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" Black clothes and pink underwear! ".

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The first of the 5 enter lovely frankie.

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Harrow here continuing my thought's let them unfold enjoy!:

Days had passed and gerard and mikey had finally been moved in with the other kids. It was a huge room with 25 beds 10 on each side of the room and 5 in the very back, gerard made sure that him and mikey got the beds in the back where the black curtains fell down over them to hide them from sight. Gerard and mikey each recieved black suitcases filled with soap, cloths, and towels gerard kept his black notebook under his pillow and his pen in the back of his pants. Mikey layed in the bed rightside of gerard and moved it extra close to him, although the staff told him no.

The boys in the foster home was quite mean to gerard and picked on mikey, they looked at them as if they were wierd and talked about how they drawled their words. The huge bully was known as bob bryar and he was a rather, chubby, blonde headed kid that was very strong he looked mean and was always frowning.

Gerard liked him silently though he thought bob was cute and huggable and well worth of protection, he really wanted to be friends with him but only to the point that he could control him. Gerard would watch bob on a daily basis and imagine how life would be if he could control him, but while gerard was interested in bob mikey liked the other kid.

His name was frank anthony iero and he was a small but rather firecracker of a child he was younger than gerard and mikey both, but acted so mature. The woman mrs. nelly said that she was taking some of the kids out to help her find some wood for the foster home fireplace and that she needed some to come with her but only 7.

Mikey wanted to go so badly so gerard agreed to go too, frank silently said yeah, and some boy named ray went too. Ray had had this huge afro that was mixed of red and brown hair, his lips was thick but pretty and his skin complexion cute. Gerard liked him too, and often fantasized with what ray could do with those lips. 3 other boys went along to and into the nearby forest they all went.

Led by mrs. nelly the kids walked in a line from biggest to little it was bob first, ray 2nd, 2 other boys 3rd and 4th and gerard and mikey 5th and 6th and frankie 7th. The group arrived in the middle of the forest and was all handed big bags to gather the wood into, gerard and mikey stuck together while everyone else hung out. " I like that boy " said mikey holding the bag for gerard " Who? " gee said looking at him now " That boy " mikey said, pointing at frank.

Gerard watched for a little then said " Why? " " Look he's wearing pink " mikey answered, indeed frank was his gloves was pink and the socks in his boots were too. " Aww that kid's got balls " gerard laughed, pulling mikey over to frank and saying " My little brother likes you! ". Frank stopped and turned around glaring at mikey " Do i know you? " frank said, gerard then outstretched his hand " I'm gerard and this is my brother mikey " frank now glared at him too.

For awhile frank stared then said " I'm frank anthony iero " gerard smiled, this kid was pleasing " Ah frankie can i call you that? " gerard asked frank blinked twice then said " Uh yeah ". Just after frankie answered some kid came over and tapped gerard and gerard turned around " You shouldn't talk to him he's a fag " the boy said.

For a minute gerard stared, he had no problem with gay people infact he admired them because they actually had their minds set. Gerard had been battling with his unreleased fight of being bi-sexual for a long time he loved to watch girls but loved to kiss guys even more. But before gerard could say anything for the boy frank, frankie had threw a punch at the boy so hard that it not only knocked him down but made him slide some ways too.

The boy stared up at frank in shock at first but then when he felt the trickle of blood sink down from in between his teeth and out through his mouth he beganned to cry. Mrs. nelly turned around and seen frank with his fist balled up and smears of blood on it, it didn't take her long until she called him over and pulled him by the ear announcing the activity done.

On the way back frankie was forced to walk infront, carrying everyone's gathered wood findings gerard walked behind him along with mikey and gazed at frank's ass. Gerard licked his lips at the sight of frank's pants beginning to ride low and his pink underwear showing. Mikey apparently found it amsuing too, because his eyes was glued as well and both of them stayed there until the group reached the mansion home and everyone went inside.

Gerard, mikey, and the others were sent back to the bedroom while frank remained with mrs. nelly who told the house boss what happened. Through the crack in the bedroom door gerard and mikey spied on mrs. nelly and frank, gerard stared at frank's smooth face and his slim and shaped body, he looked at his punk rock dyed hair and the black spikes that went down the back and middle. Gerard gazed at frank's lovely lips and his low riding pants nasty thought's instantly filled gerard's mind and the same happened to mikey, they were both inlove with this awesome kid.

After the boss argued at frank she sent him back to the bedroom with the other kids, but while they were allowed to play with the toys and eat good food, frank had to sit with his back facing everyone. Gerard and mikey sat in the middle of the floor some ways away from frank and played with some tiny, red fire trucks, and green toy soldiers. Frank faced the fireplace so the light illuminated his pretty black hair and his even blacker clothes, he didn't remove his pink gloves but kept them on and with no shoes on he revealed his pink socks.

Gerard and mikey stared at him in silence thinking the same nasty things but mikey broke it saying, " Can he be your bunny too gee can we lead him too? ". Gerard stared at mikey and said
" That boy is strong i have to break him so let's befriend him first ". And mikey silently agreed and followed the line of gerard's gaze to frank's ass, mikey felt a sudden twinge of jealousy in his stomach, but gerard didn't notice he was to busy taking in the crack of frank's ass

He had been doing that eversince he first met him.

Harrow here this is another update i love this one! alot of ass looking and anal wishing yummy, yum, yum!. Anyway review on this kiddies and review on my other story too i love you all for it enjoy until next time bye!.
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