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Pretend that i'm kissing you goodnight.

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Morning, noon, and night gerard makes better a life.

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Harrow here lol sorry for not updating my god lord knows i was busy lostmymind ought to know that. Anyway read and review this tell me what you think enjoy!:.

Frank had been sitting at the fireplace of the mansion for the last 5 hours spending all of his time alone. The other kids spent their time running outside and or eating or sleeping, some of the fathers were coming to visit their kids today and these kids were lucky. Frank shyed from other grownups when ever they came around him frank had a problem with trust that was with anyone big or small.

Gerard had gotten bored with playing with mikey hour's ago so they now sat in the middle of the floor, mikey playing with a fire truck and gerard shuffling and re-shuffling cards. Mikey had been acting out parts for gerard until he noticed that gerard was no longer paying any attention to him. " Gee bee " mikey said shuffling over to him " What are you looking at? " gerard didn't answer he had spotted frankie from far away.

There frank sat his back to them and his hair all to his shoulders, his skin was being illuminated by the nearby flames, and his black clothes color contrasted lovingly. Frank's skin was all pale and dainty looking and gerard had been wanting to touch him for the longest, the prettiest thing frank had to gerard was his lips that was thin and pink, they were so kissable and probably tasted so sweet considering the fact frankie ate chocolate all of the time.

Gerard now got up and said to mikey " Can you go and get me some water? " and mikey, being obedient ran to do it not seeing gerard make his way over to frankie. Frankie slowly turned around when gerard came over there and stared at him " hi frankie " gerard said sitting down infront of him now, " What are you doing sitting over here alone? ".

" Don't you know what today is? " frank said " No what? " gerard asked " It's parent visitation day for all the lucky kids who still got them " frank answered " Where's yours? " and gerard replied " Dead ".

Gerard told frank how it happened and what he had to do with it, frank the whole time sat with his mouth wide open and staring in disbelief gerard didn't strike him as a murderer. Gerard had this angelically pale skin and beautiful thick black hair, he had these kind hazel eyes, and a voice that was sweet and filled with love. Gerard knew that frankie was appalled and played more into it he liked seeing people amazed by him.

Gerard then asked where was frankie's parents and frank said that his mother moved to canada and his father was in alcoholic recovery in california. Frank's family used to be real good but when frank's dad starting drinking and his mother started advancing in her job, frank's father became jealous and abusive. Arguements and confrontations happened and frank's mother beganned to get hit, frankie was always too little to do anything and when he did frank would get his ass beat.

The constant abuse started to wear out frank's mommy so she lost her job making it where they couldn't pay the rent anymore. Frank's auntie decided to let his mother stay with her but on one condition...frankie couldn't come. The auntie never liked frank she said he was wierd and creeped her out since he was a halloween baby, she was a catholic and said the only way frank could stay was if he went to a catholic school...frank disagreed.

So frankie's mommy left him to his father who moved them onto the streets, where they stayed for 2 whole month's. Finally someone seen the 2 and called protecting services which put frank in this foster home and took his father to the recovery house in california. The mother then beganned to start writing frank, saying that she would come and get him when she got financially together but that was 3 years ago frank was 9 now.

When frank finished telling gerard his story he started crying and gerard instantly moved closer, taking him in his arms and holding him. Somewhere else mikey stood calling gerard's name, mikey was scared to be alone he had never been seperated from gerard...ever so he searched everywhere fianlly ending up in the livingroom now.

There before mikey, he seen gerard holding both the cheeks of frankie and moving in closer to kiss him he could hear what they were saying: " Act like i'm your mother " gerard thickly whispered " Pretend like i'm your mother kissing you for the very first time, i'm loving you bunny pretend that i'm kissing you goodnight ". Mikey watched as frank closed his eyes and breathed deeply in, holding it gerard eased closer now closing his eyes too.

Gee had dreamed of this ever since he first seen frankie his lips was the most beautiful and looked so very soft, gerard didn't even notice mikey there frank didn't either. But their lips touched and when they did butterflies erupted throughout gerard, he was so scared but comfortable at the same time he didn't know how long he had wanted it but he knew he just did.

Suddenly mikey dropped the glass of water making it crash into a million pieces just like his heart. This gained the attention from gerard, who pulled away from frank to look at a now crying mikey others around the area stared now too and wondered what was going on?. " Your evil! " mikey suddenly yelled " I thought you said you only loved me! " and with that mikey ran away.

" Mikey wait! " gerard said running after him " I do i think i just love frankie too! ".

Frank's eyes went wide no one had ever said that before.

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