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" From up under the cork tree will you suck me? ".

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Watching us hey? we'll catch you ray!.

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Sorry, sorry, sorry, i am please don't kill me anyone i won't stay away that long again...i promise. Anyway lostmymind this is for you you miss this story i miss your reviews enjoy!.

Mikey ran around the corner and hid in the covers on his bed, gerard came in after him and fell to his knee's on the side of it. " I'm sorry baby " gerard said touching the covers " I love you first and foremost you know that but i like frankie too ", and the covers came back and a scruffy headed mikey said " Do you like him more than me? " and gerard hugged him saying " No ".

Mikey sat up now and stared down at gerard " Does he like you back? " he asked " He wouldn't let me kiss him if he didn't " gerard said, " Well does he like me too? " mikey replied and gerard took him by the hand " We can arrange that ". Gerard and mikey left back out of the room and found frankie sitting in his same spot, " Hey frankie " gerard said " My brother wants to know do you like him too? " frankie smiled saying " Yes he looks just like you ".

For the rest of the winter gerard, mikey, and frank hung out with eachother, playing card games and imaginary adventures made up by gee. Gee would tell them stories that he would draw up and make them into characters, mikey adored this and idolized gerard more but gee became obsessed with frank's lips and wanted mikey to feel the same thing he did, So one day in the wake of spring he arranged for the 2 to kiss.

Spring had just come but it would rain alot and some cold winds remained, but in all the sun did show and when it did the caretakers of the foster home would let the kids run outside. While all the other children gathered in groups and played gerard led frank and mikey off to the nearby tree's and had them climb it, gerard sat on the highest branch while mikey and frank shared theirs.

For awhile they talked about superheroes and toys but gerard later on took control of the conversation. " Hey frank besides me have you ever kissed anyone before? " gerard asked and frank said " No " looking up at gerard. Gerard now slid down the branch and landed on the ground, mikey and frank doing the same, " If i asked you to kiss my little brother would you do it? " gerard said and frank looked at innocent mikey " Yes ".

Gerard explained to them how he wanted it to go and how he would watch it all from sitting under the tree, he put them in the positions mikey laying on the ground and frank ontop of him. Gerard, from his sitting spot instructed them on what to do and they did, frank touching gently on mikey's face and tender skin. Frank felt on mikey from upunder his shirt and nuzzled his face in mikey's neck, mikey looked at gee the whole time searching for encouragement.

Frank kept doing it touching all over him and when he beganned to move upagainst mikey gerard moaned out. It was something hot watching his own little brother engage in gay activity, gee sucked in his breath and wanted them to do more so he told frank to hold mikey's dick and frank did. Frank was then told to kiss mikey and he did slipping his wet tongue into mikey's little mouth, it was like frank was eating the insides of mikey's mouth rubbing and entangling their tongue's together.

Mikey finally closed his eyes as gee told frank to go down on mikey, frank pulled up mikey's shirt and beganned to leave kisses down mikey's pale stomach all over his navel and the cuff's of his pants. And the sweet sound of a soft zipper filled the spring air as frak unzipped mikey and let his member free, gerard stared in euphoria as frank licked his lips and covered mikey's lenght with his cherry red lips.

Mikey bent his head back in pleasure and gerard watched him closely it was getting gee off and he had to rid himself so he unzipped his pants and stroked himself. For minutes it was only soft moans exchanged from all 3 of them as they sat under the tree engaging in free love, off somewhere else ray a kid with a pretty and full fro ran crazily around in the field infront of the tree.

Ray toro ran in circles and sung to himself as he picked and pulled at huge sunflowers and ate the seeds that fell into his hand. He was the same age as gerard and was here because his parents was going through a messy divorce, they didn't have anywhere to keep him at the time so they put him here, promising that they would come back for him when it was over...ray waited faithfully for that day.

Ray stopped though when he heard someone say " Suck him off right there " and a breathy moan was followed after it, ray stood on the other side of the tree where gerard and the others were behind it out of his sight. Ray was becoming curious so he leaned up on the tree with his back to it and listened, he heard moans and whispers and a wet sucking sound. Gradually all the breath's became rushed and he heard a deep groan like someone releasing something pent up in them.

Then he heard another moan that was long and sounded satisfied followed by breathing that was rushed and and held for minutes after, then he heard one final long " Right there " and decided he would look. Ray caught gerard in the peak of his coming, with his eyes closed and mouth half opened he had his hands wrapped around his cock stroking the cum out, frank and mikey watched mesmerized by the gentle movements of gee's hands.

Ray was hypnotized instantly and before he knew it he had reached out and slid his hands through gerard's pretty hair, " Oh mikey oh frank " gerard moaned " Eat my cummings ". Ray couldn't believe what he was seeing as the 2 dipped their heads down inbetween gee's legs and took turns sucking off his dick, gee opened his eyes to watch them smiling his crooked smile. He had seen ray standing there and decided to use them as an example to show ray how they obeyed him, ray understood this instantly and kneeled to his knee's handing gerard a stray sunflower and saying:

" I wanna follow you ".

Because gerard was the sunflower and they were his seedlings.

Harrow here do you see how powerful this gerard kid is who do you know that can make someone eat their stuff?....i don't know anyone like that anyway review dudes because in the next chapter bob comes and they all run away but it's not over until next time bye!.
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