroom. “Why the bathroom?” she asked once I closed the door behind us. “It’s quiet and empty.” I shrugged. “Ok so why does Joe think she’s changed?” Brooke asked. “She apologized to Nick and him.” I gritted my teeth. “Maybe she has changed,” she said and I glared. “I was kidding.” she patted my shoulder.
We talked for a little while and then we finally had to leave the bathroom because there was someone knocking on the door. “I really hope that Joe realizes that she hasn’t changed.” I said. “Ya me too. Well I’m going to go back to Kevy.” she smiled and walked away. I looked out in front of me and thought I was going to vomit. Chelsea Staub was kissing my Joe. I felt tears pricking the back of my eyes. I watched them pull away and then say something to each other. Chelsea glanced over at me with a big smile planted on her face and then she walked out of the bowling alley.
I thought about going right over to Joe and confronting him, but I couldn’t this time. I didn’t want to talk to him. I watched as he walked back down to the bowling alley. Once there wasn’t anyone in my sight, I went back out to the bus. I started bawling uncontrollably. This could not be happening, not now. Everything had been going so perfect and now it was all ruined. My heart had been so whole and complete with Joe and now it was shattered into a thousand pieces.
I ended up crying myself to sleep…


Chelcie and I were having lots of fun. There had been girls in my life but none like Chelcie. She was always so peppy and that made me happier, even on my bad days. “Aubrey said Chelsea Staub was the reason you and her broke up, is that true?” Chelcie took a sip from her soda. “Ya pretty much. That’s why I don’t buy Chelsea’s apology; I just hope that Joe doesn’t believe it either.” I said. “Hopefully he won’t.” Chelcie agreed. “Wanna bowl?” I asked. “Yep.” she smiled.
“I had no idea that you had so many celebrity friends,” she laughed. “Ya I don’t really think I realized that we did until tonight.” I chuckled. “That’s sad.” she got a strike. “You are really good at bowling.” I shook my head. “It’s weird because I wasn’t a good bowler until I met you guys.” she smiled. “I guess we’re just your good luck charms.” I shrugged and bowled. “Well I don’t know about the other two, but I’m sure that you’re my good luck charm.” she grinned and kissed me on the cheek. We continued to bowl and Chelcie was so cute when she was concentrating. I laughed every time she would do well and end up doing some sort of happy dance. Chelcie was perfect for me…absolutely perfect.


It was getting late so we decided it was about time for us to go. “Where’s Aubrey?” I asked. “I don’t know. I thought she was with you.” Joe replied. He had a weird nervous look about him. “I think I saw her go back out to the bus.” Kevin spoke. “I wonder why?” I asked. “She was probably just really tired you know.” Joe said quickly. There was definitely something up with him.
I checked Aubrey’s bunk to make sure that she was in the bus. I could see that she had been crying there was tear stains on her face. I thought about waking her up and talking with her, but I figured letting her get a good night’s sleep would be better. I know that if I woke her up now it would only make things worse. Aubrey was not very pleasant when she didn’t get enough sleep. I shut her bunk curtain and left her to sleep. I hope that whatever happened was not too bad…


“Kevin.” I whispered trying to wake him up. He never budged, “Kevin.” I whispered a bit louder. “What?” he mumbled. “I need to talk to you.” I said. “Why?” he muttered. “It’s important.” I whined. “But I’m tired Joseph.” he rolled over. “Please man. I really need to talk to you.” I begged. “Oh fine…” he crawled out of his bunk.
“What is it?” he asked me. “Chelsea Staub kissed me.” I said quickly. “What?” he said with a shocked voice. “I know! There wasn’t anything I could do. She just kissed me and then left.” I put my head down. “You have to tell Aubrey.” Kevin replied. “I can’t tell Aubrey. She will brake up with me if I do.” I spoke. “Well its Aubrey. If you don’t tell her she will find out some other way,” he reasoned. “I know, and the guilt is eating out my insides.” I sighed. “Just think about bro. I’m sure that Aubrey will understand if you tell her the truth.” he nodded and went back to sleep.
This was horrible. I didn’t want to kiss Chelsea. She wasn’t even my type and I was completely in love with Aubrey. Why did Chelsea Staub have to go and ruin things again? The last time was bad and this time was even worse. I loved Aubrey, really loved her, and now it was a possibility that she may never love me back if I told her about all of this. Then again, if I didn’t tell her my guilt would eat out my inside and I would be an empty Joe shell. I had to tell her…or not tell her…
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